Bicentennial Syrup with Acorn Squash Dessert



In contrast to oatmeal
Served by McDonald’s,

My oldest daughter, Carrie,
Presented to me
Acorn Squash
Hollowed out,
Brown sugar,
Real butter,
to. . .
x o x o x


Since 1976,
I have kept
“Maple Honey”
“Flask” of
Log Cabin Syrup.
It was a
. . . 🙂 . . .


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    • It was delicious and highly recommend for breakfast or dessert, Beth. The inside was like the crumble or crisp that you make to top fruit desserts. 🙂 The bottle is kind of cool, too. I was working at Cedar Point, Summer, 1976. I loved how the Great Lakes were able to show off the Tall Ships. I bet you remember that, too, younger than I but still not too far behind. 😉

    • Yes, Acorn Squash is like a mild pumpkin, have you ever has spaghetti squash, Jen? This is similar in flavor but not as “stringy.” Delicious and nice with other vegetables when chopped up and cooked with them. Sweet of you ♡ to say I deserve this special spoiling. 🙂

      • Hmm, no haven’t had that either. I eat Jap pumpkin, which is mild. We possibly could get them over here, but haven’t seen them. Of course you deserve to be spoilt young lady!! ❤️💐

      • Have a memorable and pensive Remembrance Day. Beth had some poppies, as did Judy. I remember Flanders fields song from long ago, or was it a beautiful poem? Take care and hope funeral service had both sorrow and joy in menories. . .♡ You are a sweetheart.

    • I love real maple syrup. So rich it sweetens with less also flavorful, Judy! 🙂 I am sure NH is even better than what my aunt and uncle would get every year at the Chardon, Ohio maple festival. Locally, we have a Boy Scout Camp Lazarus, where they tap the trees for maple syrup and sell it.
      You know I have New England “roots” in Rockport, Massachusetts, right? 🙂

    • 1976 was a fantastic year for me. Turned amazing 21 years old in November, spent summer before in Sandusky working at Cedar Point, where I lived in the Breakers Hotel and opened their breakfast room. The Tall Ships came into the Sandusky Harbour area. One of my best years of my life, Dan. 🙂 I was engaged to my college sweetheart this year, too.

    • Oh, Jill. The recipe (above) doesn’t include syrup. Would you ever eat apple crisp? The stuffing of the acorn squash is the same recipe as this or some may call it a “crumble” recipe. The bottle was to “decorate” my stove. 🙂

  1. Robin,
    What a great combination of flavors, gorgeous presentation and a very very sweet daughter.
    I love the bicentennial syrup bottle!

    • So happy my cooking and baking friend, you! liked this post. Thank you so much for your lovely compliments, Sandhya.
      I was wondering if you would ever use squash in any of your recipes? I consider it mild flavor that absorbs the flavor of the surrounding ingredients, including spices. Some may like nutmeg or cinnamon in this. . . The bottle’s year, 1976, I turned 21 near the end of it; a very eventful and joyful year, dear Sandhya. ♡

      • Robin, I love the flavor of squash and do use it in Indian cooking – as a vegetable subji, raita and in soups. I have used spaghetti squash for a fun salad!
        The bottle is doubly precious as it holds your sweet memories too!

      • I was thinking you used squash and am happy you mention it here. It helps for those who visit my post to learn of other great ways to include this in their prepared dishes. If you wish to add a link to a reply, this would be wonderful. Have a happy hump day~ Wednesday, thank goodness half way done with week. 🙂

    • My daughter doesn’t use syrup in her acorn squash, Marissa. You are correct. I would use butter, cooked oatmeal and real maple syrup. It is better for you than brown sugar.
      The 1976 bottle represents a special year in my life and when clearing out all my life’s worth of memorabilia, I had to keep this. I had tons of stuff in our finished basement which resembled several restaurants’ style of hanging tin signs, hats, ice skates, movie posters, different bottles, tins and “junk.” 🙂 The bottle was added to this post since it decorates my little apt kitchen stove.

      • In our area, Max and Erma restaurant opened in Columbus and Cincinnati, then Cleveland. The German Village one had lots of stuff hanging around which appealed to my collecting “old soul.” 🙂 The high school kids, friends of my kids loved it.

    • I think you would enjoy this, Pauline. ♡
      Sometimes instead of making a pumpkin pie, one could use yellow squash, butternut or acorn squash. Mild flavor, like a sweet potato. Yes, this would be healthy and fresh tasting.
      My ex-husband and father of Carrie and Jamie liked to bake a meal in a pumpkin to create sweetness in the meat mixture, usually stew. He also would chunk pieces of the squash in dishes. Have you ever eaten spaghetti squash? It is golden inside like this and “stringy” so you can bake it, shred the strings and serve with meat or veggie spaghetti sauce over them
      I wonder if someone sells the seeds to these over there? When growing up, we would keep seeds them from watermelons, squash, zucchini, and pumpkins. Sometimes, with my own 3 kids, we would eat watermelon by the garden and spit our seeds back into the dirt.

    • Diahann, you can look up the amounts to combine in apple crisp or cherry crumb topping recipes. I would substitute maple syrup only because brown sugar is not really as healthy. They used to use molasses to make it more dark, which has good nutrients in it. It was delicious. I was only going to eat half of it and save the trst, but could not resist “feasting” until all finished! 🙂 I really like apple crisp, too. 🙂

  2. Robin, thank you for sharing this mouth-watering variation of a great side dish. I can eat acorn squash plain with just butter and brown sugar, or stuffed like you described. Lately, we have been getting winter squash and stuffing it with seasoned rice with shrimp and onions mixed in. These squashes are one of my favorite things about Fall, along with pumpkin pie and pumpkin spiced everything – bagels, cake donuts, coffee, muffins and even Clif Bars. Yum! – Mike

    • Mike, you listed something close to what my ex-husband enjoyed doing. Using a squash or pumpkin to hold a savory meat (shrimp, onions and rice) combination sweetens the dish. Yummy, as you described. I like pumpkin and cream cheese roll ups where you get a pin wheel slice. The pumpkin spice donuts and pumpkin pie are also delicious. Thanks for adding different and creative combinations, Mike. 🙂

    • Bela, great idea! I love using sweet with tangy flavors in salads or on sandwiches but didn’t think of this with squash! Yummy! Very late, must go to sleep dear. I will come back and visit you and others tomorrow. ♡

    • I like the idea of the tangy flavor of cranberry filling, April. Thanks for sharing this idea! 🙂 I am glad you thought my oldest daughter’s treat for me looked delicious.

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