Asters at Blue Limestone Park



Limestone cliffs
display blue, gray
and lavender.

Quarry water
reflects light
blush tones.

Leaves barely
golden yellow,
not yet ready
to flare into
full Fall regalia.


Lavender asters,
sweetly spread

October 16, 2015


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    • Thanks, sweetie! I am used to the darker purple asters along the country roads so seeing the lavender ones were a real treat. Glad to have been able to share this place where blue limestone was quarried. You can see part of the stone along the edges. It is our family’s “special place” with 3 quarries and a creek, too.

    • Karen, you are downright reminding me of a good high school friend named Karen Webster. Even dark haired like you are! By the way, she was a genius but spoke down to earth. 🙂

      • Robin, I have to admit that I am rather red haired by nature. I tend to colour it more brownish most of the times. Karen Webster seems to be a real gem. 🙂

      • We have lost touch over the years and she is not a high school reunion “type.” We celebrated 40 years since h.s. last summer. Good to know, we do the opposite with hair. I add golden red and brighten up to hide silver while you may have closer to my natural tones. 🙂

    • Anneli, so glad the asters triggered pleasant memories. They are truly hardy plants weathering chilly evenings in autumn. Thank you for sharing they were also grown in your mother’s garden. ♡ This is so sweet, were they dark purple, lavender or another shade? 🙂

      • Oh, lavender is my Mom’s (like your Mom’s) favorite with pink second with mums or asters. I like the maroon to contrast with golds and yellow mums. I have never added in my past gardens asters. Maybe someday I will get some for my oldest daughter’s garden. She would prefer just maroon. Her dahlias are those bold magenta and cream ones I featured a couple posts ago. She truly is my gardener child.i live in apt so have vines and house plants. 🙂

  1. You take a great photo Robin – here is another beautiful one – and the words accompany it so nicely too. it’s Monday 7 am here, and you will be still enjoying Sunday as I write. A lovely start to my week 🙂 xo

    • Pauline, your morning comment was finally read. I went to eat lunch with youngest daughter and grandson. Then, went to 2 football games in a row. Older grandson. Skyler, did well in holding back score from other team. 🙂
      Thanks for liking my new favorite hobby of photography on cell phone. I felt the beauty in the pastel sky reflection matched the lavender asters. So happy you liked them. “How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockles shell and pretty little maids in a row?”

  2. Asters have always been one of my favorite flowers. So great that you featured them here. That is quite a lovely photograph. Such a quiet, reflective, thoughtful autumn poem. I feel a cool cheerful breeze, just reading it. 🙂

    • Beth, I haven’t made the rounds yet but will be heading home from 2 football games that Skyler participated in. Checking out your thoughts for the week later. . .
      I am always appreciative of your opinion on my photos. A whole different level than you, my dear. ♡ I am pleased the sun going down had such pastel colors matching the color of the asters. I blew you kisses on the cool wind you felt! 🙂

    • Colleen, it is hard not to feel the beauty in so many corners of our little circles we make. From home to grandchildren, park to back roads, every direction blessings are in full view. If we are open and observant, which you and I relate to this. You on your bike paths and roads you travel with husband and family, also see beauty. xo

    • Jill, I think my cell phone Felicia got me is an awesome part of why the photos come out. Thank you for saying this, though. I appreciate your warmth in the way you expressed this. ♡

    • Sandhya, as always your words are a delight. I am blessed with gift from youngest daughter, Felicia, who gave me a nice cell phone which captures photos well. Thank you and hope you have a lovely week. 🙂

      • Thanks Robin. Your cell phone delivers really good quality pictures and you have the eye to capture them.What a sweet daughter you have.

      • Yes, Felicia is a sweetheart, the youngest and “still my baby,” Sandhya. (Not married so easier to keep her attention for awhile longer. . .) 🙂

    • It was a really nice time of day. I had gone to another park called Mingo, after the tribe of Native Americans who originally settled in Delaware, Ohio. Then took the 3 children and son home. When I was starting to head home iboticed the lavender tint in the sky so turned towards this place only to fund the heavily laden branches of asters spilling over the blue limestone and around everywhere! Hard not to get super excited. I am glad you note my enthusiasm, Brenda. ♡

    • Thank you. Please feel free to come back and visit again. My silly wordpress stuck you in a “waiting cell!” Only I cannot smile about this darn mix-up. I also apologize because I don’t check very often. . . Hugs, Robin

    • Yes, lavender is a heady aroma and such e I nderful and insightful comments uou take time yo write. I hope uou get the replies in your email since I had problems finding your comments impending approval area of wordpress! 😦 Thanks for friendship and love as I send uou both through my sad heart to have found all of this in my awaiting approval area of wordpress. Liked your words, rmu! ♡

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