Original Art by Amber



It took a few months,
Putting a “bee in the bonnet”
Of the ones who run the
Beautiful facility downtown
For those who wish to express
Like music,
Gather together,
Educate those unaware
Of obstacles and challenges.

The Creative Foundations
has beautiful
Goals of
Caring for all,
Open arms,
β™‘ Love. β™‘

See the artwork
I commissioned
From artist Amber.
Finally completed.
Proud artist who
Scurried to show
Me other works.
Every First Friday,
North Sandusky Street
Delaware, Ohio
Closes our
Where walkers swarm.

Shop owners open late,
Themes like:
*Picnic with the Cops,
**Bishops and
***Dog Days.

*Skyler and Micah paid a
dollar to “dunk” Police Chief!
Horse with police woman astride,
Posed with boys and their mother.
Dancing to strains of “Y.M.C.A.”
With hula hoops, icee’s and popcorn.
Hot dogs grilled and beverages, too~
Donations optional,
πŸ™‚ Fun required. πŸ™‚

**OWU Bishop women showed their soccer skills while lacrosse men displayed theirs,
To delight of children and adults.

***The streets were alive with~
Dogs visiting,
Face painting,
Shops open,
Water bowls,
each doorstep.


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  1. German Village….(I saw your comment to another comment). I have been there twice in the last month. So enjoy it!

    I love that art. And your participation and support of all things arty! πŸ˜‰

    • My youngest daughter lives a block away from Schiller Park, Collleen. Thanks for sharing this.
      What did you see or go to in G. V.? I like Thurman’s, Schmidt’s, and the Mohawk is my Felicia’s favorite place to eat. We like to go see Shakespeare plays at Schiller Park for freewill offerings, sitting on blankets. πŸ™‚ xo

      • Hmmmm, last trip we went to the Book Loft and Schmidts. And walked around. Walked to some of the little shops. The trip before we rode our bikes around then stopped at a restaurant we’ve never seen and had iced coffee and pastry outside. Both trips we were at the North Market then went to G Village. I love that area. My mom grew up there. Family still there.

  2. What a lively post and it must be a great place to visit as you said that the streets were alive with so many activities. I am back from pilgrimage. It was a tiring trip and my parents were there with me. Nice to be in touch and sending you warm wishes. How is your mom? I prayed for her in the temples.

    • Rashmi, your prayers were answered and thank you do very much for doing this, my dear friend. What a lovely thing to do.
      I am sure it was beautiful on your pilgrimage and I am happy that your parents were able to join your husband and you. Did son stay st college or were both boys able to travel with you? Bug hugs and blessings sent your way, Rashmi. β™‘

      • The elder one is in collage and son no. 2 stayed at home for studies. as it is they are more interested in malls and cities rather than temples.

      • Rashmi, this is how young people are about ancient and special things. Time will bring them to appreciate these temples and places you go on pilgrimage. I admire your son’s for their excellent grades and aptitude in school. That will take them far in life as I know how your husband and you are so proud of their accomplishments. Thank you for sharing with me as I care about you and your family.β™‘

    • Beth, very reasonably priced, too. I received such gratitude and all the others who came up to me to embrace me were “Priceless.” Usually, they sell their smaller paintings for $5 but I offered in May, $30 for this larger one. I think it was well worth this price and plan to send a donation during the holidays. They make you feel like “a million bucks.” πŸ™‚

  3. Another fun adventure for you and your grandsons. I really like this painting. She took the classic flower and just made it crazy and edgy, you know what I mean? I would hang this one on my walls.

    • Yes! She had a smaller version and felt her little streaks reminded me of milkweed seeds and mentioned to Amber in May I would like a “dandelion” painting for my youngest daughter’s new apartment fireplace.
      She said as she handed it to me in September, “I could tell you really felt your daughter needed a rose, so here you go!”
      She is hilarious, once you get to know her, Marissa. Every month, on First Friday, June thru September I would ask her about her painting for me and it’s progress.
      Amber has some different imperceptible challenges which may include a healthy dose of “youth procrastination” which I dare not diagnose!! πŸ™‚

      • Well it was certainly well worth it. It’s just gorgeous and better late than never! You can definitely detect a fierce sense of humor that usually comes with a wonderful and creative mind. What a terrific gift!

      • I think you really “get” Amber. Too bad you live too far away or you could have an original painting by her, too. I like your fierce sense of humor that reflects honest appraisals, intelligence and a creative streak more than a mile long! (And I bet you would “streak” if you didn’t have those great kids, Marissa. πŸ™‚ )

    • Thank you, Jill. She was busy adding to her collection last time I stopped in their open to ALL “Workshop.” She and her friends were painting trees with spatters of fall colors and there was rock and roll playing on the loud speaker. This large space is across the street from Old Bag O’ Nails restaurant and beside a coffee shop. Fun to see their excitement if guests and drop-ins.
      I also like Amber’s smile. πŸ™‚

    • Inese, I appreciate how you captured the essence of this workshop space which is truly interesting and motivating. No one is left out. There are several wheelchaired individuals that when they say,(for example) “Can you pass me the orange paint?” People help out and showing the leaders/workers ultimate caring allows the clients’ capability levels to soar! πŸ™‚

    • This is a great place for those with all levels of disabilities to find a skill in art. Each person is treated with respect and I have witnessed amazing growth in their ability to express themselves with confidence, Natalie. If they paid more, I would absolutely love bring a shift leader/worker with persons with disabilities. Amber is a good example of someone you may not realize faces challengrs. I could see you with your heart of gold stopping by to purchase their art to give as Christmas gifts. πŸ™‚

  4. If I remember correctly Robin, I recall your post on the moment when you had this artwork commissioned, you described the meeting with the artists, and this one girl in particular, who was so proud you commissioned a work off her.
    Have I recalled the right post ?

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