A Hero’s Rival



I see a pocket in the sky,
It looks like the world from a distance.

I see a crooked nose villain,
Who is grimacing and heading
Towards Earth with a vengeance.

I see soft, creamy clouds,
Billowing gray filaments stretched
Around a nucleus of a future lifetime.

What do you see in the clouds?

I cannot help myself, have to say~
Joni Mitchell or Judy Collins is
Singing the words to,
“Both Sides Now.” . . .

“I have looked at clouds
from both sides now.”


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    • Wow! I want to find the flamenco dancer too, Jen! It is a great song and Joni re-recorded as older and wiser about 10 years ago. She said the part about looking at life from both sides now meant more to her now! šŸ™‚

    • Okay, not too horrible of an “ear whig,” Dan. Could be worse like, “Rock me gently” or “She’s (you’re) having my baby.” Ha ha!
      Thanks for looking at “my” sky and finding it beautiful, Dan.

      • Oh, so sorry. I was just thinking of weird songs that I still here on oldies channel, Dan šŸ™‚ Clear your mind and enjoy Back to the Future memorabilia! Today is the date they predicted we could fly on those skateboards. šŸ™‚

    • I like this thought, Mark. You may wish to copy it and put it out there as a very profound quote!
      “Clouds are visionary. . .they gather up so we can see what we want to see and see what we need to see.” By Mark Bialczak

    • Oh, so glad you love this song, Jay! Every few months I mention it. Seriously love it, I can be in tears as it plays. What seemed so innocent as a young teenager, now seems so deep.

    • I am excited to know this about your daughter, Marissa. I think there are at least one or two in every family. Now, not to make you feel funny, since I love clouds and the sky, but it was my Dad and I, then my son, now my grandson, Skyler. Maybe we are dreamers, too. We’re you or hubby a cloud watcher?

    • Yay! We may need to have “cloud watcher” club days or a certain designated “Cloud Visions~ Day of the Week” post. My mind is racing with endless possibilities.
      I guess there are wordless days, doors days and fun days already, though!

  1. I also heard Joni Mitchell’s voice in my head when I saw your cloud photo. In my mind, I carried the lyrics further — ‘It’s love’s illusions I recall. I really don’t know love at all.’ Those lyrics are immortal.
    – Mike

    • Yes, the love part is quite poignant, Mike. I like every verse, how they build in depth and meaning, too. Thank you for including you “heard” the words in your head as you saw the cloud photo. Great minds think alike. šŸ™‚
      I love your idea of calling the lyrics “immortal,” Mike.

    • Lyn, I felt this connection between our lives atories, trying hard to “please” people. Now, you add what I feel is the “dreamer” part of what we have in common. Looking at clouds to me is part of who I am. My Dad and I shared this, I passed it on to my son and grandson(named ironically, Skyler.)
      My 2 daughter’s smile and “put up” or humor me with my showing them clouds. My son sends me photo texts. šŸ™‚
      Do you have a cloud visionary or two amongst your beautiful children, Lyn?

      • In saudi I used to look up at the sky and I could not see stars or clouds.It was kind of a dull grey! the kids are not used to looking at clouds but I am always saying Oh my ohhhhh loook just amazing. I do have a daughter who paints and she is into clouds and sunsets and stars!! That is so sweet that you shared this with your dad!!

    • I like you sharing how the sky was just gray. I don’t get why blue skies are not in Saudi Arabia but believe you, totally. Lyn, your precious artist who likes all the elements on the sky and paints them sounds like a really unique young lady. šŸ™‚ As a jazz musician and singer you show creativity in do many ways, Lyn. ā™”
      My Da liked yo take us out on Lake Erie to show us yhe constellations. We all had turns but I was the one who would ask, “Dad, did you see this or that, up in the sky?” My artist brother and Dad shared their art with big broad paint strokes while my runner brother had my Dad’s fascination with extra curriculum activities since he had to work from age 11 on. He emphasized our not needing perfect grades but to find something to get involved in. Mom was like most moms, happy and supportive of anything and all we did. šŸ™‚

    • Thank you for this special cimment. You will possibly notice a slew of Emu comments didn’t make it yo my posts. They sat like prisoners iny awaiting approval area of wordpress. Take care and hugs, Robin
      I love that you knew Judy Collins wrote the words and thank you for this comment.

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