Autumn bouquet with bumblebee



“Bee Curiosity”
by Robin with Mom,
written on warm day~
☆ 11/04/15 ☆

Antenna raised,
Wings resting,
Sunny cool day for
Plump bumblebee.

How far have you flown?
Where have you been?

How much buzzing
have you done lately
around scared humans?

Do you have someone
to report home to?

By the way,
just wondering~
Where is home for you?

Do elderly residents
drop tasty crumbs?

One resident has
sympathy for you,
while others swat
wildly at you,
“Sweet bee.”

* x * x * x * x * x *
Photo by reocochran,
Quest for bee knowledge,
Collaboration between
Mom and daughter.

> > > insect #3 < < <


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  1. That’s a pretty good list of questions. When we see them in the summer, so hard at work, even the large numbers don’t bother me. They seem too busy to bother with me (or answer my questions).

  2. Love that photo! Where would we be without our bees? (Pun intended!) They really are fascinating when you think about it… the way they live in community and divide up their jobs… and work hard with such purpose… and worship their queen! Seems they have it all together! 🙂

    • I love that movie, too, Jill. This is a great addition to the post to send people off to view this great film.
      Thanks for the beautiful comment on my photo. For some strange reason, I also liked the decayed and earthy part behind the pretty flowers. Funny me, huh? 🙂

  3. Your thoughtful and colorful homage to bees seems appropriate now that we humans realize how much our food supply depends on these tireless workers.

    A bee tip I learned last year: When you see a bee stumbling along as though it might be injured or dying, chances are it is dehydrated. Laying out a saucer with a small amount of water may be all the bee needs to revive and get back to her nest, especially on hot days. – Mike

    • Thank you for mentioning the serious “job” and place bees have in our ecosystem, Mike. Your comment covered important suggestion to place water out for bees when it is hot out. 🙂

    • Thank you for loving Mom’s and my thoughtful and serious conversation about bees. Lol 🙂
      I sure do enjoy the buzzing sound too, Sylvia. I like when people are sawing limbs off trees or chopping wood. Maybe like the bee sound because it just emphasizes how they flit around so fast carrying out their “jobs.”

  4. That’s a pretty big bumble bee! Here in So-Cal the bumblebees start dying in the late summer. We usually see them crawling along and the kids will just kill them. Not so scary now, heh bumblebee??! I guess maybe the hardcore animal rights people would shake their heads but it seems kind of like they’re just putting them out of their misery.

    • This was a warm and sunny November first, Marissa. Mom and I went for a walk and sat on a bench. I had to leave the next Sunday. I was lucky to see the bee in this bouquet of flowers in a large pot by the bench. The past post,(when it was much cooler and frost upon the ground) I did not notice the other bee until I leaned over with my cell phone “camera.” I don’t think it hurts to kill bees unless they hibernate? I am not sure. . . 🙂

  5. I’m pleased to see most of your readers know how precious bees are Robin. I was reading a while ago that they are making a come back now which is really good news! My kids used to leave a little sugar in water out for them in the hot days of summer to help revive any tired and confused bees get back to the hive. I even had a bumble in my tiny courtyard garden the other day – I was so happy to see him!

    • Oh, Pauline! Such sweet kids to think about some sugar in water to revive those overworked bees. Hot summer is hard on many creatures. I was smiling thinking I should come and see how your courtyard garden is doing. Happy to hear that you had the bumble visitor. I am sure it felt welcome. ♡

  6. Stunning photo. These flowers are so pretty and the bumble bee is having a relaxed time sitting on them. I like your curiosity and I hope you got answers to your questions Robin, Love to you.

    • Soul, you are also blessed to have your parents, too.too I enjoyed your travels and pilgrimage together with your husband accompanying you and your parents.
      Sometimes my Mom is childlike in her wonder and curiosity. When I asked her to help me write, she was ecstatic. Thank you for your fun and special words you chose about the bee. I am glad you found my photo, “stunning!” 🙂 ♡

  7. Oh that poor bee! Hah, it reminds me of a story my mom just told me. She was at a meeting at her senior community and a tiny mouse ran loose in the room! I thought a lot of elderly ladies would scream, but they are too experienced for that. My mother and some others just watched it with amusement until one “narc” told the speaker that it was loose. Then they pushed the little thing outside.

    • I was relieved the women were not scared of the little mouse. I was amused by the women and charmed by their watching silently his movements. Too bad someone told but the mouse was free for awhile, at least. Thank you, Luanne for sharing your mother’s meeting story. ♡

    • I love the curiosity and also, your enthusiastic endorsement of our collaboration, Colleen. It was fun and she likes the idea of my being a “writer.” Her favorite that week after she filled out her absentee ballot, was the “Americana” post. She had me read it aloud a couple times to her, my brother and a neighbor whose nickname is “Foo.” 🙂

    • This was a cute comment, sometimes we did things out of curiosity and not meanness. The “traumatizing bees in jars” comment made me smile! You are so funny! I liked your donuts post and how your boyfriend made you mad and the drawing after that was priceless! I can’t draw funny but do baby name pictures. Take care and TGIF! 🙂

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