Truck Rally with grandsons



There is nothing like a boy!
Reminds me of that great
Musical song, beginning with:
“There’s nothing like a dame!”
(Excuse politically incorrect use
Of ‘dame’ from “South Pacific.”)
What more could
Skyler and Micah
Ask for?

Delaware County Fair
Truck Rally:

Front ends,

Nana and


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  1. I don’t know if it was intentional but the shape reminds me of the front bumper of a truck. Complete with notch for a winch or license plate. That sounds like a great day with your grandsons.

    • Dan, I did try to produce this effect! How IMPRESSIVE you noticed this. It was not an activity I was looking forward to, imagining a truck rally to be much louder than it was. The Real Races circuits, like in Kentucky or Indianapolis, are much noisier than this. I hope someday to take the boys to the Little Brown Jug harness races here in Delaware, but it is a scene of alcohol, gambling and strangers I wish to keep them safe from for a couple more years. 🙂 (Also, costs $15 apiece.)

      • I did view it first on my phone. In any case, it was very well done. That’s a lot of work. These events are all different, but that can all be fun. I remember taking my daughter to an NHRA drag race. those cars are so loud, they rattle your internal organs 🙂 She had a great time.

      • The NHRA Drag race would definitely need ear plugs for my ears. I am do excited that you took Faith. As I mentioned on another comment, I saw my son, wife and their family on last Tuesday fair day or I would have extended am invite to join us at the truck rally. Girls did enjoy this, I have a post coming with the backs of 3 children, 3 who are girls who were thrilled with the crashing and dust storm, Dan.

      • I still see it in the browser version. You’re right, it has a more distinct shape on the phone. Maybe add a screen shot here for effect 🙂

    • Jen, you have no idea! The boys were yelping like puppies, the crowd roaring at the announcers corny jokes fitting with trucks crashing into each oyhrr. I took 23 photos of the sky also! It became a fire ball sky! Simply gorgeous, you will see the photos, from time to time with no knowledge except anyone who reads this: all came from one singular excellent evening. ♡ xo

    • My oldest daughter and I enjoyed the boys’ faces. I have a photo and simple post in a couple days that show 2 cute little girls hanging in a fence watching with rapt attention and a nearly upside boy, too. I am spreading around fair week with a variety of posts, Colleen. It was a fun and busy week! My son and wife were there on a while other day, while I was there for a senior discount, only $2 to get in. I got 4 hugs that day from his older crew and sleeping baby “peek,” too. ♡

  2. This was very artistic. I observed that over a period of time your posts have started looking different with what they were before. You are trying different patterns and styles, they are shorter and full of fun ! I like the changes. warm wishes.

    • Rashmi, thanks for letting me know how you felt about this new trend I am trying. I just learned 3 weeks ago how to post photos! Lol 🙂 I have had a hard summer at hot warehouse, so finally figured out that I don’t have to write essays or my monthly calendar either. 🙂

    • Marissa, I am finding I did not realize several comments from October 3rd and it is the 6th. . . 🙂 oops.
      I did not take my son to any kind of noisy events like this and I mentioned this to him as a matter of fact tonight. We took hia kids to the park while Trista snd Hendrix took a bath and nap. 🙂
      He reminded me when I took him to a pool hall, to hit a bucket of balls at a local driving range and bought him a b.b.gun and let him go practice behind the garage. 🙂 I felt much better. I was a single mom who tried but did more activities with the girls, I felt.

      • Hmmm….hard to say for me. I took both kids out with me and just tried to do not gender specific things but they are pretty far in age too. Now my son is usually off doing ‘manly’ things (LOL) while I still hang and get girly with my daughter.

  3. It is an impressive photo Robin – and I can just see you gazing upwards at the beautiful colours while the crashing and thundering and roaring keeps the boys jumping and cheering….. ‘to each their own’ as the saying goes 🙂

    • I like that expression, Pauline. ♡ Yes, “to each his own.” I have about 6 photos of different stages of colored setting sun, just from this one night. 🙂 Thanks!

  4. You are a great grandmom!! I’ve been to one of those DE truck rallies before – not our thing, we writers, we women, but what we’ll do for our grandsons!!! 🙂 (P.S. One of my grandsons is named phonetically the same as yours, only Schuyler – my mom’s maiden name.)

    • This is so cool of you to tell me this, Nancy. We were trying on your spelling when my oldest daughter was pregnant. My Grandmother told me when I was a girl it meant “scholar.” His middle name includes her father’s (my ex) mother’s maiden name, Harrison.
      Yes, the things we may do for our grandchildren. 🙂

  5. Truck rally’s are just about the same all over Robin, your words summed it up exactly.
    The noise is the one we notice most as we live not far from the tracks, we can hear them go on right into the night, great to hear as it fires up the imagination.

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