Do You Catch My Drift?


Sometimes drifters have negative connotation.
Often drift wood and clouds drifting across the sky,
Have pleasant thoughts attached.

Natural forms of drifts make me smile,
Thoughts come sneaking in with
How about you?

Snow drifts make me think of
Winter, 1999:
A mixed breed puppy named,
“Tobias,” otherwise known as “Toby.”
Sweet golden color, plump pound pup,
Could not wriggle out of a one foot high
Soft snowy drift.
Ex-husband took a shovel
Dug paths around the yard.

Sand drifting,
Sizzling slippery hissing sound in
Spring breezes.
April, 1975:
Brenda (one of my bridesmaids in ’78),
Dave (groom in ’78),
And me at
Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Drifting minds,
Thoughts drifting,
Writers and dreamers,
Attributes and talents.

Oh pardon me,
My mind drifted
Away to past places,
Historical attic dust.

On other hand,
Often find my thoughts
Caught up drifting to
Far off lands.

Would you look
Like to see the sights seen,
While on my drifting cloud?

Or riding upon
My drifting raft or tube
Down a lazy, winding stream?
D- reams
R- eality
I- ncorporate
F- antasy
T- ruth
Robin Oldrieve Cochran
August, 2015


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  1. I like the way you point out how words are associated with memories. I don’t know if they are technically called drifts, but I love the way snow will drift out over the edge of our roof during a storm.

  2. Your imagery for ‘drifts’ carries soft and soothing connotations, like clouds or shifting sands. When I searched by brain for some other use of the term, I came up with ‘continental drift.’ It is awe-inspiring to think something as massive as a continent can be made to drift, and it goes so slowly that the time span of all of civilization seems rapid by comparison. I have your poetry to thank for triggering that thought. Thanks for sharing your inspiring words. – Mike

    • You are so wonderful to search your mind for other connotations, Mike! I love this because I watched the 2 cats a few weeks ago in July. I finally was looking at their travel photographs of the Badlands. We saw the raised sandy, layered mountains and ridges. Jenny and I marveled that the settlers (or even Mexicans) traveling from one direction they were coming would have seen an insurmountable image but on the other side grassy plains were seen. We talked about how those formations came about: your contribution of Continental Drift! Thanks for this and helping me to add my scenic “postcards” shared by friends, Jenny and Dave. 🙂

    • Marissa, this is high praise from someone I consider very knowledgeable and able to “turn a pretty phrase” along with ability to “wrestle” (or wrangle? :)) those words into submission and make amusing and delightful poetry!
      Excuse the run-on sentence but again I am truly not an expert on wordplays. I like to play and admit to amateur status, Marissa.

  3. Just a few weeks ago during my morning quiet time the word drift came to me.. Then I thought about drifting and as I pondered on this my eyes focused on a small lighthouse I purchased a few months ago and it was made out of driftwood. There was a message in it for me.. I enjoyed your expression of words.

    • This is such a lovely connection to my thoughts on this post. I really like this addition including the driftwood lighthouse. I am glad you came by and I so enjoy your sweet posts and sassy ones, too. 🙂
      I realize you are not a person named Dorreen from England who raises chickens! Lol
      A case of mistaken identity. So sorry, Roberta.

      • It was kind of interesting as I considered writing something at the time but didn’t. Just neat to see how we can often be on the same line of thought..
        Roberta (:

      • I looked up Dorreen and her blog is Mother Hen Diaries. Sorry, Roberta just embarrassed. I was glad to read your very nice comment. Some people change their blog’s look and for a few moments in time, I was confused. 🙂

      • I have done it before and no problem.. I will have to look it up.. I worked with native youth for two years in southern Ut. I was a teachers aide. One of the girls was named Doreen. It made me think of her and how much she loved fried chicken. Their case manager took us to a buffet in Las Vegas one time and she had a pile of chicken on her plate and ate every bit of meat… (:

      • Believe it or not, I have a rough draft of a group of older ladies that call themselves the “Gerties.” When I heard that I joked and said, ” Let’s change it to you are the Chicks.” They answered back, “That would make you our new ‘chicklet.'” Which brings me back to you, my friend who is nicknamed, “Mother Hen.” 🙂
        Well, this will someday amuse us. Memory of another Mother Hen who us really sweet.
        Hoping you, Roberta, will not mind this and I do remember your gardens, honey and scripture woven gently and nicely into your posts.

