Joined by branches



Robin Oldrieve Cochran

If the core of our being,
Flesh and blood,
Would only realize
All have the same basic

If the whole of our heart,
Pumping and beating,
Would only seek
All others who crave

If the whole of our bodies,
Muscles, bones, sinew,
Could only bind
All others who need
. . . . Unity . . . .
Now is the time.”

~ November, 2015


“United we stand,
Together we fall.”

* John Dickinson,
“The Liberty Song,”
Original usage,

Please know that Colleen’s post inspired this messsge. Her 11/14/15 post was about, “It Is Now.”


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  1. Yes our being, heart, bodies we know it’s time for a change. The world is changing so quickly. So sweet to do the call out to Colleen too. Let us hope that peace comes quickly. Though what is happening with Russia right now… I’m not sure that will happen. Hugs ❤️

    • You are so right about most world citizens just want our countries to get along. The politics of oil created our country to get involved in the Iraq/Iran skirmishes. If we wanted Peace, we could stay out of places who are not our “Allies.” Helping by sending medicine and food is different from sending troops. Paris is our friend, they appreciate our assistance as we do those who help us. Hugs, Robin xo ♡

      • Therein lies the problems of all that is being experienced right now, politics and also religion. I hate to say it, but I think we may experience another War in our time. The underlying battles are in motion with other countries. Peace has been a long time coming. For the innocent countries that are hit with these insidious attacks is nothing more than barbaric ludicracy. Hugs to you Robin ❤️❤️

    • Jen, I have similar fears about war. I worry for the young people and littlest ones. “Barbaric ludicracy” is a great description for the intentional actions of hatred shown recently.
      On a lighter yone, hope you had a marvelous time at Mr. S’s son’s wedding. ♡♡

    • It already feels happy as I hear my Mom gently snore in the bedroom, Marissa. I count my blessings, that is for sure! Have a fantastic one with the kids and hubby, any other guests, too. Hope no scoundrels or strange characters drop in uninvited. 😦

      • You missed the place, Marissa! Next time, look for the big sculpture with blue clouds and a curved shape in front. Vines on the bottom and house is yellow with black trim. . . we were waiting. 🙂 Baby Hendrix was funny. I have written a post about his comedian act, coming soon!

    • Colleen, you inspired me, so happy to shout out your blog name. Unity is a word we don’t always hear or use. It is hard to show a “unified front. I am glad you added “joined” since this is a great descriptive word! ♡

    • So glad to hear an “Amen to this!” Say it, Sister! 🙂 Thank you for such a nice blessing sent yo my family, Natalie. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • Yes, for Thanksgiving but also, out in the world. The trees with pretty sky motivated me to write. When I spy things in nature, since I no longer have a home and garden, I post photos and share my thoughts, Derrick. You have “ready made” blog posts, through hard work and projects! 🙂 Have a good day!

  2. Your tree branches image works for me in that I recently read that each tree in a forest is linked to its neighboring trees via their root systems. You may already know this about the fungi that surround these roots. They help link all the trees in such a way that they are able to share nutrients when they are scarce.

    Perhaps even more fascinating is that the largest living organism on the planet is a fungus in a Northeast Oregon forest that is over 2 miles across. Scientists know it is a single organism because the DNA samples taken from across its breadth are identical. I suppose, in a similar way, we are all connected. – Mike

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