Thursday’s Doors ~ October 8, 2015



This used to be
the home of friends,
Susie and Bill.
New owners’ abode.

Colonial Revival home
built originally for
Elizabeth A. Carpe
in 1895.

This features
beautiful oak staircase,
foyer and door open
waiting on~
Trick or treaters
end of October.

An interesting
stained glass window
on the first landing.

Original fireplace
gorgeous mantles,
photos and memorabilia

Unusual porch
places for guests,
antique wicker furniture
with Fall colors pillows.

The address number
clearly visible,

** Someday I will photograph
66 Griswold Street
with closed holiday door. **

Master gardeners have
given backyard
“Award-winning landscaped”
honored label.

Thanks to Norm Frampton
who hosts our weekly
Thursday’s Doors posts.
Head over to his blog to view,
comment, add or admire his door.


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    • Cindy, you are so right. I like how you expressed this. Going to try and read some post tonight. Grandson has had scrimmage and practices until 8 pm and fun to watch his first year of tackle. Last game a member of opposing team ran the wrong way with the ball. πŸ™‚

      • Heck with a week, Squirrel Awareness Month is all 31 days of October! My old post on the subject still gets a lot of hits every year when people look it up. And then there is Squirrel Appreciation Day, which you can mark down for January 21st every year.

    • I believe you see pretty doors, Maniparna. You could join us! I would love to see doors you pass. . . πŸ™‚
      Norm and others at the site who take pictures of doors and say a few things about it. I tried this over a month ago, before I started taking pictures with my cell phone. It is so hard to use words but i did have fun. Check out other doors, if you wish on the only link I listed above.

    • Jenny, you probably could take one photo a week and write about doors, or something you wish to start. . . We would follow your idea, since it at least helps me organize ahead.
      By the way, I accidentally had a couple posts “come up” in people’s emails. They will show up at another time and then I hope to still listen to readers thoughts. It is tough to program on weekends and not “goof up!” (Well, anyway one had my grandsons with a man on stilts and another had my first attendance at a book club.
      Hope you have a great weekend, Jenny.

    • You are so right and I hesitate to say this so as not to offend anyone. A photo is also easier since many descriptions were done my first almost 3 years!
      Brenda, the new owners have made some cool additions, almost modernizing the very old house. Thanks for being around to read my 1000 word “essays” of the past! Lol

      • I joined a book club and am reading a fascinating memoir, “The Glass Castle.” The author of many books, Jennifer Wall, had parents who created a transient lifestyle, dumpster diving, taking kids to sleep in the desert, . . . My life is pretty tame, Brenda. I liked the book, “Running with Scissors,” another fanciful memoir. The movie was not nearly as interesting. I am coming to visit. πŸ™‚

    • Carol, this is a fantastic comment since this was caused me to slow down and look. I used to know the owners from 1990. Their kids went to school with mine. I like the bolder and more open, friendly “air” of this beautiful old home. The lighting really catches your interest. Thanks, Carol.β™‘

  1. A beautiful house, charm and elegance from bygone days, if the interior has retained its charms as the outside, it would be a beautiful residence to appreciate the days when the world held charm and Grace.
    I can imagine the love and laughter from the past, emanating from the walls.

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