    • I have hopes for drifters who cycle and I challenge you, Bill. I believe you have purpose and destinations in mind!
      But maybe you once were “aimless” and now are,”found.” I like this imaginative comment and quite brave of me to challenge my long lost Ohio pal 🙂

    • Carol, this makes me happy to know I entertained you! I certainly liked drifting.
      If we were having a cup of coffee or tea, we would have shared a dialogue over your memories that drift in and help you connect with the past.

    • Oh, Pauline! I had forgotten that lovely expression. This is a special contribution to our community’s imagination floating and drifting. I am now joining you on “Cloud 9!”

    • Jay, so glad you caught my drift and still liked it. 🙂 I am happy you enjoyed the image of pup in snow drifts. I have a photo of him struggling to get up a single step with no snow to encumber him! 🙂

  4. Lovely images, Robin. I have a very positive attraction to drifts, especially snow. But also, drifting off to sleep as others have said, drifting down a stream. What a great topic for a post!

    • Hi Beth! So glad you felt my words included “lovely images.” This is so kind of you. ♡
      It was my way of breaking up the week, Beth. I used to post “Happy Hump Day” posts with jokes. Hope your week continues drifting in a light hearted direction 🙂

    • I just found some comments like yours, Mark B’s and Hawaii Bela’s.
      Thank you for saying such a nice thing about my drifting post, Colleen. I like how you listed a few different places you could be while your thoughts drift off. Excuse this rather late comment, please.

  5. Give me the beat, boys, to soothe my soul, I want to get lost in your rock ‘n’ roll, and drift away … The original, Dobie Gray, brings me back to my younger days, Robin. A summer feeling for me. ❤

    • Thanks for this great example of a song sung by Dobie Gray. Mark, you are always great at adding cool information. Definitely a wonderful summer song!
      So sorry I found you in good company with a group of you, Colleen and our Hawaiian friend, Bela awaiting replies.
      Too bad the weekend held quite a busy and eventful time. I had fun on Friday seeing grandsons and helping oldest daughter moving their rooms around. Saturday we went to her huge work festival where we painted faces from 11 am until 6 pm. We did not check our phones until someone mentioned they were getting the dinner tables cleared and buffet was getting taken down. We ran and grabbed plates of food.
      On the phone were 3 voice mails and 4 text messages. My Mom had slipped on wet grass and fell down an incline with her little pal, Nicki. Her hip bone was shattered, I drove up to Cleveland arriving after 9 pm. Surgery on Sunday. . . She was pale and frightened until Sunday evening. I am sporadically getting caught up, Mark.
      Therapy at hospital is painful and still not sure when she will get to rehab part of building.

      • Oh, no. This is terrible news, Robin. I bet your mom is still terribly frightened, having to stay at the hospital. She is so used to being independent at her apartment in the center. The therapy for a surgically repaired hip at her age … ouch. How daunting. And all the way in Cleveland! You have to go back to work in Delaware, I’m sure. Who is close enough to keep regular visiting routine in Cleveland? Oh, my, I’ll be worrying for you, my dear friend. My prayers are for your mom, you, your whole family. Karen isn’t here until Thursday, but I’ll tell her when I pick her up from the airport so she knows about it, too. Hang in there, Robin.

  6. So interesting to ponder, Robin, drifts. Snow drifts and getting stuck in snow banks before snow tires and front wheel drive vehicles. Sand drifts and jeeping in Kelso Valley, CA before they shut these dune mountains down to recreational vehicles (good for them!). Ocean drifts, drifts of sea air – both are what I live with here in Hawai’i. And as Mark says just above, Drift Away … grab the drift and bag it ( a movement here on the island to collect beach debris and dispose of it correctly), mental drift (a constant companion in the space of no-mind), and more. Far more, were I to drift into those corners of my mind … Aloha, Robin! ❤

    • I am so glad to have all these really great suggestions of drifts added to the comments section on my post.
      Everything from snow to sand to water to letting your mind drift.
      I did not know about sea drift being debris, Bela. This is super to find out new information via my special friend. Thank you, Bela! 🙂

    • Holly, thank you for such a really nice compliment. You are a true poet who transforms everyday items and events into magical adventures where the heart and emotions are felt.

      • Robin, my heart felt so good reading this, You have a wonderful way of lifting spirits. You write so beautifully and it flows so naturally I am so glad you share your heart and mind with us.

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