“Giggle Puss”



sees us,
we will
to get
him to smile!

~ ~ πŸ™‚ ~ ~

And now
cannot help
Must laugh!
Together we do.


photo by Trista
baby Hendrix’s
baby approaches
two months mark.


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  1. The baby’s innocent smile is infectious, Robin! It made me smile this morning:) thank you for the beautiful photo and poetry.

    • I took a few of the photos but Trista gets credit for this giggly baby. I adore your endearing “nugget” nickname. So sweet, Jill! Hope you are getting close to the book’s finishing touches. β™‘

    • Mike, i like the image of a baby radiating joy. Thank you!
      This one seems to have finally even “won over” Makyah who was rather skeptical about his arrival. She was the “baby” for 4 years. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, dear Sylvia! He certainly is a good baby.
      I was wondering if too many posts in a row might wear “thin,” but honestly there are a few of my grandchild-less friends who ask to see “more, please!”

  2. It’s kind of strange, the lengths we will go to to produce a smile…but so worth it. Imagine that we take that behavior, that adults use to make a baby smile…and apply it to anything else. It would be pretty ridiculous!

    • Thank you, Karin. I promise there won’t be too many more this month, at least. . . Only a few says left. Ha ha! Hope to check posts tomorrow after my book club. . . Still finishing my book. Took a break to see the comments. Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, Karin. πŸ™‚

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