Feelin’ Groovy



The Delaware This Week advertised
a special event at the senior citizens
building called Source Point.
October 14, 2015.
6:30 ~ 9 p.m.

There were included in the cost~ appetizer buffet and beverages.
Music and dancing.

The event called,
“Feelin’ Groovy.”

Dressed in my black and white
designed dress which reminds
me of Peter Max meets Escher.

Wearing turquoise necklace and
two bracelets, with fishnet hose
and black boots, I felt like the 70’s.

I had practiced the jargon:
“You bet your sweet bippy,”
“Give Peace a chance!”
“Cool, man.”

Shrimp cocktail,
Swedish meatballs,
Cheesecake bites,
nibbling on

I had stuffed my photograph
from Spring, 1975
into my purse.

Only three people in small 4 x 6″
picture frame with colorful
“Flower Power” label.
I have hair down past
my chest, bangs too.
College roommate,
First ex-husband,
Both still

It had given me a bit of courage.

After all, I am a grown up who can
go to a dance and get together
with men and women over 55,
without losing her cool.

I can keep my wits
about me,
after one glass of merlot.

Music could be lively,
my whole body
might sway.

I could be asked
to dance
and try
some silly moves.

Not sure if swimming
arm motions,
Monkey antics,
up and down arms,
were any part of the 70’s.

One woman might try
“mashed potato”
dance move.
Doesn’t that just
“date” her?

Oh, someone may
start using a
sideways peace sign
across their eyes;
Uma Thurman’s
dance moves
from “Pulp Fiction.”

Surface subjects,
Topics of conversation.
Caring people
Trying to get to know new,

A little chilly wind
causes me to pull
my maxi coat closer,
heading out to car
and home.

Sadly, the sign
on the door said:
“Feelin’ Groovy”
dinner and dance
cancelled due to
low number of

“Believe it or not!”

(Do you remember Don Adams
saying this in,
“Get Smart,” to Agent 99?)

I could have had
a very groovy time.

Photograph shameless “selfie,”
taken prior event.
~ reocochran


95 responses »

    • I wish everyone here could have had a chance to enjoy the 70s! πŸ™‚ Hope you have a groovy weekend. Can you believe it’s been 30 years since the 1985 movie, “Back to the Future.” Wish that had traveled to the 70s!! πŸ˜‰

    • You were having nearly as much fun as I was in my day dreams had they not cancelled due to not enough reservations, I guess. Thank you so much for the time you took to comment and hope you won’t give up on me! πŸ™‚

      • Aw…thank you, Robin. Unfortunately there won’t be any unwinding this weekend. I’m quickly approaching my deadline, so I’ll be holed up in my writing room all weekend. Please do a little relaxing for me! Enjoy! ❀

  1. Oh look at you, how beautiful you are. Sounds like you had so much fun, merlot or not! I am guilty of doing the Uma moves too and a couple of the others you mentioned. Groovy Baby!! 😊❀️

    • I cannot help my dancing becomes quite enthusiastic, Jen!! πŸ™‚ I can imagine you also on the dance floor feeling the “groove” and doing your own night magic moves. πŸ™‚ You have me smiling wide! Tonight I shall have some hard apple cider while I unwind. β™‘

  2. How fun and what a cool event. Strange to think that all the movers and shakers of the 60s would now be considered seniors. Just seems like the world is getting younger. You look terrific.

    • I got my AARP magazine and Tom Selleck, Ringo Starr. Gloria Estefan and Don Henley are in it, cool people with staying power. I have written about Andrew McCarthy from the movie, “The Breakfast Club,” how he now takes photographs of people around the world. It is in a post about bridges, Marissa. He found his “bliss” in travel and touching everyday people’s lives. I appreciate the “terrific,” Marissa. I think sitting by a low wattage light bulb helps. πŸ™‚

      • It’s all very interesting. I’m a bit younger but still don’t think of any of those people as seniors…especially Tom Selleck who I used to have a huge crush on. I think they need to push back in age with the use of the word ‘senior’…but not the senior discounts, thank you very much.

    • Matt, believe it or not? No, not trying to be funny or using Maxwell Smart’s line. . . I found this rather old comment in my “waiting approval” otherwise known as my holding cell. This made me mad at myself for not checking and also, at wordpress. For Pete’s sake I comment on your group wordpress blog! We should be connected. So sorry and thank you for the fun comments! Hugs, Robin

    • I appreciate the support for the event and me, also. Thanks, Beth. I just told Marissa a low wattage light bulb helps make is look younger. πŸ™‚ Of course, I think we are a year apart since I am your older sister from another mother.

  3. I loved the TV series, Get Smart. I still remember when Agent 86 (Maxwell Smart) appeared to be jealous toward Agent 43, a guest on the show. Agent 99 says to Smart, ‘Oh, Agent 86, your worth twice as much to me as Agent 43.’

