Delaware County Fair tractors display


This is the Minnesota visitor-
The Minneapolis Moline tractor,
A company made of 3 companies, Joining together in 1929,
Moline Plow.

☆Owned by Barry Evans,
☆Made in 1952.

Golden yellow,
Red tractor neighbor,
The exhibition hall
In the background.
You can see the
Colorful ferris wheel
On a glorious, cool
September early evening.



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    • They sure had a lot of well kept old and new tractors. It had been awhile since my grandson’s interest in tractors waned. Thanks, Jill for visiting the tractor exhibit with me. 🙂

    • Danica, where I grew up from age 3 until 3rd grade we went to a farmers wife who babysat us. Otherwise, rest of my years until I moved here to Delaware in 1986, I was a “city slicker.” Cleveland was so great and diverse, but did not go to fairs. When I moved here as a single mom of 3 little ones, I chose to get them involved in 4 G over acouting. So much fun to learn about animals and crafts from the country “folks” and glad I chose this town. Fairs are full of college things to see. My own son and my 3 grandsons used to like talking to the older farmers who sit around in the tractors area. I was surprised that youngest one, aged 6 Micah, (except baby) said he didn’t really want to hang out in this area anymore. 😦 They have a huge sand box with John Deere farming machinery to play with and a “baby farm animals petting area,” too. Maybe someday I will change my rough draft murder mystery setting from a suburb to a farming community. Lol 🙂

  1. Great photo! I love going to state fairs. I went to the Kentucky State Fair this year. I need to upload some pictures. My favorite part is the midway. And I like going after dark because of all the colored lights! Have a good one Robin!

    • What color are your tractors in the area you live in? I liked hearing that another person said they were mostly blue and black where she lives. (Maniparna.) Thanks for visiting and have a beautiful day. Smiles, Robin

  2. Spectacular picture and so appropriate for this time of year. I am hoping to be out in the farm area of California to see some of these up close. Beautiful reminder of harvest. Hope you are well, Robin!

  3. Nice colorful picture Robin, tractors play a very important part of our agricultural shows here where I live, many different tractors covering various stages of development over the years.

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