Thursday’s Doors ~ Close-up (11/19/15)



Close up here.
full view there.

Isolating front section
of East Winter Street
home, family of three
Lives happily here.

Saunter towards door,
Up the walkway and
away from sidewalk.

Shuffling through
fallen, dampened
brown and yellow

The door is brown,
Paneled to frame
Glass panes.
Inside on
the rod,

Sun glistening,
forming shadows
and pockets of
lightened patches.

Please check out
Thursday’s Doors,
Host Norm Frampton.
Here is his blog,
Norm 2.0:


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    • Thank you, Rashmi. Through church and my three children, I am blessed to know many people and their stories. This was a true one. 🙂 Thsnks for having confidence in my imagination! Have a beautiful weekend, S n S. ♡

  1. OK, Robin, the votes (mine) are in. I like the close-up better for the photo. I enjoyed your words in both. You do such a nice job of describing the fact that these doors are part of a family residence.

    • Dan, thanks for voting! Your vote “counts!” I like how you feature many interesting places on a single post. You could stretch them out but to me, it creates a fantastic collage or montage of sights.
      As far as stories. . . I have 3 grown kids, my church and 2 clubs I have participated in, along with teaching. . . I actually know a lot of people through these connections. There is a sad story about this house and death. I didn’t want to “ruin” Thursday’s Doors so I shared who was left behind in this small family, Dan.

    • It has a great unique design and the door and porch reflect openness snd glad you liked this, V.
      V. How are you sweetie? Have you been horribly sad? I meant over the busy weekend to write you or check in on you! My prayers have been with your country. So glad you wrote; it helped to remind me to check in on you.

    • Juan, I like the words you choose in your comments, like “quaint.” This town has a wide variety of incomes and styles. I love trying to find unique homes to feature, plus the occasional buildings like the tiny posy office and the cafe.

      • Wow, Juan. Thanks for really liking this post! 🙂 I think your houses out in the west are awesome and look like movies. This house is attractive to me and coming home to my apt is also homey.:) ♡

  2. Oh, so here it is. Yes, can see the door much better. I think I did well this time because I read your posts ‘backwards’ to me which ended up being forward for you. Oh I love double doors. They look so majestic. So, for the most part, these houses that your feature, are they strangers houses? And, if so, do you feel weird standing in front taking pictures?

    • Marissa, good question. I think I have known each house so far, either a present owner or a past one. The Italianate houses, two of three were on home tours. The brother professors I have met. The house with the large “66” was once on the home tour, also. I knew the past owners but also heard of the house upgrades. The Minelli house I met the elderly couple who were owners, while with kids trick or treating (no photos, I wrote an essay for this post.) The house that inspired “Meet Me in St. Louis” was once a long time ago, a childhood friend of my youngest daughter lived there, named Katie Blair.
      Today’s house has a tragic turn of events and I do know this family from church. (The father killed himself.) Thanks for asking, M. Someone else thought I was imagining what happened in each home, this could someday be a way for me to post about a Thursday’s Door post. 🙂

      • They are trying to be happy, Marissa. Going to now delete this fact about them so people in town won’t be thinking I said too much. Thanks, Marissa. ♡

    • Hi, Cheryl! I have been like “drive by” blogging. I cannot wait until work slows down. Last winter I really got to know some great people/bloggers. Then, there are some special people like you who came along in the spring. I know you get me and are patient, but sorry about my lack of visits with comments. Thank you for the hugs! Sending some back to you. ♡

    • This is such a wonderful analysis of the door, Maniparna. This “exuding happiness” is my hope for this house, too.♡ Thank you for noticing the details and the light and shade, too.

  3. What a beautiful house. I love the cheerful decorations, especially the mums. This looks like so many east coast neighborhoods I knew growing up, it makes me feel right at home. Close-ups and your poem-like narrative, more please. I enjoy all of it, Robin. 🙂

    • Beth, all of these compliments from you make me “blush!” Thank you. ♡
      Your posts are so relevant and meaningful! Your in depth perceptions and wonderful examples of experts on different subjects should “connect” with literary journalists and educators, too. I was wondering if you might try to spread your search into a different part of wordpress?
      The photographs with ancient statuary almost blending into the natural walls and settings this week were exceptional and beautiful. Your message touching my heart, since I also believe in many of the tenets or concepts you mentioned, Beth. 🙂

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