    The 70’s were groovy. Too bad I got rid of my burgundy polyester bell bottoms and three-inch wide belt… not.

    Love your selfie, Robin. – Mike

    • Oh, yes! I sure liked the lively banter on the old shows. Good comic timing, too. I laughed every time Agent 86 would talk on his phone and how Agent 99 was sexy but spunky. She sometimes saved the day, Mike! My Dad liked her and Kate Jackson on “Charlie’s Angels.”

      I have two bell bottom pairs of pants, both are corduroy. I wore my jeans until holey! I have a high thick pair of shoes that are heavy and tall. Hard to explain or describe but I had them for years!
      My Mom called them “clunky shoes.”
      I like your 70’s clothes. My brother is one who has a few pieces of old stuff but he is not slender as he was in those days. For an art gallery opening he took a cream colored dressy jacket and painted billowy blue clouds all over it. He painted for my high school graduation a picture of the Eagles album on a blue jeans shirt (One of These Nights.”)

    • Thank you, Danica! πŸ™‚ This was an expression on a television show with two conedians hosting it, “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In.”
      It was set up like when you see the Muppets, little one-line and funny skits. It is always fun mixed with nervousness in social situations the first few times. . .

    • Pauline, so sweet. I appreciate your saying i fony look likw a senior. πŸ™‚
      I went through a period in my 40’s where I gained 45 pounds, juggling traching, waiting tables 3-4 times a week at what is a family restaurant chain called Cracker Barrel and trying to get my Master’s degree. Ultimately, was not able to complete it and hold on to that position.
      My doctor told me if I didn’t lose 20 pounds in one year he was going to have to put me on anti-cholesterol medication. My total number from blood “reading” was fluctuating between 240 to 260 at the time. I lost 20 with help from my teaching assistant as my walking buddy and once we got that done we did another drop of 20 pounds. Our school pitures show hiw bug ww were and then, how low we got.Veggies, carbs, cheese, tomato juice, low carbs, chicken and fish. . . I drove 40 minutes to school and did arm weights and butt crunches to rock and roll. When I left preschool special ed I weighted what I do now. I do have more muscles, though. When I sweat in summers I think of my great aunt Marie who worked at Gorton’s fish factory in Gloucester, Massachusetts. There was no air conditioning in her workplace and none in my present one.
      “Peace out” and “hold on” to your dreams, Pauline.

    • I did not show photo nor bring in cell phone with grandchildren photos on it. So far, just acquaintances, so no one there is friend yet.
      I just joined the Senior Center on Saturday they had a fall Open House. πŸ™‚ One hundred people there so I was rather shy. I also said I wiuld join evening groups. Just watch, meet people and learn more about art. I talked a lot to 3 women. One is a painter and likes drawing flowers. Another does washable oil landscape paintings. If I paint I use watercolors or acrylics, Sylvia. Wish you were there to (forgive expression of my parents age) “cut the rug” with me. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Lyn. I really like the way low wattage golden lights reflect a younger look. I think I have a young heart and childlike behaviors from being close to my grandchildren. πŸ™‚

    • Lyn, usually when someone has accepted comments back and forth it doesn’t do this but every once in awhile I find a “regular” in an area which I call a “waiting cell” on wordpress. Not sure why this happens but no worries, my dear friend. β™‘

      • I had to apologize to five or more people and like you, time had passed so they may have noticed, too. I usually look at blogs of those who reply first, then if time visit others. I try to look at comments and start a chain of friendly comments. It is rare to get this going regularly.

        It is hard after work with Skyler on football and Boy Scouts, took Micah to Lego Club at library and after a year of just guy friends and no dates, trying all over again social activities for adults. πŸ™‚ My grandkids had a concert just last night and saw baby Hendrix. So cute but sleeping. β™‘

    • Oh, you had me smiling. I was in college at a state school in the 70’s and you could not see a fantastic concert without other forms of recreational stuff going on. πŸ™‚ I think since our senior citizen center is trying to appeal to 55+ ages Source Point was a choice. They still provide free will offering meals and meals on wheels. Thank you, Sarah for giving me a laugh and sending you smiles and wishing you a good weekend, too.

  4. Robin, I so enjoyed this poem of yours. I think it’s one of my favorite of your works so far. I loved the playfulness and the images and felt like I was there with you that night. Sounds like a blast.

