Street view: Harvest Italianate



This is a second post to give perspective for the Thursday’s
Doors post.
Sometimes it is wonderful to
see the whole house to capture
the beauty and lines of it.

Here is a quote to enjoy:
“The true harvest of my life
is intangible a little star dust
caught ~
a portion of the rainbow
I clutched.”

Written by Henry David Thoreau.
American essayist, poet and
philodopher, (1817 – 1862).


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  1. It really is a lovely home. It’s a bit formal, but the colors and decor really warm it up, letting you know the people inside are gracious and thoughtful.

    • Joey, the Italianate style is really formal looking to me, too. Remember when I wrote about two brothers who lived in this style of home? One painted his home light green with dark green trim, the other had white with black? I think it is interesting of the 3 homes, I like this one the best. Maybe the lighting and decorations “warmed it up” a bit. πŸ™‚

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