The hills are alive with the sound of M & M sisters, 5.


Delaware State Park Levy,
5 days to Doors post.


Of laughter
There were voices
Raised in “Happy” song.

Marley and Makyah
Rolling, tumbling
Dizzying picture
down the hill.

shoes off,
Barefoot moment,
Stumbling to stand up.

Dry and stubbly,
Prickly, itching,


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    • Thank you, Ian. I went and took photographs and everyone will be seeing almost a week of short posts with pictures! πŸ™‚ I was told my readership will respond, I am pleased to have figured out how to do one picture a day. My youngest daughter says, “Take baby steps, Mom.” β™‘

      • Emu, you are welcome for passing on my daughter’s wisdom in marketing and communication! I find your posts on your romantic blog very exciting and when you don’t see me, it just means a long week at the warehouse and not that I don’t enjoy them πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  1. Hahaha, my daughter’s favourite musical.. she knew the lines even before she could even understand English.. and even now she mutters the lines as she watches it.. almost every other day.. πŸ™‚

    • Tejaswi I love your sweet daughter! She looks like an angel.
      These are two of my 3 granddaughters. Their oldest sister is with her Dad while these two are my son’s and DIL’s. I like the song, “My favorite things.” Raindrops on roses, kittens mittens and all of the special words. I can sing the whole album, too. Does your daughter love the Frozen song, “Let it Go?” Or Pharrell Williams song, “Happy?” Those girls are always singing! πŸ™‚

      • Oh, like me, my daughter is a weirdo too hahaha.. all her best collections are musicals.. Frozen, for sure.. The Wizard of OZ (first saw it when she would not sleep and her idiot father showed her that one.. all of 5 months old hahaha)… Sound of Music, of course, Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast… and lots of others.. and the strange thing is, she gets all confused when none of the few friends who come over and frown at her taste.. they would rather have Ironman.. and all that stuff.. my poor daughter.. she does not understand why they laugh at her taste.. well, it is a different world now.. a little more brash.. but while I feel sorry for my daughter at times, I am still happy she is like that.. and not all bratty like the rest.. πŸ™‚

      • I agree with the movies you show her about dreams and hopes, not as much violence. I like “Big Hero 6” which you could borrow from the library, there are goofy heroic characters but also, a sad loss. But this could be good for her Ironman liking friends but still a very sweet message about Peace. I liked enough to buy it. I only own a few, “Brave” has a strong independent girl and 3 baby adorable bears. I like this one and both grandsons and granddaughters enjoy. πŸ™‚ Nice talking with you!

    • Jill, this is going to be an easy week of a picture a day leading up to Thursday’s Doors post. I found out how to post one photo from cell phone for each post and am so proud! Youngest daughter says she will before my 60th birthday in November come and sit with me to teach me how to post more than one.
      (And take a new gravatar photo. Yippee! My first year I was wearing a red Cleveland Indians t-shirt but the past 2 years I am wearing a cowgirl fall shirt with a crocheted fall sweater. Long overdue for changes. . .)
      We were together last Sunday at Sky’s middle school football game and we just were too busy.
      Meanwhile I have a week’s worth of photos on the subject of Delaware State Park. πŸ™‚ β™‘

      • Until my purse was stolen back in May, I had a flip phone which I thought took good photos, now I know what I was missing! I still don’t like the library so glad I am able to use this “fancy, new-fangled” phone. Lol

    • Dan, thank you for liking the shape and content of my simple words.

      It was a fun evening with the first time of my putting family members on post to “see.” My friend, Mark Bialczak, did me a favor awhile back and I sent him photos. And he made a lovely guest blogger post I reblogged here.

      I figured out how to post one photograph a day on my blog so this is a week of leading into my Thursday’s Doors post! I even think you will enjoy the old, ugly door:) each one will have a number counting down. Changing things “up” a bit.
      I find this to be a way to set aside drafts ahead of time. Everyone will be able to see some scenery and read less than what they do in one long post.

      My youngest daughter will show me before November how to post more than one picture on a post. Busy professional woman. Ha ha! πŸ™‚

      Most of the future posts, I will stick to using words since every book I grab, the words take me to another imaginary setting. Books have me under spells through carefully chosen words.

      • You are so right about growth, I don’t wish to become “stagnant.” I joined a book club and my two daughters were really proud of me adding something to my calendar, other than children and grandchildren, plus work.

    • This was so nice of you to come by and see my first ever experience of putting my own cell phone photos on my blog. Baby steps, my youngest daughter said sometime before I turn 60 in November she will show me how to add 2 or 3 photos. She is a busy woman who stops by to see my grandkids in sports or we go to a movie together weekly.
      It really eliminated a lot of describing, too. I set up a week of short posts since my hot warehouse job has been long days of 10 hours. Just found this to be a little “easier” and so am pleased it was one you liked!! πŸ™‚ Thanks you, see you over there. . .in paradise.β™‘

    • This was so fun! I had figured out how to send one photo to a friend on her email, then often posting photos off to friends on text picture messages, who wished to see my kissable grandbaby. My youngest daughter says she will teach me how to put more than one on a post, before I turn 60 in November.
      Meanwhile, I still believe in the use of words to elicit or evoke memories and paint pictures. This is what I like most about your original poetic endeavors. Marissa. πŸ™‚
      These girls are my son’s who watch over precious Hendrix. They needed an “escape” so off to park with a picnic and a whole week of photos to post leading up to an ancient looking door on the dam. We rolled down the levy and I almost threw up, Marissa. My equilibrium is off and I think it is time for me to stop one great activity, rolling downhill! Too dizxy, alas.

