Truck Rally Audience



There is Diversity

Plaid shirt man and blonde girlfriend,
Look like they walked off a country music album.

A wheelchair with a gentleman in it,
his family member crouching down.
Two girls with a protective Daddy.

You, over there, mingling with the crowd,

Come join me; I’ll share my “treat.”



Boy almost tipped over,
bending down folded in half.

The yellow and black shirted
Security Guard wears a helmet.
He rides the circumference
of the race track, on bike.

The gate and track area is crowded
before the trucks get revved up.

The two men with white caps look
Like they belong at golf tournament.

The loud speaker announcer makes
the crowd go wild,
Whistling and shouting.

Later, the radio announcer cracks jokes,

He “eggs” some of the audience to respond

with “Hoots and “Holler’s.”

Oldest daughter takes boys into

grandstand seating, for a price.
While I, Nana, sit in the wagon,
Munching on funnel cake,
powdered sugar sprinkled.
Guarding and observing,
Action unfolding,
Ground level,


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    • It was a marvelous experience, also glad yo allow daughter to be there with boys so I watch and sit in the grass on the wagon, ” behind the scenes, so to speak.” Tejaswi, soon an award post coming with you being honored with 9 others. . . Keep your eyes out, friend. 🙂

    • Dan, a piece of history with the funnel cake. My grandma was from Germany and 1986; first time at the Delaware County Fair. I saw a Pennsylvania Dutch symbol on a vendor stand, talked to people easily 20 years older, my parents age, or less. They told me I must taste their funnel cake after we chatted about my Grandma’s immigration and her spaetzle and kuchen. This was so delicious, they said a special kind of oil and changing it frequently helps the old recipe of the dough to taste “fresh.” Since then, I drag people to their location and they are still living, but ironically 3 years ago a fellow warehouse worker became their “assistant.” They never had kids and when I came up long ago with my 5, 3 and 1 year old they kept me in their minds. We hug and talk. Skyler, this year, had a wallet and they refused his $5 for a funnel cake. 🙂

    • Yes, I see you trying this all American country activity out! Your use of the word “mingling” inspires me to add a line in the post. Seriously, nice word!
      V♡~ We could sit together and I would share my treat. 🙂

    • Hi V. I added your line about “mingling” to my post. Thank you!
      On a day or so there will be a Premios Dardos award nomination list of 10 special blogs. I included you on this since whenever I visit, I want to stay there in France with you, my dear. 🙂

    • Who would have thought this would turn out to be fun and worth writing about, Jenny? When you mentioned needing motivation to write, try starting simple. Remember the post about the big box stores you wrote? I think there were lively comments on that one. A “muse” may just be looking at something everyday and turning it upside down. . . The word evocative just is such a meaningful descriptor word. Thank you, Jenny.
      Oh, and don’t get addicted to anything like that flip magazine style book. Oh my goodness! I had to delete that altogether. 🙂

    • I was happy to bring you along, Lyn. You are fun to take since you look at things openly and kindly. I am happy to hear you have been in such a place or watched this kind of activity. Someday, maybe I will be out West at a rodeo which may be a little like this. 🙂

      • Lyn, the rodeo would certainly be exciting! We are hoping one day to head West on the train but next year the 2 boys (who have never been out of Ohio) and my oldest daughter are going to Georgia. You never know what will pop up there. 🙂
        My son and wife took their combination family to Myrtle Beach, while she was 7 1/2 months pregnant with Hendrix. So, I don’t worry about their having a good vacation.

    • Sylvia, I met this family due to their Pennsylvania Dutch symbol on their food cart 29 years ago. They use a light oil and change it frequently. Once I tasted their recipe, I have told lots of people to try their funnel cake. I would have gladly shared mine with you. 🙂 Thanks for the sweet compliment about the activity.

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