Blazing Sky




Carried “torch”
for that man.
You were
never mine,
Wed to me
or not.

Years later,
Fire is dim.

Flame may
ignite again.
Just not
with you.

Love burns,
Love hurts,
not always.

is eternal.


“Like a moth to a flame”
expression believed to
have originated in 1600’s:

William Shakespeare
in his play,
“Merchant of Venice,”
these words:
“Thus hath the candle
singed the moth.”

In 17th century,
it was accepted
to mean when
someone was called
a moth, as someone
who was apt to be
temper by something
leading to their downfall.”

Source: “English for Students.”


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  1. While it may be true that a picture is worth a thousand words, I would add that an elegant poem does not need a 1,000 words to express those same thoughts. I used the phrase, ‘eloquent in its brevity’ to describe the economy of words that readily gets to the heart of the subject, and you have achieved that nicely with your poem. Sonrisas y abrazos, Mike

    • Anneli, this morning I was sad since my cell phone would not display this. I turned my phone off and left it in my lunch box at first break. Thank you and sending you hugs today. Beautiful comment!

    • Passion’s fires, fireworks and going out in a blaze of glory all are things I see in this sky! 🙂 Marissa, thanks for liking my thoughts and thinking they sound poetic. You are my hero when it comes to twists and turns in your poetic words expressed. You are having a blast with October and Halloween which keeps us entertained!!

  2. This is so interesting. The father of my girls (not this husband I have now) was the man this poem brings back to me. I remember feeling, even in my shut-down 20’s, that I would never ‘really have this man,’ meaning he would never fulfill his contract to love, cherish, etc. We were together for 10 years, long enough to produce two lovely human beings. But, as predicted, he did not remain faithful and the marriage crumbled. Now I understand he betrayed me for a reason, for my ultimate fulfillment arrived in my subsequent, long-enduring current marriage. So there is hope, Robin! ❤

    • Bela, big hugs to you for overcoming hurt and pain of the father of your children. I am glad you mentioned that your present situation is a loving happy 🙂 marriage worth getting over the heartbreak for. I know you are an independent and complete person. I respect the idea to be happy by oneself first and then, the right person may enter one’s life. ♡♡

    • Many (or possibly all) people go through heartbreak, Pauline. Thank you for mentioning the “blessing of time” helps to fade the pain. Healing comes and joy returns. 🙂
      There are beautiful books, music and art created from pain, angst or hurt. I have been fine for about 8 or 9 years. I have been independent and still open to possibilities. Not chasing them, either (never did, actually).
      The red sky could have triggered a post about poor Hester Prinn. I may have name wrong but woman who had to wear~ “The Scarlet Letter,” by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

      • Oh good heavens poor Hester Prynne [I googled to get the spelling right – I didn’t have it in my head either anymore – it’s been years since I read it] What a time to live in!! Did they make a movie of it a while back – something is stirring deep in the recesses ……..?

      • Pauline, I am not sure about a movie. Makes sense, though. 🙂 I do appreciate the correct spelling for poor Hester’s last name. Weirdly enough, while I was packing boxes to a “hub” auto parts store, the color “red” triggered the scarlet letter image. Our minds do meander down strange paths. I am happy with the scorched idea of heart break but could not help sharing this with you and one other person.
        Have a happy and peaceful time in your garden of potted plants, my dear! xo

    • Yes, happy you won’t fall for the “heat” and prefer a cool headed (but warm hearted) man. Thanks for saying the “one hot sky” draws us in. . . But we WILL resist it! 🙂

    • I bet since you have experienced heart break this may hurt or open wounds. I hope it didn’t though. Lyn, power and emotion cover the way this felt long ago. Now, easy to think or talk about. Hoping it may help someone if they need to when they stop here one day on my blog. . .

    • This is a lovely comment and am playing release the prisoners from awaiting approval area of wordpress! Very exhausting to find kind and lengthy comments here and apologize profusely.
      The Shakespeare reference you acknowledge and your warm comments send me warmth snd vimfort for broken hearted memories, Emu. xo

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