Thursday’s Doors ~ October 1, 2015


      ~ Richard M. Ross Art Museum ~


This building originally was a U. S. Post Office in Delaware, Ohio. It was acquired by Ohio Wesleyan University in 1969. It became part of the campus and for some time was used as an art studio for students.

It was fully renovated and the public was invited to witness it’s lovely and timeless transformation in October, 2012. At this time, it became dedicated to Richard M. Ross.

Affectionately, this building’s nickname is known among students as, “The Ross.”

The Fall Semester, 2015 opened with a fantastic art show. Just in time for college students arrival; with parents and public invited.

Interesting in the fact, an older artist was a past OWU student graduate, having traveled and displayed his gorgeous, breathtaking paintings across the country.

His grandson is a sculptor and had been a graduate of Delaware Hayes High School. He presently attends college studying in the fine arts program. His show held viewers in awe with its innovative and creative furniture sculptures.

This family art exhibit was presented within walking distance of 5 to 8 minutes from my apartment building. Of course, I enjoyed the beautiful and realistic paintings of the elder artist. I was captivated by the interesting sculpture perspectives of the younger man, too.

Eric Nation was the grandson and having grown up in the Delaware, Ohio area was happy to display his artistic furniture renderings.

The respected artist, Howard Little, had gone far with his art, meeting presidents even.  The university was honored to display his distinctive style of landscapes of California, the South West and New England regions.

Every month during the OWU school calendar year, there is a first Thursday reception and a last Thursday reception.

This evening, a woman named Sally Harris will present her exhibition. They will jold an artist’s reception. The art exhibit subject matter will be a surprise, since even their blog and website does not reveal her style of art work.

The Richard M. Ross Art Museum does not charge observers and welcomes guests with open arms. Their informal goal seems to be:
To relate and enhance fine art to the public while serving the Ohio Wesleyan University students, too.

This Thursday’s Doors post is thanks to Norm Frampton. Many fellow bloggers display unique photographs and descriptions of their doors with links to their blogs. Please check out Norm 2.0 and other door posts at:


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    • Dan, you knew what this building’s original intent was! Very observant and getting too astute for my simple posts. ha ha!
      I like its new purpose which does “house” a great yet small art collection. I would not mind a new post office held in this lovely old building, though. 🙂

    • Exactly my thoughts when I moved downtown and “discovered” The Ross, Mark. I like knowing there are hours when I could go check out art, sut down and visit it more than once. My kind of deal! 🙂

    • Marissa, I lived here for 20 years and had driven past this building but not paid attention to it. I wish I remembered what it looked like before 2012. There may be information on campus or in their yearbooks. I had been to see theater in the canpus Chappelear Theater before since I like plays, so did my kids. I am lucky, Marissa! 🙂 thankful for friends like you ste, supportive and friendly. 🙂

      • Ha! You are like me. I always drive around the neighborhood and don’t take notice of things. Then, all of a sudden, especially when I’m driving with my husband and in the passenger seat for once, I’ll see something and ask ‘was that always there?’ My husband thinks I must be blind. Anyway, as long as you are seeing it now…it’s never too late.

    • This was a great way to describe this front door and stairway. 🙂 It is a beautiful doorway leading into a great set of rooms full of art, Elizabeth. I need to make the rounds to see what I am missing on your post. Enjoy your weekend! ♡

  1. I love this picture, I guess I’m going to have to start participating in this “doors” challenge way to many people I follow that participate in it and I love most of the pictures.

    • I used to write between 500 and 2000 words for each post during a couple of my years of blogging. I found our on my gift from youngest daughter how to post one photo each post. It opened up my eyes. The Thursday’s Doors posts are certainly fun, you should join Norm’s gang. 🙂

    • Really? If you come to Ohio, please let me know. . .art is something you have featured several times in your posts, Jenny. 🙂
      You probably were referring to writing a Door post not coming to see “The Ross!” Oh well, nice if you join us. Norm was nice to say it was okay to describe doors of places. I like photos now and have joined you and others by adding them.

  2. A very regal looking building, hopes and ambitions would have been made and shattered behind those doors, not only that but to imagine the postage that would have gone through there before 69, Vietnam era, modern technology, new businesses, bankruptcy and fortunes made, through the old mail system.

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