Autumn Bouquet



This is a bouquet my youngest
daughter’s boyfriend, Jerry, gave
me for an Autumn present.

I wish to share this with you~

To You:

All my friends who bless my
thoughts and moments.
All who read, think and
respond to my
blog posts.

The pillow in the background
is one which looks hand-painted,
but purchased late last Spring,
a clearance item from Sears.

The plate on the table chosen
by my dear grandson, Skyler,
purchased by my oldest
daughter, Carrie.

The metal basket was one I
found in a little shop in
downtown Delaware, Ohio.
It has silken leaves, plastic
“Bittersweet” berries and a
ropelike, almost real look,
to its vine.

This black bench was found
upended in a dumpster.
I rescued it by having my
son and his friend come
and take it out of its lonely
metal, discarded location.

All those who are crafty
and diligent re-finishers;
Please don’t cringe!
All I did was,
wipe dirt and dust off,
laid bench on its side
and spray painted,
with two coats
of matte finish
black spray paint.
No sanding for me!
~  πŸ™‚  ~

My mother made its cushion
and cover from upholstery
scrap, 2 yards of fabric
and cotton batting.

What little pieces do you
have of loved ones and
creative or store-bought
“finds,” to be seen in
your little oasis,
you call,


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  1. I have lots. One I choose to mention today is a Father’s Day card which says: Man. United in multicoloured lettering. This refers to the Soccer team Manchester United. It came from my eldest son Michael, an Arsenal fan, when he was about ten. I’m not a football enthusiast, but Michael wanted me to own a team. I chose Man. U.

  2. I’m not much of a nick knack person. I have some small elephants and Buddhas and candles. We have a list (a print) of the first settlers to Australia from England, as Mr.S’s mums great,great,great and possibly great again grandfather was on it. We have a lovely hand made large wall wood piece, that has the word LOVE written also in wood. Apart from that a few photos and pics on the walls. You can tell I hate dusting 😊

    • Jen, I can also see this place of yours filled with the warmth of combining your tastes and interests. How lovely are the items you shared and make it easier to picture you, sometimes with a guest dog you are watching whole a friend is away, here in yours and Mr. S’s place. β™‘β™‘

    • Brenda, I like the way you show how important your children are in your life. This carousel snow globe sounds so beautiful and it makes me feel better just hearing about it. I can imagine the song, “Fur Elise” is pretty. There is something magical about turning a little snow globe over and seeing the snowflakes floating downward. Thank you for sharing, Brenda.

  3. How very creatively done up Robin ! I am impressed by everything displayed here right from hand painted cushion to a beautiful bouquet given to you by your youngest daughter’s boy friend Jerry. I loved the way you transformed that old bench into a classic one !

    • Thanks for noticing the details in this post. I was wondering if the bench would be of interest to anyone, Rashmi. I like the idea of your saying I “transformed” the bench into a “classic one.” I am happy you included this in the pieces you found interesting to you. β™‘ Hugs, Robin

  4. Such a pretty setting Robin and so important I think, to know the lineage of each piece. My tiny house has a small amount of hand made gifts from friends all over the world and hand made items by me πŸ™‚ I make or make-over constantly. Right now I am busily crocheting a round rug to sit under the Christmas tree ……………..

    • You posted your room with your painting and wall covering, along with your pretty garden pots and lovely layers of flowers, Pauline. These gave me glimpses of your cozy spaces, too. You had a part of inspiring me, I think! πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    • Oh, your circular crocheted piece for under the Christmas tree sounds beautiful, Pauline. I once painted holly leaves and red berries on a large cream colored canvas or denim material. I had cut it into a circle with a slit. We call this a tree “skirt.” I hand sewed a crochet edge taken from an antique coverlet. My oldest daughter “inherited” it from me. I notice she doesn’t always use it, though.

