Remembering Hendrix’s first 2 weeks: September 4, 2015



This was before Labor Day weekend. . .

Not full of snails or tails of puppy dogs

quite yet.

Sister in law, Great Aunt Susan declared

him a “ginger” baby,

While his siblings giggled and said,

“We’ll eat you up, baby H!”

He studied their faces

and looked


Then Hendrix half-smiled

and puckered

his lips

To whisper,


Photo from Robin’s collection,
Story family collaboration.


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    • He is really a calm baby which helps all to enjoy him here. Did you recognize the line from “Where the Wild Things Are” book? Maurice Sendak, author. Someone at work hand not heard anyone say this and gave me a lecture about kids saying this. I think my Grammy said this, too. . . Take care and happy hump day, dear Jen! xo

      • I haven’t read the book…was it I’ll eat you up baby? If it was a lecture…seriously?? Good grief. End of hump day here for us, almost watching a movie then bed as I have a service in the morning. ‘Yawn’ hope you have a good one sweety ☺️❀️

      • They think eating a baby up sounds “too violent,” Jen. I used to literally put my children’s toes in my mouth and pretend to eat them after a bath. . . Life gets complicated when we have to worry about the way we are playful!
        The book has a naughty boy, Max, sent to his room where he falls asleep and drifts to an Island where wild things live. The wild things don’t want the boy to go back after he has “tamed” them, played with them, and made a “ruckus.”
        Before Max leaves they say, “Please don’t leave. We’ll eat you up, we love you so!”
        Sweet dreams and no monsters or wild things allowed to trespass your dreams. Hope your service goes well, as you are a blessing no matter what the occasion. β™‘ xo

    • Thank you, Kelly. I have been pleasantly surprised that no one has expressed any dislikes for this name. They chose 2 unique middle names which I cannot figure out why but would love him if he were called anything! πŸ™‚

      • This is sweet of you, Kelly. I love babies and they are all cute with such unique personalities! Did you ever work in the maternity ward or NIC unit? I would have a hard time not getting emotionally attached.
        Some said this of my years of babysitting, while my kids were young. I loved my own and deeply cared about the others. πŸ™‚

    • Colleen, studying their faces and shapes. Your comment had me chuckling and almost said, “I hope he learns their goodness and not their sneaky ways. :)”
      I did see him smile at his Mommy and is starting to laugh! Well, the girls are thrilled to run and help Mommy while Lara wonders when she can babysit and get paid. Landen has realized it may be some time before he has a “voting partner” for boy’s movies or toys. His parents try to give him turns but you may know how this goes. πŸ™‚

      • Family growing. I so enjoy the stories of the little ones Robin. My niece entertains us with her daughters antics, and my children with their children’s antics. Being a generation removed, I enjoy them SO much more!!! πŸ˜‰

    • Your grandies are precious and beautiful, too! β™‘ I am glad my DIL said she posts pics on FB so why not wordpress. Glad I have a different name as your grandies have a different one. This world is a little scary with weird people, if you know what I mean. . . Off to my book club (I was up till midnight finishing it!)

    • Thank you, Dee. Belatedly I went looking for someone I had on the past “approved” and alas, there you and a few other new friends were in this waiting area of wordpress! I like your sweet words. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, dear Seyi. This was kind of you to say! I am heading to a book club and will read all who I have fallen behind. The book this first meeting was chosen over 600 pages. It was hard to find time to read both book and blogs! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, this is nice to hear this about his name! I was rather worried but a nurse and doctor mentioned that it was a nice sounding name so I felt relieved. One holds one’s breath when it comes to grown children’s choices. They named their first child together Marley, who is going on 7 this year. She is a really cute member of my M & M girls I write about. Her sister is Makyah. This means “eagle warrior.” You can see they are not conventional, Sheila. Now, Red would not mind the unique names, I believe. πŸ™‚

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