Dahlia Suitors



A shout out to Brenda,
You “blew me away”
With your sisters singing
Solo, sans instruments,

Who would imagine
Flowers as sisters?

Who would hear their

Who would enchant us,
Without a magic wand?

Fair maiden, Brenda.

Have you seen her poem
About Jack Frost’s cousin?
One lives in winter, Frost.

Her creation lives in Fall. . .
Find out his clever name.

Find these memorable poems,
Shared from her creative mind,
In the Friendly Fairy tales land:



I imagined as I wrote my comments,
What if my oldest daughter’s
Peppermint colored
Dahlias came a ‘courting those
Lovely singing sisters?
♡ ~ ~ ~ ♡ ~ ~ ~ ♡ ~ ~ ~ ♡


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    • Beth, so sweet. Thank you, it was fun playing with her sisters and my oldest daughter’s “brothers.” Brenda gets my imagination aoaring, yours already “rocks!” 🙂

  1. Robin, I am smiling ear to ear. What a lovely poem and shout-out. Thank you for taking the time to bring your suitors to the light and for saying such nice things about me and my website. Your participation in my zaniness really touches me and makes me happy. I bet all the kids who meet you like you enormously. I sure do! XOXO, Brenda

    • Brenda, thank YOU for helping me to expand my mind and detting my imagination soaring.
      By the way, not knowing flowers names or an easy way to describe her dahlias we were wondering: What would you call this color combination? Is there a better name for their colors? Someone mentioned they would like to see Carrie’s dahlias. We named them “peppermint” because as little buds they appeared striated or striped. . .
      Happy to get your grin stretching. 🙂 Now, lean back and let the kids and hubby take care of you, Brenda.

    • Jen, I was playing in my comments with her 2 flowers saying I may have some suitors for her. Carrie’s dahlias were going to have their “time to shine” just hadn’t figured out what to say yet. We called them peppermint since as “baby buds” the kids and Mom were thinking they looked like peppermints. What other name or word could I use? I think I may change this. It confused one person so far. 🙂
      Put your feet up, relax and have a sip of wine once night falls. ♡ Or are you sleeping already? I am silly, huh? I am taking Micah to the Lego Club at the library. I hope he makes a funny comment, I just love that little “rascal’s” sense of humor, Jen. xo

      • They are very pretty, I’m trying to think of another name you could use but peppermint seems to fit or candy striped? Or ..um… Flaming fingers..it’s morning now 10am, went to sleep at 12, seems the only time I can go for me to sleep through the night ..ugh. Have fun at the library with Micah. 😊❤️

      • Thanks for thinking about names. One was a little racy, (or is flaming fingers just my interpretation going to the wild side? 🙂 for this particular poem. Since I was using “courting” and “suitors.” Good one for another post, though. Now, it is time for me to sleep. xo

    • Oh, this is a good idea, Marissa. I added her blog in case you want to read about her inventing Jack Frost’s cousin. Her creative processes are so different from yours that I can just imagine the crazy way you two could collide and build from a thought or something. I was playing in her comments and talking about “suitors” for the sisters, then wham! I remembered at fair week my oldest daughter’s dahlias were already in my photo gallery. They are almost like candy apple red, but when little buds they looked striped red and white like hard candy peppermints.

    • Colleen, I have taken probably 6 photos from July through September of the prolific producer of pretty dahlias. Carrie even made a few bouquets with them. One all alone really is stunning in a vase. Brenda with her singing flowers created some energy and creativity flowed. You have been a great source of thoughts that blossomed over time, too. 🙂

    • I had a hard time deciding how to describe them but no touch up’s or input of extra color needed. They are really glowing sometimes, Juan. Glad you found them to be beautiful. 🙂 Happy to share them.

      • I find it hard to imagine that our eyes don’t see perfection without photoshopping.. I thought our brains are the perfect interpreters.

    • Sylvia, I have not decided if I should change the description of these dahlias. When they are little buds, they look like red and white striped so the boys (Skyler and Micah) had called them “peppermint” like hard candies. Maybe they look like candy apple red with icing on them? We don’t have their name card to see what they actually are supposed to be.
      If anyone comes up with a name for their color description I will call them the _________(fill in the blank) triplet suitors. 🙂

  2. What delightful faces. They won’t be mooning for long 😉
    They’ll have a garden wedding!

    (Family can be a pickle at times. – I am fortunate that I can count on my sons.)

    • Thank you so much for your playful answer meeting the suitors and I have been thinking about calling them “triplets,” Jules. 🙂 Someone was confused about my label of peppermint colored. I can’t think of another description other than candy apple red with white iced tips. They made the boys think of peppermints since as buds the white and red are a little like stripes.
      I am so happy you have your prince and princess for joy and imagination adventures, Jules. I bet you create stories for their ears only. 🙂 Thanks for your visit, dear.♡

    • I appreciate your enjoying the beauty in Brenda’s blog, I knew you would enjoy it, Maniparna. You express beauty and humor, along with meaningful thoughts on your posts. 🙂

  3. Robin, When I read your shout out I realized that It takes one talented writer to recognize another! Loved both yours and Brenda’s poem! So beautifully expressed!

    • Sandhya, I haven’t seen your recent posts. I will go and visit soon.
      Thank you for your lovely compliment, my dear. I am always grateful to have special people like you visit. This is why I enjoy blogging! 🙂

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