    • You may need to come and explore our three large antique and thrift stores (one small), as well as a “shabby chic” clothing store and another consignment clothing shop here. The antique/thrift shops are interspersed with some lovely coffee, ice cream shoppes snd several restaurants. Marissa, out of town visitors who come here, never go home empty handed. πŸ™‚

  5. An autumn bouquet – how lovely! Since I don’t do “holidays”, it is always wonderful to have a non-holiday reminder of what CAN be done to brighten up someone else’s day, even when they’re not sick! I shall be sending one to my mum straight away to brighten her day!
    As for knick knacks and treasured items, we have moved so many times and thinned out our collection, going from big houses to bigger and bigger houses, and then back down to a tiny (TINY) cottage. What items remain from this years-long stewing process is a few treasures I attach inordinate sentiment to. A clay pottery bell with a teddy bear for a handle made by my daughter at age 7… the ringer fell off a few years ago, but that bell in all its childish glory remains one of my dearest treasures. A painting of a Girl in Red that HH and I have had a decades long debate over is a firm favourite. It was an “unauthorised” (read sneaky layaway) purchase I managed to fund from my mad money, but HH has never agreed it was a good idea. Still, the girl in red stays… My rock and roll guitar charm complete with white sapphire fret board is a gift from my son that I shall always treasure. Him and me, music, guitars – it’s kind of our “thing.” I find the memories are dearer than the objects… xx D

    • The memories and sentimental feelings are truly the real reason why I may point our things in my apartment. I appreciate your sharing, Dorreen. I like the painting, sight unseen, (I trust your judgment) and the son’s gift of a guitar charm with jewels and the homemade bell with teddy bear handle are indeed precious. β™‘β™‘

    • Thanks, April. You can see that the space is tight but the things fit in. I just will be changing to Christmas decorations with children’s favorite toys from my drawers and a few old plates. My little Christmas tree was bought at a craft fair and has bird houses and nests on it. πŸ™‚ Have you finished decorating or do you wait another week or so? I will come visit since my memory failed me on this thought.

      • I usually decorate Thanksgiving weekend, but this year I have been busy trying to make some more ornaments. Hope to get the tree up today.

      • April, I admire your making ornaments. I used to like doing this when I stayed home and babysat. I probably told you on your blog but I used to make felt birds and rocking horses that “hooked” into candy canes. The kids would glue sequins on while I would sew mine on and “embroider” details and add the yarn looped manes on the horses. Thanks again.β™‘

  6. Beautiful flowers! I think that boyfriend might be a “keeper,” Robin. Perhaps his father is single? πŸ™‚ I’m looking out for you!
    That’s what makes a house a home…all of those special keepsakes from those we love.

    • This plate I think came from World Market, where Carrie gets stocking suffers and small gifts for the boys to get for family. The bench is really sturdy and sometimes I pull it out and change its place. I try to live with thrift in mind so I can splurge on other areas of my life, Jenny. Always nice to find something and “save” it. πŸ™‚

    • Oh Luanne, this is such a sweet expression, “reloving.” β™‘ Thank you for also, feeling this bench is wonderful. It is really heavy and sturdy. Worthy of saving. πŸ™‚

  7. What a beautiful post, everything has a memory and history, your post reminds me of our home here in Australia, my wife and I can identify each and every little piece that we added to our home, like your words, every little piece is a beautiful memory.
    Thanks for sharing such a delightful writing.

  8. How lovely it always is to receive flowers! πŸ™‚ I have a gorgeous little cushion which a friend gave me.She has embroidered a hummingbird on it. I so appreciate the time she spent making it just for me. She also made me a beautiful Christmas ornament a couple of years ago. πŸ™‚

    • Homemade items are so special, Sylvia. The hummingbird cushion sounds beautiful. You know how I love birds! πŸ™‚ I think your ornament could be placed on little knobs on cabinets where it would stand out! I have two that are embroidered from my college friend using even gold thread. I love putting them up on a hanging cabinet.o notice them more instead of on my ttree. πŸ™‚

  9. Quite nice πŸ™‚
    I once got an old park bench at Goodwill. Painted it buttercream and added seating to the table. I have a great photo of Bubba and Sissy sitting on that bench in our first apartment together. The duck pond behind them. Always makes me smile.
    You never know what you’ll find when you’re thrifting. My last great find was a Norman Rockwell print πŸ™‚

    • I love this story, Joey and hope you may someday show us your buttercream bench. I love this color, by the way. Those family photos and memories carry us through their ornery years, Joey. πŸ˜‰
      The Norman Rockwell print is a great “find!!” Hugs xo

  10. I can feel from your photo and descriptions the warm, loving, ‘woman’s touch’ that radiates throughout your cozy living space.

    We don’t have a lot of knickknacks in our space, a result of many moving experiences – literally. I have next to my favorite spot a photo of my grandsons. And now we have a Christmas drawing for Auntie Flo on our refrigerator from Florence’s 6 year old niece, Natalia. Having just put up a few decorations in our new apartment in Greenville, SC, it feels like the holiday season is upon us. – Mike

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