Thursday’s Doors ~ October 29, 2015 (Night)



This is a home on Union Street,
the background about the door
and changes it went through
over the nine years I have
watched it, is on the other
Thursday’s Doors post on
this very same date.

The dark created mystical
sparks and streaks in the
spider’s webs the owners
spread around the yard.

I like how you can see
pastel squares they
used to create a
similar look as
stained glass
window panes.

Above the door,

bats and chains- –

make it hard

to spy-

Hard to see

transom window,

Multiple colored.

They have burgundy,
white, yellow and
golden orange mums.
There are many cute
additions you may
spot in the daytime

~ ○~ ○ ~ ○ ~

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Day and Night
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Thursday’s Doors post to see
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    • As a child, with long hair, I did not like spider’s webs, Sylvia! I feltt them sticking and hard to disengage them out of hair. I would have to walk separate from my Dad and two younger brothers. Made me just a tad nervous in the dark. 🙂

    • Luanne, the Gallant Farm book club read a memoir this month, “The Glass Castle.” I thought of you in 2 ways, your last name and then, of course, how many memoirs you have reviewed. This one reminded me of the book which became “Running with Scissors,” (film) due to feelings of a dysfunctional family, alcoholism, co-dependency, parents who showed weak parenting skills and a dreamer who was not happy as a child. Jennifer Wall mentioned seeing her mother as she is an adult, “diving” in a dumpster, seeming content, as was her father. Jennifer talks more about her siblings in a favorable light, then is not as interested in continuing this line of conversation about her mother and father. She is disappointed and lacks respect at times for parents and grandparents, but the kids did get better. She wrote book about her grandmother, too. I think, “Half Broke Girl.”
      Eeks! Those webs would have caught on my long hair when young. You may have seen my black plastic children’s rings or the black glass “Potion” bottle. It has an owl on it, plus a hold on my heart. 🙂

      • Oh, I’ve read and loved all those books (Castle, Girl, and Scissors), although my favorite is Half Broke Girl of the three. I think I might have reviewed them, but can’t remember for sure. Jeannette Walls, I think.

      • You have the author correct, Luanne. 🙂 I remember siblings were not so much in agreement of their childhood in, “Running with Scissors.” I will need to check out, “Half Broke Girl,” since you liked it best. Thank you for this great comment.

  1. That door and all the surrounding fittings, would probably hide the secret of a great mystery novel.
    Mystery and Intrigue blending behind the door leading to Suspense.

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