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Nature’s Wonders



This reminds me of a painting.
American and English
artists from the
late Nineteenth century,
early Twentieth century,
used visual art in their
portraits and

Two artist examples,
Hudson River School,
New York City, NY:

Thomas Cole ~ (1801 – 1848)

Albert Bierstadt ~ (1830 – 1902)

I like nature portrayed in
photographs, paintings,
drawings, textiles,
ceramics and

How do you
Like your art?

* * * * *
Photo by reocochran,
Thoughts by robin

Autumn Bouquet



This is a bouquet my youngest
daughter’s boyfriend, Jerry, gave
me for an Autumn present.

I wish to share this with you~

To You:

All my friends who bless my
thoughts and moments.
All who read, think and
respond to my
blog posts.

The pillow in the background
is one which looks hand-painted,
but purchased late last Spring,
a clearance item from Sears.

The plate on the table chosen
by my dear grandson, Skyler,
purchased by my oldest
daughter, Carrie.

The metal basket was one I
found in a little shop in
downtown Delaware, Ohio.
It has silken leaves, plastic
“Bittersweet” berries and a
ropelike, almost real look,
to its vine.

This black bench was found
upended in a dumpster.
I rescued it by having my
son and his friend come
and take it out of its lonely
metal, discarded location.

All those who are crafty
and diligent re-finishers;
Please don’t cringe!
All I did was,
wipe dirt and dust off,
laid bench on its side
and spray painted,
with two coats
of matte finish
black spray paint.
No sanding for me!
~  🙂  ~

My mother made its cushion
and cover from upholstery
scrap, 2 yards of fabric
and cotton batting.

What little pieces do you
have of loved ones and
creative or store-bought
“finds,” to be seen in
your little oasis,
you call,

Rainbow “Bolt!”



Here is a special
email message,
author unknown.

Thanksgiving over,
uplifting thoughts~

*     *     *     *     *

“Always look for God’s rainbow
To cast away all sorrow
Somewhere just over the horizon
Love is the answer to a bright tomorrow.

Many times our journey may be incomplete
And sadness comes our way
Know that God is by our side
His love is the answer to a better day.

We will always face tribulations
And a cross we surely bear
But God will help us through our times
Because love is the answer and
He does care.

Every battle that we have conquered
Helps us in life to succeed
And if we keep looking for the sunshine
God’s love is the answer to all things indeed.”

~ ¤ ~   ~ ¤ ~   ~ ¤ ~

Thursday’s Doors ~ November 26, 2015



This is Home,
Mom’s place.

The old adage
stands as,
“Home is where the
Heart ♡ is.”

The door is a nice tan,
Two small and four long

Wreath a combination
of earthy materials
and store bought
berries + flowers.
Bow made from
old boot shoelaces.

Made of tangled vines
found in back woods
Vermilion, Ohio
park close to
Mom’s and Dad’s
retirement cottage.

Green calm and unique
border around door
and on shelf.

The rooster is made of
glass and tin metal,
hand-painted by worker
from far away land,
once resided on my
own kitchen ledge.

As I enter the building,
I sign in my name and
make of automobile
found in facility
parking lot:

of Rosalie O.”

Earned 4 days off,
since we worked
10 hours on Sunday
before Thanksgiving.

Feast to be held
at brother and
sister in law’s

This Thursday’s Doors,
brief as it may be,
holds huge hugs.

Wishes for All:
“May you have a blessed
and wonderful Thanksgiving.”

x o   xo   xo   xo    xo

photo by reocochran,
heartfelt message, too

Thanks to host,
Norm Frampton’s
Thursday’s Doors at:

Joined by branches



Robin Oldrieve Cochran

If the core of our being,
Flesh and blood,
Would only realize
All have the same basic

If the whole of our heart,
Pumping and beating,
Would only seek
All others who crave

If the whole of our bodies,
Muscles, bones, sinew,
Could only bind
All others who need
. . . . Unity . . . .
Now is the time.”

~ November, 2015


“United we stand,
Together we fall.”

* John Dickinson,
“The Liberty Song,”
Original usage,

Please know that Colleen’s post inspired this messsge. Her 11/14/15 post was about, “It Is Now.”

Full Beaver Moon, November



On way to work,
Setting moon
in western sky.

Huge, looming
Full Beaver Moon.

With clouds
in the sky.

alien abduction.

Sense the held,
sustained breath.

Release now. . .
Only a real moon,
Not a “paper moon.”

Hope this day before
“Bodes well.”
November 25, 2015