Delaware State Park, overlooking lake, 4.


and grass,
Place to rest
weary bodies.
Moments ago,
Running and rolling,
Giggling and shrieking.
4 days to Doors post.



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  1. Oh my gosh, Robin!!!! They are so sweet I could just eat them 🙂
    Tell them their ogre uncle from India says that he is going to swallow them whole.. should be good for a few shrieks and laughs 😀
    I am going to eat them whole.. grrr… then when I am done, I will chomp all the grass there just to make my tummy better 🙂

    But, listen, Robin.. this post.. the text content.. stop it.. we don’t have time enough to be weary 🙂 and Time’s not passing, Robin. Hold it in your hands, nurture it and savour it.. It is your Time. Live it larger than life itself. You deserve it 🙂

    • Thank you, dear Jen. I do love them so much and find their sweet faces very rejuvenating. I had been up since 5 am when I was just going to stop and see their baby brother and give them hugs. DIL was trying to do homework on laptop while baby napping. . . Of course, who could resist their pleas? “Nana, can you take us to the park?” We picked up fast food, sat at picnic table then up and down slides and then, walking over to the levy. Those girls were so funny and I was glad I did take them.
      I love when kids are called “Little poppets!” 🙂

  2. These must be the M & M grandchildren. I am sure, in your unbiased ‘Nana-perspective’ you find them adorable. I would have to agree. I would even venture to say they inherited some of their good looks from you. 🙂 – Mike

    • My DIL has some blonde and strawberry blonde in her natural hair. My son was only a “towhead” until around 3rd grade. I appreciate the compliments, Mike. I just got permission from my oldest daughter to post Micah and Skyler photos. None of the grandkids have either my maiden name of Oldrieve or married name of Cochran. I am excited and will be posting simpler essays and poems.

    • Thanks, Juan for labeling them “sweeties!” I am blessed to have picked a location 29 years ago this fall where all 3 went through school and 2 chose to stay and have families. They were blessed with my parents being retired in a really nice location on Lake Erie. So, as a single Mom, we went on “vacation” often (to grandparents’ home.) 🙂 🙂

    • Jenny, thank you for the sweet comment about my little grandchildren. My son married a woman with 2 L’s- Lara and Landen. They were flower girl and ring bearer at their wedding 7 years ago. They added the 2 M’s. Now, sounding like they had enough they accidentally (while she was on contraceptives) had baby Hendrix. Don’t worry there is a solution my son has now taken. Crazy big family. My oldest daughter has 2 boys and she is “done!”

    • This is so kind of you to say, Balroop. I was saying to another blogger, when I didn’t use photos for a couple of years, I wanted my words and descriptions to tell the story. So that people could insert their own children or faces into the poem or story. So, I appreciate compliments but have mixed feelings about featuring my own grandkids. Does this make sense? 🙂

  3. Robin,
    The girls are so adorable! Love their cute faces. I am so happy for you! You have captured them perfectly and I love your poetry too.

    • Thank you, Zigma. I just found your comment in “awaiting approval” which I forget to check. Please come back again sometime. I will try to play catch up with my fellow bloggers. Peace be with you.

  4. Lovely words, Robin, to go with a picture of two adorable little girls. My little girl and little boy are all grown-up (29 and 33). And now I have two grandchildren, a girl of 13 and a boy of 5. Before I know it, I’ll be a great-grandmother, yet I still hardly feel out of childhood myself!

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