Baby in Laundry Tub



Mommy was playing
with me, taking me
for a walk outside in
fresh air.

She took off my shoes
which felt good to
have my toes free.

She was humming
a song, I felt my eyes
heavy and close,
“Hush little baby
don’t you cry . . .”

The fence behind,
the sunny sky had
me relaxing and
drifting into the
“Land of Nod.”

Happy November
to one and all.
May you have
sweet dreams
at night.
●○ ☆ ○●

Hope you have
cheery moments
warmed by the sun.
♡           ◇◇          ♡        
♡           ◇◇          ♡

~message from
reocochran and
~photo by trista crain


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    • Thank you, Soul. This was such a special message. Mom and I enjoyed photos of my grandies where the trick or treated and baby updates. Mom clebrated her 87th birthday with 2 brothers, sister in law and me out at nice restaurant. They gave her gifts while she received mine at her apt. She is slowly gaining strength and a little of her independent nature back, 12 weeks since she fell. Only 4 more days here, one brother will help and she will need home health care here at her Senior Living apt. Thank you, now you know what we are up to. 🙂

      • I wish speedy recovery to your mom. You & family have been a pillar of support to her throughout her tough times. May God give her strentgh & energy to bounce back.

      • Thank you for your caring words, Soul. I appreciate what you said so much. I will say it with you, May God give her strength and energy to heal fully.

    • Thank you, Colleen! My Mom and I have been blessed with our together time while missing trick or treat, glad to get photos of all the kids plus baby. 🙂 We had a wonderful birthday celebration, on Sunday. Both brothers, sister in law, Mom and I went out to eat and she was fairly well these first 5 days, 4 more to get a little more strong and show independence. We realize she’ll need home health support care but trying to show she is not ready to go to assisted living yet. Her mind is fairly good, arm and side, plus hip not so great yet. We shall see! 🙂 of course, I wish she could live closer but the facility is 1/2 cost, kids will come up for day over holidays. Photos have been sent from here, too. The cook here wore “Hamburglar” costume so tall, looming over my Mom who is now about 5′ or less.looming A shameless selfie of 2 of us do grandies could see us, too. 🙂

      • Shameless selfie! Love it!

        I’m glad you’re getting to spend so much time with her Robin. I went to mom’s on Sunday which is exactly when I realized I was so sick, so I kept telling her to stay away. I didn’t get to help her paint her bathroom or go shopping or out to eat. I felt horrible for those things in addition to being so sick. But, being the mom, she wasn’t worried about any of those things. 🙂

      • Your Mom is like all good Mom’s wishing “her child” were well and to rest up and get better, Colleen. Sorry you missed out on helping her. The bug must have been pretty intense to last a few days, too. 😦
        Sounded like a lovely plan and fun, too. Hope you get a chance to try again another weekend soon.

    • Thank you, dear! This was a way for Mom and me to stay connected while staying 9 days up here. I received 6 costumed grandchildren photos plus the baby. Mom has been in the rehabilitation center since nearly 12 weeks ago and I will finish 9 days assessing her abilities to hire home health support services in her senior living apt. Mom has good childhood and many memories just weak from hip shattered, bruised body and has to really been trying to use walker, realizing therapy was there to help, belstedly. 🙂 Mom turned 87 Sunday, may have mentioned on your All Saints Day post. It was a beautiful post. ♡

    • My days have been pleasant and enjoying my daughter and daughter in law’s picture messages, Jen. Being away is worth it, spending valuable time with Mom. I have been taking notes for her health care support team of her needs and strengths. 🙂
      5 days completed of my vacation, 4 to go till Sunday, 11/8. Skyler is waiting to celebrate his birthday with me, down there.
      We celebrated her 87th birthday on Sunday. I sent Mom’s and my photos on Halloween and birthday to them, in return I received 7 photos of my grandies back. 🙂 ♡♡

      • Sounds like you are having a marvellous time. Yes, valuable time is right, keep on enjoying your stay. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ‘MUM’ hope she has a beautiful one >3 xoxo

      • Hugs and kisses sent from Mom as she gets her pajamas on and listens to a few last messages. She thinks all persons from Australia are so cool, especially since you have the kookaburra bird. Spelling? She was singing this song, “Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree, . . .” Do they “Laugh, kookaburra laugh?” In the end, Jenny? Silly Mom or Mum. ♡
        I have to see where your Felton Castle story has gone on to tell us, Jen! 🙂

    • I know that looks so dreamy and sunny, Dan! Mom is taking a nap right now, too. 🙂
      I am enjoying being here and picture messages have kept everyone connected, too.
      I have been sending pictures to my 3 grown children of Mom with me (shameless selfie) and McDonald “Hamburglar” (the cook was dressed up on Halloween here at Mom’s senior living center) plus her #87 birthday on Sunday.
      Taking notes to give to my brother of Mom’s needs and strengths so the support team will know areas of concern. 5 days completed of vacation, 4 to go. When I get back on Sunday, I will have grandson, Skyler’s 11th birthday party to celebrate. 🙂 He insisted on waiting till I get back.
      Plenty of costumed grandies to show Mom her great grandchildren, too. ♡

  1. The washtub photo is a clever way to portray baby Hendrix. He is such a happy baby, so I’m sure he is quite content to be shown in whatever ways his family can imagine.

