Thursday’s Doors ~ October 22, 2015



The doors always open
All around the town
cool Autumn eves,
In Delaware, Ohio.

The front door is wooden,
Paneled with windows.
The screen door
Wood framed.

~ 155 North Washington Street ~

If the walls could talk
Of long time friends,
Possibly visited by
Young Director,
Vincente Minneli.


Inspiration for home
featured in movie,
“Meet Me in St. Louis,”
(Director V. Minneli).

In the 1990’s,
the home of
Keith and Barbara.

This home built on
Hill in 1905.

Cream painted brick,
Renovated kitchen,
Double stairway,
Unique knobs,
Bird nests,


This Thursday’s Doors is

thanks to Norm Frampton’s

tradition started weekly

post where links to

lovely doors may

be found at:



















35 responses »

    • Thank you and I apologize, I missed this comment. I am so glad I found it. I spent many memorable times in Massachusetts. My great grandfather settled on Squam Hill in Rockport. I like Cape Cod, where you are from. Cape Ann is just a little farther north. I will enjoy checking out your photography. Thank you ! 🙂

    • The photo is a little blurry, you are so right! I didn’t want to turn on all the lights. For my first 2 and a 1/2 years I didn’t even post photos and this past 6 months I have. I try new things and some work and some don’t. 🙂

    • Mama Linda, you live not yoo far away? This would be fun to meet for coffee or a snack. Thank you for this comment which somehow fell in between the cracks of wordpress. Hope to stay in better touch, new friend. 🙂

    • Oh, so glad there is you, April. ♡ Since you know about the movie already and really like it. I have seen it and do enjoy Judy Garland and her energy level. She was always speaking with exclamation points! 🙂

    • I still have only gone out West to the Grand Canyon once on the East side. Someday, maybe on a train or bus, Bela. I may make it to Washington, Oregon, and California. I have a cousin in Nevada, a great friend in Mississippi. You in Hawaii, too. Aloha, Bela. Have a wonderful weekend, dear!

  1. One of my daughters knew the Barb and Keith I spoke of whose daughter, Katie, went to school with her. This home is pretty, Maniparna on the inside. Since I love birds I liked their birds’ nests, antique Audubon bird prints and ceramic birds.:)

  2. Your description of the doors really tell a story on the whole house, so much history behind the doors, people, personality’s and Dreams, from Doors to Houses leads to intrigue, a few houses I recall was the one in Psycho, the one in Beetlejuice and the one in Gone with the Wind, now there’s a couple of doors that could tell many an interesting story, maybe a project for you Robin, find those Doors.
    Kind regards and best wishes Robin.

    • Emu, for some ungodly reason this beautiful and detailed comment landed in my awaiting approval area of wordpress! I apologize and you probably wondered why it wasn’t there! I love this three movies and this comment was of course brilliant! Sorry it did not get published in a timely way, Emu. Please let Ian and Ana know I hope they are well and enjoying a lovely weekend! xoxo

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