Old fashioned bambino



Baby Hendrix
looked around at
Ghosts, ghouls,
Fairies, princesses,
Zombies, Heroes,
The Hulk,
Slender Man,
Elsa and Anna.

He was either skeptical
of their abilities
and powers,
Happy he was
riding like a
“Front papoose,”
Snuggling up close
to his Mommy Trista.

Halloween memories of the little guy
Hendrix, written by Nana from afar.
They were Trick or Treating in
Delaware, while Nana was in Cleveland.


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    • He is almost “too cute,” isn’t he? πŸ™‚ I was glad my son took this photo. I had not seen Trista do this before and was so happy, Jen. I used to have one of these wrapped “snuggly” carriers and do the vacuuming and other daily chores with baby present. It really bonded baby #2 and #3 but my first one squirmed and wailed if she couldn’t kick her feet!! β™‘

    • Oh, Dan, how wonderful! πŸ™‚ I miss your daughter and you hikes, Dan. How is Faith and for you think she would mind if you posted a link to her blog. I thought I pressed “follow” her but not sure why I don’t see her posts in my Reader.
      I had one who loved “freedom” the first daughter and shrieked and wailed in one. She loved wrighling, squirming and kicking her feet. She also “freaked me out” by standing up in her crib at 5 and 1/2 months. The next two were easy going and “late” walkers. πŸ™‚ β™‘ the

    • I am only a blogger on wordpress but also respond to people who stumble onto my posts. I am not sure how you found me, James. Glad to read about your faith journey but I am 60 and so I tend to write about a lot of things that catch my interest. Good luck and keep on going. If you look at 2012, I had about a dozen followers.

    • Thank you, Mike. The cuddly stage is still within my 11 year old Skyler and 12 year old Lara.
      I need to someday feature her, since Landen got his criminal blog post back when he was little and sleep walked to a neighbor’s house and played with their toys! πŸ™‚ Lol that was funny but the police gave home a trespassing “ticket.” Lara was 5 (Landen was 3) when Jamie married Trista and she is a good big sister to the other 4 kids.

    • Marissa, this is a little eerie, but you opened up the skeleton door. . . My DIL lost her mother when her first child was a baby, 11 years ago, due to breast cancer. She was only in her 40’s. Then, two years ago, Trista’s stepmother died of liver cancer.
      Lately, I am serious, the baby giggles in the dark on his littke crib by their bed. My son also woke up to hear him giggling one night! Trista and I were asking Hendrix about his Grandma Cricket (T’s mother) and “Granny” (her Dad’s second wife). They both were such kind and wild souls we wondered if they were talking whispers to him or singing him lullabies? Hendrix looked at us both and smiled a big smile when we asked him this, Marissa. So, if this is possible, Hendrix may like ghosts.

      • Oh my goodness! I have goosebumps just reading your comment! It’s a shame that Halloween has passed because this would be inspirational for a Halloween blog. I am sorry for the losses, terrible sad.

      • Thank you for your serious sentinment about Trista’s losses.
        I have met a few people who say children may have dreams or conversations with their relatives or ancestors. One very serious nurse when I was an activities director at a nursing home named Trudy had a then 3 year old boy named Lucas. He had times he would sit in his room, on his little rocking chair and chat away. She caught him using odd expressions like adding an, “Eh?” to the end of sentences. He also said something that reflected a much more mature person’s words “couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a ball” and then it dawned on Trudy that it must be her deceased Dad’s words. She told me she was afraid to ask Luke, but I told her to get online at the library, (this was 1995), and find someone who talks to ghosts and find out how you approach a child so as not to upset him. I am not sure why she shared this or if she did investigate on the subject.
        There was an elderly man who told my activity assistant, same nursing home, we were angels for taking them to go fishing on pontoon boats which were handicapped accessible. He always wore a nice felt hat (fedora) that had a small feather in it. When he was very sick he told Lori when he died he would find a way to let us know he got to the other side. We talked a lot about death in a less serious manner during the 5 years I worked there. Anyway, Mr. Van Gundy told Lori, “On a cool and windless day, I will knock your hat off.” Lori and I were at the Park of Roses, a week after Mr. V. G. passed away. She had a sun hat on in October. We were pushing wheelchairs around paths and it was funny because one of our volunteers started whistling a tune and it made me turn to tell Lori the song’s name and her hat flew off of her head. This looked really strange, like it flipped off. When I run into her from time to time and we reminisce about how most of our “favorites” are gone, we remember that day. Yes, it gave us goosebumps, too.

    • Anneli, so sorry that we may have become disconnected while I was at my Mom’s. My email account somehow took back 99,000 emails that I had previously deleted. I had to go to Verizon and have them get rid of them and reconnect my blog and emails together after the “purge.” I am writing this here, just in case others read my comments that may have also disconnected at this period of time. (October 30 through November 8).
      I appreciate your patience but I wrote some comments on Nov. 6 up till the present time. β™‘
      Thank you for your always sweet comments about my baby and other grandchildren. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • That explains a lot. I see that you are following my blog and I know that you’ve been following it already for a long time.
        When I saw that you clicked to follow it, I did think it was strange since you used to already follow it. Anyway, thanks for sticking with me.

      • Well, thank you and so good of you to understand, Anneli. I was frustrated but only a few posts I have gone to, find my pushing “like” and leaving past comments don’t exist. I was hoping it would just show up as if I were a new blogger, in the awaiting approval bin. It would save time! πŸ™‚

    • Pauline, so happy you advocate this! I tried this with all 3 of my children but my oldest daughter was the only “rebellious” one who would wail and shriek until I laid her down or put her in a cradle rocking her. She liked to kick her feet up at the mobile. Being in a sling was “not her thing!” πŸ™‚

    • Oh, at least with technology you may have seen a photograph of your Chicago bambino. I am excited to hear when you will get yo see yours! Some have been calling my grandson a “ginger” since his hair appears reddish. Roberta, I skipped book club this week. It was cold and rainy, long day at work. Thanks for letting me “confess” to you, Roberta. How’s art going? I loved all the selections you featured of the senior citizens paintings, of floral outdoors scenery.

  1. The baby is so adorable and who knows he must be talking to noble ghosts. Halloween has passed otherwise it could’ve been a terrific post for the theme. I love the snuggle expression what he does with his mom Trista.

    • Thank you, Rashmi. I am not sure about the ghosts but it is possible. Many societies and cultures thought about the afterlife. What does your belief say about this subject? It is okay to share here, if you wish.

      • I believe in afterlife and mu Hindu religion always support it. There have been instances when it was proven that there is life after death too. I will share some stories with you some other time as of now I have to go for my evening walk. Lots of love.

      • Oh, good to know, S n S. I was trying to figure out if the baby really could be in touch with Trista’s mom and step mom. Hopefully, he is getting extra love sent his way. Hope you had a lovely evening walk, Rashmi. β™‘

    • He is really easy going, Judy. We had a double birthday party at a fancier bowling alley. The people were really nice to us, the wrist bands on kids in the game room were a great idea, too. Anyway, my grandson turned 10 and granddaughter turned 7. I saw my son and daughter in law pass the baby and he chortled and looked into people’s faces. Thanks for getting my Nana’s bragging started. πŸ™‚ haha

    • Oh, you sweet young woman! I like that you get interested in my family and posts on flowers, too. Thank you, Maniparna. Your words brought a big smile to my face this evening. πŸ™‚

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