    This photo would be a fun entry in a photo caption contest. I was thinking:
    ‘We can’t bob for apples. The baby is asleep.’ – Mike

    • It sure makes me miss the little guy, Mike! 🙂
      I am about halfway through my 9 days up at Mom. My fall vacation has been fairly relaxed, taking moments to talk with Mom, exercise down to dining room twice daily, while she is using her walker. She is actually napping now. ♡
      I have been taking notes to give care team yo plan what areas mom needs support to stay in her senior living apt. It has been nearly 12 weeks since she fell and shattered her hip, surgery and time we’ll spent in rehabilitation center. She was signed over to me Friday, under my care. We had a fun Halloween breakfast with the cook dressed up as the Hamburglar while her dinner out for her 87th birthday was wonderful with 2 brothers and sister in law. Thanks for your sweet comment, Mike.
      Sunday, upon arrival in Delaware, Ohio I will grab Skyler’s gift and head towards oldest daughter’s house for his 11th birthday party. 🙂

    • The clever “bobbing apples” caption and your thoughts were much appreciated, Mike. I got up to get something and lost my “train of thought!” It would be fun to enter cute pictures in contests and will mention this to Trista, daughter in law. 🙂 Magazines have them. . . Great idea, Mike!

    • You are so right, Jill. The warmth of the sun is such a great feeling. He appears in this to be having a happy thought or dream. Mom has loved all the Halloween and fall photos that daughter sent with Skyler and Micah, son or daughter in law of their family of both Fall and Halloween messages. Mom and I had a fun Halloween and a birthday celebration with 2 brothers and sister in law, eating out. She is actually napping right now.
      Upon arrival home from my 9 days here on Sunday, Skyler is holding his 11th birthday party for family. I will see all 7 grandies, including needing to hold that little dumpling, Hendrix. ♡

    • Thank you, Karin. I was so happy to receive picture messages of baby, other grandchildren from my grown children. (I have been up at my Mom’s since 10/30 till 11/8) Their Halloween pictures and our birthday pictures of Mom’s #87. 🙂
      Little one looks like he is smiling! 🙂 Sending you smiles!

    • Thank you, Timi. It has been a valuable and special week up here with my Mom but glad to receive photos/picture messages of Halloween costumes of the 6 grandkids and baby, too. This is funny since Mom is napping now and makes me sleepy, too.
      Happy November to you, with pleasant days and nights! 🙂

  2. Um…don’t look now…but there’s a baby in the laundry tub…that’s right…I said a baby!! Ha, ha! How cute that little Hendrix has a mommy that likes to take his pics in all these adorable scenarios.

    • Marissa, this made me chuckle. Thanks! Poor abandoned baby in a laundry tub. 😦
      My daughter in law is also taking college courses online plus raising my other 4 grandies, two from first marriage. Good thing my son comes home from work (as a chef) and likes to cook dinner and play outside with kids.
      I am appreciative of her photos which helps cheer Mom up, too. We got a “slew” of Halloween picture messages. I restrained myself with just posting this one!
      I got a photo of Mom here at her facility with the cook dressed up as McD’s Hamburglar. It was almost another post. . . But made her popular with the grandies. 🙂

      • Oh it all sounds quite fun and amusing! I love a good picture. Yes, I can see your son and daughter in law have their hands full. I am going a bit crazy with just the two!!

      • Big hugs ♡♡ to you and husband, for parents of one growing child and one new teenager. I don’t envy you, so happy to have “made it” through this tough period. 🙂

  3. His little jeans…how cute are they. Lovely pic – still inspired by Ann Geddes, I think? But these are better…these are of a little chap we are getting to know well thanks to his doting grandma!

    • Thank you, Jenny. Definitely credit should be given to Anne Geddes and other original professional photographers! I am being “restrained” since while I am up about 3 hours from my grandchildren, I received more than 10 photos of costumed kids. Baby with his mommy and daddy and photos of their combination family. 2 older children in costumes (knight and vampiress,) little M &M girls as a kitty and Pebbles from “Flintstones,” (homemade costumes) and baby H in his Halloween pajamas. Then, older daughter sent me a “Slender Man” ( Who my Mom says looks like the “Invisible Man”) and the Hulk.
      I am here 5 days so far, 4 more to go. . . Assessing Mom’s independence to present to facility’s Care Team and suggestions for her supportive services. We have had fun watching television and going outside in sunshine. On Halloween, I got a photo taken of her with McD’s “Hamburglar ” ~ costumed chef here. Also, we celebrated Mom’s #87 b’day at restaurant with 2 brothers and sister in law. I have been excited about Sunday seeing all the grandkids since I miss them and baby H. Skyler is having his family 11th Birthday party then. Torn between being with Mom and with my ever growing grandies. 🙂
      How are things there? I checked your blog and last time, contemplated expense of purchase of new school chairs, the color of gum. Do you celebrate Halloween by passing out treats, Jenny? Take care!

    • Pauline this also could be where daughter in law found the whole vintage laundry tub photography theme ideas. (Pinterest.)
      I truly appreciate the positive compliment for this photo. While up at my Mom’s we have received more than 10 photos of grandkids in costumes. My mom has loved seeing the changes in their growth. My oldest daughter sent Hulk (Micah) and homemade video game character “Slender Man” (Skyler ) who mom made an astute comment, “He looks like the Invisible Man!”
      The 2 little M & M girls were a cave girl like Pebbles from the “Flintstones” and a kitty with black tights and tail, whiskers drawn on and nose, too. The older siblings were a Knight and a girl Vampire. All cute and had fun! I plan to stop by and see if I missed anything over on your posts. Thank you for the sweet compliment, Pauline. 🙂

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