Hendrix at 2 months



Sometimes babies are ~
or all of above.



Some feel,
all are precious
gifts from above.


Doesn’t Hendrix
look like an
“old soul?”

♡ ♡ ♡


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    • It could be the outfit that makes him look “old!” His glancing over at his Mommy when she spoke cracked me up, Colleen. I thought a bubble over his head could say something “profound.” Or funny: “Where did we find this crazy lady? Don’t tell me she is part of my family?” Or, “Could you please get me out of here?” A little miniature Marx brother. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kelly fir noticing his eyes. ♡ As soon as I saw your comment, rather late on Monday for me (not your comment) I was excited to check out your welcome back to blogging post. Hope you has a marvelous and relaxing time. I caught nature and dancing included. 🙂

    • One never knows what babies are thinking about. I think he was looking at a sibling while his Mommy was taking photo, Jill. Thanks for calling him “sweet!” He really is a good baby in their busy life there. Four in various schools. Kyah, pre-K, Marley in first, Landen in 4th and Lara in 6th. 3 different schools Hendrix gets to ride around and see the sights of Delaware! 🙂

  1. God said to man, ” I have to create and look after this universe, my hands are full so children would represent me on earth since I can’t be everywhere every time. He created kids and looking at him one believes in what God said. He is so adorable.

    • Pauline, you have really captured the complete thought I wish I could have been able to say it like you just did! Sending a scratch behind Orlando and Siddy’s ears or a pat, each, if they prefer. Hugs for you, though. ♡

    • Diahann, I like that you studied his eyes, dear. So sweet to call him “wise.” I hope do, since he will need his wits about him, trying to keep up with his older siblings! Ha ha 🙂

    • I like uour assessing him as a very serious baby. His size I think, is more how the photo was taken, Sylvia. I do think he is healthy from his mother’s milk. I am not sure what he weighs yet. She has his check up scheduled soon. 🙂

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Robin, an old soul also who, by that look, has already taken the worlds problems on his tiny shoulders. Hope he doesn’t have to carry them all his life, keep him smiling and laughing, he’s too young to look that worried.

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