Shadows and Light



Outward clocks
Inside we
may not readjust
so readily, but must.

Pendulum swings,
back and forth,
Spring forward,
Fall backward.

Tick tock,
Don’t mock.

Sleep deeper,
Snooze lightly,

Shadows deepen,
Lend us darker

Light shifts,
and cheers,
Disperses fears.

Which kind of
clock do you
cope best
for rest?
○○ ¤ ●●

Written by Robin,
Photo by reocochran.


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  1. I love this photo Robin it seems to go along with our feelings these days of the days getting darker and the clock going back. You captured it so well in your writing!! I am still up at the same time lol

    • Lyn, I usually love the longer days and shorter nights. 6 hours sleep, but Mom and I have busy days, taking energy to encourage her walking with walker further and strengthening herself for when I leave on the 8th. She turned 87 today so we will be calling her sister and meeting 2 brothers, niece and baby along with sister in law at a Ruby Tuesday restaurant. ♡ Take care, Robin

      • Thank you, Lyn. My brothers and sisters in law live up here in Cleveland which is only 2 and 1/2 hours away but I have so much down there that it has only been once a month visits this fall. They released her from skilled nursing to my care for 9 days. It is my Fall vacation. It is a blessing to have her around still and glad to be here. This was nice of you to share your parents age, ♡ I am glad they have each other and are you closer in distance now to them? I should probably know the answer. Sorry I cannot remember.
        I have a cute photo of her with the cook here at the facility who dressed up as McDonald’s “Hamburglar” character. I hesitate to post, should I? 🙂

    • I like the early light which protects children a bit while waiting for buses in not so good neighborhoods. Marissa, sadly, a Columbus, Ohio girl on a bike got struck last week in the morning, heading to school. Hopefully, okay after hospitalization. I don’t always feel tv news helps us to follow up on things enough. Yes! Hurray for light in morning! 🙂

      • Yes, if it’s a smaller story like that, probably no follow up but I bet if it had turned out worse, there would be a follow up. Strange how that works. Like you would never hear them say, ‘the girl from Columbus who got struck on her bicycle, is actually going to be fine’, but if she died, god forbid, well then it would be another story. Give us dirty laundry!

      • This was a good reminder of the reason news shows make money and keep up on negative stories, Marissa. Ugh! I can hope the girl recuperated and was released after being treated at hospital. Thank you for “listening” and responded. 🙂

    • I understand your point of view, Dan. I guess for me, with precious grandchildren who are school age, I notice the morning light. I hope it keeps their classmates a little safer, waiting on buses. My daughter in law runs kids to 3 schools and she passes many children standing on dark driveways. 🙂

      • Oh, don’t get me started on the problems with getting kids up so early to start school. Their brains aren’t really ready to work yet.

      • Thank you, Dan, for bringing in the “down” or “bad” reason about too early mornings for children. Yes, there should be readjustment to the school day length and the curriculum. 🙂

    • Thank you for the compliment and thought about “early to bed.” You deserve some well earned rest and relaxation. Have a cozy day and some warm moments with Derek, my dear friend. 🙂

  2. I love the picture, the words, too, but oh, that photo. It’s mid-day, but a photo like that makes me feel all twilight-y and let’s make a cuppa tea!
    I hate time change. Especially in spring. It makes me feel unwell for several days.

    • Joey, I agree with losing an hour of sleep makes me feel out of sorts! Thsnks so much for liking my photo while comparing it to twilight-y, made me grin. So, you! 🙂 Mom and I are sipping coffee. She turned 87 today, her sister sent a nice bright scarlet top and flowers in a fall arrangement. I gave her a Christmas battery operated puppy she nicknamed, “Chrissy” and some new fall, winter sweaters. We are trying her out once again in her senior living apt. I am afraid her fall 2 months ago has taken some of her independent actions. She looks to me to help her. A cuppa tea sounds lovely, ♡ maybe another time. . .

  3. I love this poem, and I hate the change of time. Too dark, too early. U G H. Give me summertime light and sun throughout the year. Sigh. But, then again, a bit of rest, some sleepiness, isn’t such a bad thing.

    • I do agree, Pam. It isn’t easy handling shorter days and gloomy, dark taking over our evenings! I see you talked yourself into being a little more positive. . . Maybe sleep will be nice compensation for less time to run around. 🙂

  4. Beautiful poem and photo.
    I’m an insomniac and very sensitive to clocks and changes of time. A hint of any clock or alarm and I can’t sleep.Sometimes I don’t sleep for days. It’s hard. Take away hours of the day and it gets much worse.

    • Jay, this sounds like a serious problem. I feel bad for your lack of sleep and also, feel exhausted just thinking of your going without sleeping for nights on end.
      I appreciate your saying you liked my poem with photo and consider them, “beautiful.”

  5. The sands of the Hourglass, have replaced the hands on the clock for me Robin.
    You have beautifully written how the clock does direct our movements and patterns in life.
    Best wishes and kind regards.

    • You know, Ian, I worry that you may have written something similar. You have a poem about the hour glass and time passing. You would tell me if this is too similar, letting me know, right? Sometimes people accidentally “copy” someone’s writing.
      I liked how you said it was beautifully written. This was a great comment, dear Emu. Hugs to you and Ana. ♡

    • Thank you, Sylvia. I took the photograph about a month ago, sent it off to a blank wordpress post. It came to me, one day before we changed out clocks here, that time slips away so quickly. The shadows take over our evenings here.
      Interesting Sylvia, that I wrote the words about our “inner clocks.” Which you said yours is effected despite no clocks being changed or turned back where you live. Hmmm. Do the cycles of the sun seem to effect you twice annually? Do the monthly moon cycles effect you, too?

    • I do have sympathy for those without children or ones where it upsets their schedule so much. I guess, driving through my neighborhood, I am more aware of why it helps children since I drive every morning around 6:30 am past teens waiting for the high school bus. I worry about the dark. There is one corner with a short, thin 5′ tall girl all alone. I just hope one set of eyes is watching her protectively, Colleen. 🙂

      • I worry about those things too Robin. I guess no matter what they do with the clocks, the nature of….nature, is that the days are darker on one of end it or another and kids are out there on both ends. 😦 You’re right, it’s a scary thing.

      • I was not saying you, who I know has a great big heart and love for kids wasn’t worried. I just notice this in early mornings sndvyes, at the end of the day, there will be darkness. So, no real solution to the daylight situation. Just hope for the best! 🙂

  6. Pendulum swings,
    back and forth,
    Spring forward,
    Fall backward.

    Tick tock,
    Don’t mock.

    Sleep deeper,
    Snooze lightly,

    Ah Robin! Penning in poetic fashion – and I simply love the stanzas I’ve highlighted! Such a lovely “timing” in the flow and fashion of the words – and “sleep deeper – Winter” – so simply written but I could feel the “heaviness and urge to hibernate” ….

    Excellent poem – I really like this! Great job 😀

    • I am happy to hear this poetic effort reached (touched) you in a positive way. The stanzas you enjoyed make me smile more, simply knowing this, Pat. 🙂
      I did work a bit harder on this one. Thank you, my friend ♡

      • your welcome 🙂

        and remember … it’s all a process… and most importantly …. have fun …. and write from the heart …. for you …. because if it speaks to you and through you … it will resonate and touch others too Robin 😀

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