      • Oh, I almost asked if they were yours but then thought I remembered we had a conversation about you not posting pics of family. Oh well, can barely see them really. But from what I can tell, they are adorable.

        Yes, it’s funny, I get dizzy much more easily than I used to. Seems common among us middle aged women. Oh well!

      • Marissa, you are so right! I was not sure about posting these but when I went to return tired, dirty kids to their parents I asked my daughter in law. She even said, “I post photos on Facebook where weirdos can thrive, so why worry about wordpress?”
        So, once in awhile I will have real photographs from my cell phone, this is a whole week of them, Marissa. I took a lot and only know how to put one on a post at a time, Laugh out loud all the time at me, not tech-savvy Robin!
        Thanks for giving me a better feeling about my dizziness, too.
        Plus, with long work hours, this seems to be an ‘easy’ way to connect and stay with my friends for awhile. . . Smiles and hugs to you an all, enjoy your weekend, Marissa.

  2. Robin, you have always done a fine job of creating mental images with your words. So imagine my delight when I opened your site and found a photo! I was wondering if/when that might happen. And a wonderful photo it is, too. Ya-a-y! (Pat-on-the-back) – Mike

    • Let’s not get too excited, Mike. . . (smiles)
      I only know how to send one photo to a new post at a time. I really sat and tried, so now for seven whole days everyone will see posts leading up to my photograph in Thursday’s Doors post and the following two days.
      Let’s be honest, it takes a lot more words to describe than to just post a photograph! A picture is worth a thousand words! Yikes!
      I am glad you are patting me on the back and thank you so much for the “Yay!!”
      I have my youngest daughter telling me that today’s world is full of “visual” people and she did get a dual degree at University of Dayton in Marketing plus Communications. She knows what she is talking about and promised to help me before November to get a new gravatar photograph and also, show me if I should wish to have two photos on one post.
      We will see if my numbers increase, as she thinks this is important to reach more people.
      I honestly love friends like you who are encouraging and always to be “counted on,” Mike. Thank you sincerely for this comment. I also got permission from my DIL who posts photos on her FB page, so we will see more of these. I am really wishing to post the baby photo. But I need a little poem or something for Hendrix to make it special. He is such a sweet, calm baby boy. Take care and have a wonderful weekend, Mike.

    • Thank you, Lyn. I like to spread the fun around. I have not posted photos for 3 years except when Mark Bialczak posted a guest post where I sent via cell phone photos. The few award logos I included on posts, my youngest daughter helped me with and my gravatar. I am impressed with your photos and how you “open the world” for us to see over there. β™‘

      • There was only one post i hsd photos on. Thank you for the compliments! I am what people call “the girl next door” look. Familiar to most, I get “Did you go to school. . .?” a lot. In past while in my 40’s, I did go through a period I had to lose weight due to high cholesterol, Lyn. (45 pounds) Thank you, I think you look like good friend of mine, now you are becoming one. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Pauline. I hear your voice cheering me on with my photos. I have lots of good ones on my phone but since I am on youngest daughter’s phone bill I was afraid of cost for Data. Oh, and my wish to practice using language and words. I appreciate people who read my long posts and need to give them a “break,” like you, dear friend!β™‘

    • I think I would get dizzy! πŸ™‚ this was such a friendly and fun comment. I apologize, I found your comment on the waiting “cell” or jail of wordpress. I really don’t know why when we are already connected it sends you off with strangers and I am horrible at remembering to check here. I am so sorry, friend. I like your “Peachy” name and have called you “D” before, too.

      • No problem, Robin. I think that was one of the first comments I left with you and we may not have been connected at the time. Yes, I would get dizzy too, but I do like playing!

    • I love it when I hear about childhood memories. So happy this touched you. Thanks for patience, as I just found a bunch of new friends in my “waiting cell” of WordPress, Michael.

    • I have written 5 Thursday’s Doors posts. A couple were about childhood homes, two were homes I had drawn in pen and ink while drawing stationery for Home Tours of Delaware, Ohio. One was my great grandfather’s stone home.
      I could write about the band, The Doors, but not next week. I love their music, Juan.
      Someone said they wished I could post a picture after I wrote lots of details about a home a few weeks ago. I was trying to use words to describe house doors.
      Like when you read books from history like “Gone with the Wind” or “Out of Africa” you didn’t see photographs in those books, Juan. You “pictured” the mansion in the first and an “outpost house with a screened-in veranda” in the second book.
      As a friend, just explaining I like to practice using words but people in today’s world like visuals so I am helping meet the “needs of current readers.” (My youngest daughter said this.)

      Hopefully, find more people reading and commenting. Some people’s favorite posts are one photo and a quote, easy to read and comment. πŸ™‚ your posts say your thoughts on life and I love your cat Toonce and grandson’s photos, too. πŸ™‚

      • I am limited on viewing entire posts because I’m on my iPhone, no real internet up here. I must be losing it, I’ve read your posts about the Doors of yours…

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