Leaves on Steps ~ arranged by child



Author, Elizabeth George Spears
explains childlike wonder:

“The October sun filled the world
with mellow warmth. . . .

Everywhere she walked the color
shouted and sang around her. . .

any wonderful unexpected
thing might be possible.”

+ + + + + + + +
Photo by reocochran,
While on walk with grandson.

What steps will you take
this Autumn?

Fireplace or
Campfire treats,
Endless possibilities.

What steps will you take
to brighten your days?


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  1. What lovely words Robin, you have shared. It’s difficult for me to say as we are starting our warm weather. I brighten my days when it’s cold, by writing, reading and sitting by a nice warm fire real or not 😊

    • Those are lovely ways to stay warm, cozy and productive in use of your mind, Jen. πŸ™‚
      This was taken “next door” on university campus, made of limestone from the old, dormant blue limestone quarry. Micah was telling me how to brighten up my shot while we took an evening walk. Big brother was at football practice, Mommy (Carrie) watching. Have a great Spring day, Jen! β™‘

      • I think so too 😊 Good for Micah, clever boy. I shall though evening now, tomorrow a funeral to conduct . The weather has once again turned miserable until the weekend. Enjoy yours! x

      • Oh, maybe miserable weather for funeral is good, have a great rest and tomorrow you will touch hearts of those who seek comfort from your special service. β™‘
        Landen turned “double digits” today so after my 10 hour workday, head there to give him gifts and I have treats for the kids and will give hugs to them. Little Hendrix is such a cutie at nearly 2 months old. xo

    • I am not sure why my comments from you are ending up in awaiting approval. I think this is more than once and since we have connected and wordpress there shouldn’t be any more of this! πŸ™‚

    • I was walking around OWU campus with Micah pointing to all the buildings which have come from the 3 quarry “lakes” at Blue Limestone park where the grandies like to hike around and play.
      Mike, when I was taking photos, Micah had been collecting leaves like a bouquet. He said, “Nana, let me fix this picture for you.” So thoughtful. πŸ™‚

  2. Autumn…let’s see, my son’s birthday, my mother’s birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas….here comes the emptying of the bank account!! Ha, ha! Should be fun anyway. Love your poem Robin.

    • Marissa, have I already shared my Fall birthdays? Ok, here goes- Jamie turned 34 in September, Landen turned 10 today, in November my Mom’s #87 on the 1st, Skyler’s #11 on the 4th, I have a #60 b’day (yay, no cost for me!), my sister in law has hers on the 19th, Marley turns 7 on the 25th and Felicia turns 30 on December first. πŸ™‚

  3. Great fall photo, Robin. A walk with your grand. So lucky you are. I am walking with Ellie B every day since it’s cooled off. Not quite the same, but we do explore the neighborhood. πŸ™‚

      • Smiles and friendly wishes sent your way for a lovely fall weekend, Mark. Also, crossing my fingers on the other “home front” possibilities of little ones, someday soon. . . πŸ™‚

    • I am happy to hear you have cooler temperatures, Bela. This really helps to study the weather changes and it’s effects even on Hawaii. Do any flowers fade or wilt from colder temps? Do you have misty or foggy mornings?

      • We have no fog or mist, to speak of. Waimea (45 min over the mountain, higher in elevation) does get this. We are at 300 ft elevation, so close to sea level. Flowers do not fade or wilt; quite the contrary, they love the cooler weather! Sometimes certain fruits go a bit more dormant, but there is always abundance in all things here, year-round. Truly a Garden of Eden ❀

  4. There is such a wonderful warmth and completeness in your post Robin – the lovely image, the quote and then your poem – simple yet so reflective – and often, as Autumn in considered in slightly melancholic fashion, there is life and breath in your words.

    Really lovely πŸ™‚

    • Emu, m as ybe this will make sense but unfortunately many of my usual friends landed in my awaiting approval area. I was aghast with your being placed. All Of Your Kind And beautiful COMMENTS Were Here For A Couple Of weeks. 😦 😦 I am so sorry, dear friend. Hope the wordpress machine doesn’t accidentally do this since I forget yo check here. Hugs, Robin

      • No problems Robin, I had the same startling discovery myself a while back, but my discovery found about 3 months worth of comments I had not acknowledged, well at least you have finally found them and start again hehe, cheers.

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