Thursday’s Doors ~ November 5, 2015



This is Sylvia,
Waving, “Farewell!”

The door is a stripped
down, old fashioned
wooden door painted

Multiple paned windows
allow foot traffic to peer
inside to see a diner full
of antique tables, chairs,
a black board with,
“Today’s Specials.”

Diane is the server,
ready to get your choice
of hot or cold beverages.

I try a nice cup of tea,
vanilla flavored black pekoe.

Sugar and creamer brought,
upon request.
I joke, “I think I’ll be British.”

My friend, Jenny, who chose
this homey atmosphere,
knows the owner/chef,
Sylvia Zimmerman.

Jenny chooses homemade
macaroni and cheese with
a sandwich.

I choose a cheddar cheese
soup which is delicious.
I have a pulled pork
sandwich and a side of
green beans mixed with
other fresh vegetables,
including a yummy

Desserts are “to go,”
since we are stuffed.

You may see the boxes
of our pies, on the
Cafe’s entry sidewalk.

Jenny has peanut butter
which is a refrigerator
pie. Although overcast,
Sylvia advises putting
on floor, out of heat.
Delicious chocolate
graham cracker crust,
with whipped cream.

I chose chocolate
“Chess” pecan pie,
with flaky homemade
crust. It has been
“ages” since I have
anything this delectable.

Magnetic Springs Cafe
was a home on the
“Main Drag,”
renovated to become
a breakfast and lunch
Destination restaurant.

Locals drop by,
One rides a golf cart,
Another on foot,
Comes in and reads
Menu on board.

We passed up roast beef,
mashed potatoes, and
choice of vegetables.
Variety of sandwiches.
Eggs, biscuits, gravy,
Bacon, sausages and
other choices.

I had a hard time not
choosing Apple Crisp.
Later, in evening thought,
“I could have ordered two
Homemade desserts.”

One popular group
of customers is one
who come on bicycles,
using safe route,
always polite and
grateful for the place
which allows time to
unwind, tarry awhile.

This Thursday’s Doors post
is thanks to Norm Frampton
who has many who connect
their doors posts by Links.
Enjoy a visit with more doors
at  Norm’s place:


57 responses »

    • This was a pleasant surprise, since best friend, Jenny’s Dad married Sylvia after her Mom died 20 years ago. I have met her many times but never been to eat at her place. Only a year ago, purchased the house and so pretty, too. 🙂

    • That is a great piece of advice, Jen. I enjoyed seeing this place since I have known my friend, Jenny M for over 20 years. Her mother died of cancer, then her Dad met Sylvia and they have been married 20 years. Sylvia found this building and it really is a quaint place inside. Maybe, someday will get interior pictures to share. She face books and was happy I was blogging about Magnetic Springs Cafe. 🙂

  1. Thanks for sharing this Robin and for making it so interesting. Of course, I’m reading this before 7:30 am and I am already thinking of pulled pork, apple crisp, cheddar cheese soup, pecan pie…oh, make it stop! This is a great entry to Thursday Doors 🙂

    • Sylvia was happy that I was going to blog about her cafe. This word, “inviting,” is an excellent description of this place of establishment. Sylvia posts about her hens, eggs, and cheeses she makes on Facebook. She sometimes mentions the dishes she prepares and also, her daily specials, Jill. Next week I will be posting a little history about Magnetic Springs, Ohio. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a nice little place. Mind you, she may want to be getting something a little more magnetic to hold those signs on…sorry Robin, I couldn’t resist. Hey, I’m all for small business and it seems like she’s doing the right thing. I wish her luck.

    • Karin, this is a wonderful comment! I feel you did the cafe “justice” in your sweetly chosen words. “Warm, charming and beautiful” are the best kinds of words for this cafe! 🙂

    • I am looking forward to hearing or reading about your trip, Maniparna. 🙂 Thank you for such a wonderful comment about this cafe’s atmosphere and ambiance. Glad to have you back, safe and sound.♡

  3. That sounds like a lovely That looks like a warm and welcoming place, fersure, Robin! Pork sammy and parsnips for me, too! And chess pie? YES, Please! 😛

    • Oh, yes! If you lived closer, we would “fersure” head over here, Joey. The pork sammy is definitely flavorful. Mixed veggies melted in mouth with parsnips included.
      Sylvia would have stories to tell us about her cows she makes cheese from their milk, the hens and chickens she gets her eggs from,… we would have other stories to collect from Diane, the hostess/server and diverse quirky villagers. The post next week will hold hit or and a few interesting facts about Magnetic Sorings, Ohio. 🙂

      • It really does sound fabulous. I love the goodness of locally raised and grown foods, and good company, yours and whomever else is around included.Farm stories a plus!

      • Joey, I am glad you find the source of these foods special and they do taste better. Smiling at the lively conversation, subjects flying all over this small cafe, fragments and interruptions and then, quiet. Maybe a farmer or visitor pondering the “city folk’s” point of view. 🙂

  4. What a warm and inviting place, Robin! Love friendly places like these.Your choice of Thursday’s door does not disappoint!

    • It may be a little like country home cooking here but the cook does like fresh ingredients so you may find several dishes to enjoy here. I hope to never disappoint or offend my friends I care about~ like you. ♡

      • What a great combination- fresh foods used for country home cooking! with your sweet nature, I don’t think you will ever disappoint or offend your friends. I am so honored to be one of your friends!

      • Sandhya, the feelings go both ways! 🙂 I showed Mom who you were and she said, “Is that a famous chef?” I said, “I hope she becomes famous!” ♡

    • Oh, so happy you waved and I will pass this on next time my friend, Jenny wants to go there. 🙂 I was happy to see some of your anniversary photos. Looked like a delicious meal and nice cocktail. See you soon!

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