Striped Gerbera Daisies with Bee



Busy bee,
Worker bee,
Sunk into bliss,
Feeds from flower.

Lively bee,
Needs a nap,
Sleep with nectar,
Coating feet and chin.

Silly bee,
Cooler weather
makes drunken dive,
Head first into golden
center of the fresh bloom.

Bee photo taken by
reocochran and words
written by Robin Cochran.

> > > insect #2 < < <

My youngest daughter, Felicia, has started a wordpress blog. She is one “busy bee!” I won’t tell her story, her activities but will let you know you may read her first post. It is rather embarrassing since her focus was on me. Please send her a word of encouragement at:


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    • Thanks, Jill. My Mom identified these flowers. I am open to hearing if they are not what she thought. These flowers were in the gardens around her senior living building, when I leaned in to take the photo, this sluggish bee was nose deep in the center, Jill. It got Mom giggling saying it was “acting drunk.” Then, since we were being silly, I added:”Drunk as a skunk.” That added to our mirth.

    • I am smiling at your bee-utiful. This fits the light hearted words that came bubbling out. Mom and I were giggling over the nee, since it was sluggish from a frosty morning. πŸ™‚ Thank you for whenever you stop by, Dan.

    • Grest choice of compliment, Sandhya. Since my Mom likes the word “striking” when describing a sharp dresser. The flowers were so vivid on a frosty morning, they seemed artificial or “fake!”

  1. The photo and poem are a great lead-in to your busybee daughter’s new blog. I will have to check it out given your preview comment describes the first post as a human interest story about one of the more interesting humans I care about. – Mike

    • Oh, Jenny! When she said she was writing a blog about me, I was wishing I could have the final say. πŸ™‚ I was not able to dissuade her from revealing my birthday. I am one who felt this might be trying to get attention. Thanks for your happy wishes! β™‘

  2. Lovely poem and photo Robin and Felicia has written a heartfelt post about her darling mama – it is always such a treat to read posts where there is love and respect among family members! Unfortunately she doesn’t have a like button on her blog page, I wonder if this can be remedied.

    • It is funny since when I set up my wordpress u had the follow button and like button already on my post. I would have been lost had I not been enabled by the set up process. Thanks for noticing this, Pauline. β™‘

    • I am not sure how I was able to set up my blog since I am mush more “inept” and lack “tech savvy!” Felicia will have to inquire about this but really nice of you to let me know. Also, thanks for reading her first post! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Amy. I was up at my Mom’s and we were giggling at the way the bee looked like it just dove straight into the flower head first like a drunken sailor. We had fun looking at other sluggish bugs. πŸ™‚ Cleveland had had frost and was quite chilly.

      • You are so right, Amy in the Spring the lake stays cold while in the fall we get something called “Lake Effects” which keep the warmth from summer months upon the lake area. πŸ™‚

    • Don’t you worry, dear. I have been busy and checked my pending approval comments and here, alas, you were! Thank you for your sweet time you took to write and hope to stay in better touch from now on.:)

  3. Beautiful photo and poem, Robin. I love both bees and Gerbera daisies. I used to grow the daisies. I like how the cooler weather incites the bee to take a drunken dive into the center of the flower. I will definitely check out your daughter’s blog.

  4. Lovely image and great piece here Robin!

    I replied to the first response to your prompt – but these flowers are not Gerberas … they are Ganzias …. similar but not the same – the difference, easily noted, is in the leaves. Gerbera daisies don’t have stroppy leaves … and the flower heads are different …. easily confused … but Gerberas aren’t as prolific in flower beds … slow to bud repeated … and unless in a much warmer climate … they aren’t normally used other than as “pot plants” …. Ganzias are cool – funny thing about them – the flowers will only open when it’s sunny enough outside! and they close for the night!

    By the way – Happy Birthday to you! Hope it was awesome and may you celebrate each day as if it is a birthday wish come true πŸ˜€

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