Thursday’s Doors ~ November 26, 2015



This is Home,
Mom’s place.

The old adage
stands as,
“Home is where the
Heart ♡ is.”

The door is a nice tan,
Two small and four long

Wreath a combination
of earthy materials
and store bought
berries + flowers.
Bow made from
old boot shoelaces.

Made of tangled vines
found in back woods
Vermilion, Ohio
park close to
Mom’s and Dad’s
retirement cottage.

Green calm and unique
border around door
and on shelf.

The rooster is made of
glass and tin metal,
hand-painted by worker
from far away land,
once resided on my
own kitchen ledge.

As I enter the building,
I sign in my name and
make of automobile
found in facility
parking lot:

of Rosalie O.”

Earned 4 days off,
since we worked
10 hours on Sunday
before Thanksgiving.

Feast to be held
at brother and
sister in law’s

This Thursday’s Doors,
brief as it may be,
holds huge hugs.

Wishes for All:
“May you have a blessed
and wonderful Thanksgiving.”

x o   xo   xo   xo    xo

photo by reocochran,
heartfelt message, too

Thanks to host,
Norm Frampton’s
Thursday’s Doors at:


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  1. Bonjour mon ami(e)
    Une petite voiture roule vers toi
    Pour t’apporter une grosse valise
    De tendresse et d’amitié
    Afin que tu puisses passer
    Une agréable journée dans la joie

    Et une très belle fin de semaine
    Une cascade de bisous


    • I like how you felt Mom’s apartment door and shelf reminded you of my own inside. I like the idea of it looking “homey,” Marissa. 🙂
      Hope you enjoyed your turkey day. Mom absolutely loved the little M & M girls and baby Hendrix, too. Delicious food and we are stuffed!

    • Thank you, Anneli. Hope you and the Captain had a lovely time with delicious food. Mom enjoyed the younger guests, 3 great grandchildren. It was a fun visit from noon until 4 pm. Then, we all cleaned up house and went over here again, (picture) to Mom’s apt. My son’s family and my younger daughter rode with them, home.

    • Just my Mom lives here in a senior living apartment, Judy. But we got ready, ate breakfast and headed over to my brother’s house. My son and his family came to visit. My mom loved holding 3 month old great grandson, Hendrix. 🙂
      Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugs, Robin

      • Your day sounds like a Jane Austen one, piano and books were old fashioned ways of entertainment before technology. Just my “cup of tea.” I brought my pile of magazines to look through and share with Mom.
        I used to play the old “licorice stick,” Grandpa called it and right handed melodies on the piano, Sylvia. Mom could play much better. Enjoy! 🙂

    • Jenny, I used to write essays and stayed away from sharing. So glad you find the posts I write and use photos enjoyable. Thank you for being a good friend through blogging. 🙂 Enjoy your upcoming weekend!

    • Thank you for this warm and sweet comment, Jill. I appreciate your picturing her door being welcoming before you saw it. Hope your parents, Derek, grown children and you had a special and memorable holiday! ♡♡

    • Inese, I am not sure why I miss your posts but always a pleasure to visit with you. Your Ireland post was gorgeous! The castle, mist or fog, the hands of missing persons’ sculpture and descriptions were wonderful. I am happy to have time with family here. Thank you for warm wishes.

    • This is so nice of you to say. We will look through her small amount of decorations,and get door and shelf ready for the December month of holidays. What has been new with you, dear? 🙂

  2. Robin, I feel like your mom and mine live in parallel assisted living facilities. My mom’s door and little shelf to the side is very similar, but hers still holds the bowl we used for Halloween candy offered to visitors and other residents. Now the bowl holds candy corn and little chocolates in pumpkin foil. Every little thing we do seems to help in some way, but you have gone the extra mile and written a wonderful poem. Beautiful!

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