    • Thank you, Diahann. I appreciate the accolades about my poetry and also really wish you might have come! Too young to become a senior citizen but the invitation said “Guests of all ages” and the money went to Meals on Wheels program for shut in and elderly folks. A blast from the past, yes! πŸ™‚

    • I love you for enjoying my selfie and silliness, too. Natalie, I just know you and your hubby would have enjoyed the fun loving people with many married couples who are part of this center. Hugs from me to you both~ Robin

      • Oh I’ll bet we would have too. And as for the silliness, I enjoy that myself quite often and my grandkids use to get quite a kick out of it. Right now they are trapped in teenageritis and so their sense of humor is constipated. Hee hee. Love you for all the lovely comments you send my way. πŸ™‚ ❀

    • Of course, Bela! β™‘ We are from the Baby Boomer generation who went through a vast amount of changes, turmoil and reflection, as we grow older.
      The best part is we have similar musical memories and limited entertainment choices so t.v., magazines, movies and pop culture overlapped. I grew up liking musicians from my parents era, too. πŸ™‚
      I just wish you could be closer and bring your husband and i epuld proudly introduce you around. We would have a lot of fun, Bela.

      On other serious days, we could meet at a discussion group and you could enlighten us. Remembering together JFK, RFK, MLK, Jr., Malcolm X, Mother Teresa, Gandhi and all the heros and fallen leaders, future ideas to move towards Peace. xo

  5. Great selfie! Beautiful! It’s so nice when a person’s outsides match their insides πŸ™‚
    I see the nudes you described πŸ™‚ lovely!
    This time of year, our (Unitarian) church has a party of sorts for fundraising. They serve hors d’oeuvres and a lil wine, we dance and sing. It’s a great party. It is NOT the younger people who make it so fun, but rather the older ones, who dance with great vigor and have a contagiously happy spirit. I’m sorry your Feelin Groovy had low participation numbers and deprived you of a fun night. Everyone wishes they could have met you, could have seen your dancing, could have laughed at your warm humor.

    • Joey, you filled this comment with a lot of incredible positive energy! You can tell you have a mind like a steel trap for details by noticing Carrie’s high school award scholarship winner. β™‘ Thank you for noticing, dear!
      I would be ecstatic to attend your church fundraising event. Well, one of these days the senior center will get enough reservations for a similar event. I liked their menu and reasonable ticket price! πŸ™‚

      • They had left a message with a different pH # on my cell, so I had not heard it, got there and some people were milling around, I talked to two women who teach art and a very young personal trainer. It kind of made me tired. Getting old, so went home. Ha!

    • Kerbey, would you believe I am heading out to work and I posted a reply that I got there, people were also dismayed, milling around, talked to two women who teach art and a very young personal trainer looking for customers. The whole cancellation thing got me tired so I went home. Guess I an getting old. Ha! πŸ™‚

  6. Oh no, I was gutted for you at the end. You look amazing in your photo and all the anticipation of a back to the future night cancelled. I take it that you’ve joined the club and there will be more events. It must be meant for you to be going along to a seniors club when you’re still actually young – who decides these things?! – you can get right into the swing of it and get everyone else on their toes. Pics of the next night you have where dancing is on. Uma Thurman eat her heart out. πŸ™‚

    • You may never speak to me again. I found you in the awaiting approval “jail” and I see this wonderful and caring comment and am ashamed at not checking this better and more often. Please feel free to come back. Unfortunately it is now neatly midnight so will try at lunch and break to nick away at reading your blog. I know we have similar views and dear Beth B. in common. πŸ™‚ Smiles, Robin

      • Don’t worry at all. I’ve spent most of November doing Nano and have hardly been on my blog other than nipping in and out. I’ve done it myself, missing comments, so really don’t fret. πŸ™‚

  7. Oh no!! I can’t believe it was cancelled. You would have had the best time, I just know it. Well, it’s their loss, because we can all see you are a woman who can not only have a good time, speak the lingo, and eat the snacks, but you could also make their night better too. “Senior?” oh give me a break. You aren’t a day over 35. …at least… in spirit. πŸ˜‰

  8. Robin, You look so gorgeous! I pity the people who did not get to meet a fun loving and beautiful person like you at the event. Too bad that it was cancelled. I am sure they will reorganize it if they see you and your post and there will be a line out the door to meet you.

    • Sandhya.β™‘ Wow! You are a really great friend but maybe piling on those compliments may go straight to my head, dear. I hope to get another chance to get into the 70’s clothes, I have a pair of bell bottom pants! πŸ™‚

  9. Definitely a return to the past with those words Robin, groovy, make love not war, peace signs, bell bottom trousers, the mash potato, all the ingredients for celebrating the great days of our youth when life was an adventure into the world of hippies and flower power.
    Glad you fitted back into the role with pleasure, only thing missing is some John Lennon glasses.

    • Groovy and Peace to you, Ian. I appreciated this comment but somehow missed it (again). I feel like singing that old song, “Don’t give up on me, baby. . .” πŸ™‚

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