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Thursday’s Doors ~ December 31, 2015



On the precipice of
New Year, 2016,

Will you see a new film?

Could you imagine going
to see a fantastic band?

Are you thinking about
theatre productions?

Multiple layers of sparks,
The fireworks flare up,
Colored and sizzling,
Crashing and fading,
It will be worth it.

However you choose
to celebrate,
Wherever you


* ¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ *

This door is a beauty
on a building which
is Colonial Revival.
Completed on
September 21, 1896.

After a series of five
Downtown theatre fires,
Years from 1889 -1893,
Destroyed and replaced
finally so the builder
even chose specific
“fire-proof” materials:

Reminiscent of Chicago,
Schiller Theatre,
Built five years
Earlier in

Original name,
“The Great Southern
Hotel and
Opera House.”

The U.S. National Register
Of Historic Places, 1982.
“The oldest surviving theatre
In Central, Ohio.”

Seating 933 people in what is
called a “jewel box” type of
theatre with two balconies.

“From the “proscenium” opening,
a series of concentric arches,
dotted with incandescent
electic lights radiate into
the (theatre’s) house,
resulting in superior
lighting and
* Source: Wikipedia *

One of first famous
performers was,
Sarah Bernhardt.

Here are the beginning
performers at Great
Southern Theatre
and Hotel:


Calidore String  Quartet,
4:00 p.m.

Pro Musica presents,
Beethoven’s Symphony
No. 4,
7:00 p.m.

Todd Rundgren,
8:00 p.m.


Columbus Jazz
“Sammy, Dean and a little
bit of Frank.”
7:30 p.m.
See above program,
8:00 p.m.
See above program,
8:00 p.m.
See above program,
8:00 p.m.
See above program,
Afternoon at 3:00 p.m.

For day before
♡ Valentines Day ♡
Pro Musica presents
a Soiree with Steep
Canyon Rangers,
8:00 p.m.

Imani Winds,
8:00 p.m.

p.s. I did not like the
straight on doors
photograph taken
by myself. You
weren’t able
to see the
great sign.

~ ¤ ~ ¤ ~ ¤ ~ ¤ ~ ¤ ~
~ Happy New Year’s Eve ~

“Another fresh new year is here. . .
Another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt, and fear,
To love and laugh and give!”

~ Written by William Arthur Ward,
American Writer (1921-1994).

This Thursday’s Doors post
is part of an ongoing
collection of doors,
hosted by Norm
Please check
out more doors
found on Norm’s blog at:

Writing Library Purchase Requisition Forms: this works!



You will read a List on next post
which holds books by fellow
bloggers, following this.

This book was written by
Christopher Fischer.
Published 2015.

Finland,1918 ~
Civil War
follows 3
for 30

Won’t you want to read about
two men of differing
political views,
one female
who cares?

Christoph has also written,

~ “The Luck of the Weissensteiners”
Three Nations Trilogy: Book 1.
Misguided love and marriage
surviving the Holocaust’s
effects upon lives.
Wilhelm and Greta.

is the main character
in the second book of series,
Three Nations Trilogy: Book 2.

~ “The Black Eagle Inn,”
Three Nations Trilogy: Book 3.
Family restaurant story,

~ “Time to Let Go,”
Modern times,
British family saga.

~ “Conditions,”
Set in British
South coast,
Family dynamics,
Sibling rivalry,
after death of a mother.

~ “The Healer,”
Time is of the essence,
Erika has pancreatic cancer,
Seeking a healer whose touch
may change the course of both lives.

Please check out my next
post of fellow bloggers
who lead a dual life
as book authors.


Here is a book quote:
“Dreams are illustrations
from the book your
soul is writing
about you.”
~ Marsha Norman

Great News: Library Requisition Form


When I filled out requests

for multiple friends who

have published books,

each form had a



reason book would

appeal to library patrons.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Their names are:

1. Luanne Castle,
Fellow blogger of two blogs
and a published author.

Her poetry book,
“Doll God.”

It won the award at the
2015 New Mexico-Arizona
Book Awards.

2. Anneli Purchase,
Her books are,

~ “Julia’s Violinist”
~ “Orion’s Gift”
~ “The Wind Weeps”
~ “Reckoning Tide”

3. Carol Balawyder,
Carol has a background in criminology.

~ “Mourning Has Broken,”
This is a memoir expressing loss with
realization of Joy in memories healing.

Here is her trio of books-
~ “Cafe Paradise”
~ “Missi’s Dating Adventures”
~ “Getting to Mr. Right”

4. Lana Broussard,
author L.T. Garvin.

~ “Dancing with the Sandman”
(Adult fiction)
~ “Confessions of a 4th Grade
(Juvenile lit or young reader book)

5. D. Wallace Peach (Diana)-

Here are a few to get us started:

~2015 and 2016,
Dragon Soul Trilogy,
“Eye of Fire,” Book 1

~ 2015-
“The Bone Wall”
“The Sorcerer’s Garden”
~ 2014-
~ 2013-
“The Melding of Aeris”
“Myths of the Mirror”

6. Carrie Rubin, author of two books.
~”The Seneca Scourge” (2012)

Her most recent book is very timely
about an overweight teenager in,
“Eating Bull.”

7. Mike wrote a fantastic book for
young people (juvenile literature)
and any age with imagination.

His blog is based on his book,
“The Eye-Dancers.”

8. Sue Vincent,

She has written many books,
including ones on humor,
fantasy and poetry.

She has collaborated on several
books, also.

Here are 5 to start you reading:
~ “The Osriad”
~ “Sword of Destiny”
~ “Notes from a Small Dog
*Four Legs on Two”
~ “Laughter Lines
* Life from the Tail End”
~ “Life Line
*Poems from a Reflection”

9. D. G. Kaye,

~ “Have Bags Will Travel
Trips and Tales
Memories of an Over-Packer”

10. Jill Weatherholt,
Winner of writing awards,
soon to be published author
for Harlequin Books.

So far, Jill is hoping,
“Capture the Dream,”
will be the title.

Her Summer Writer’s Series, 2014
was an “event” and treat to read.

11. Sheila Morris,

If you read her blog it is in the
“voice” of Red.
Yes, this dog, specifically a
Welsh Terrier writes about life in
the slow lane.

Old Woman Slow and her other
half, Pretty are owners of
the Casa de Canterbury.

They love antiques and sports,
among many subjects covered
on the blog.

Here is Sheila Morris’ book,

~ “The Short Side of Time”
This book was released
December 10, 2015.

You may find more about the book
at the Red Man’s blog:

12. Balroop Singh,

Author of poetry book,
~ “Sublime Shadows of Life,”
~ “Emotional Truths of Relationships,”
~ “When Success Eludes,
A Step-by-Step Guide to Success.”

As well, Balroop writes a blog
named Emotional Shadows at:

13. Marva Seaton,

She wrote at least two books,
please feel free to
check them out.

“The Collection,” a book of her original
“Ghosts of His Past,” sounds very
intriguing and mysterious.

14. Roxi St. Clair,

~ “Anthology of Poetry”

~ “Literary Remains”

15. Elizabeth Ann Johnson Murphree,

~ “Journey into Art”

~ “Journey into Poetry”

~ “Beyond the Voices”

16. Pamela S. Wighting,

~ “The Right Wrong Man”

~ “Twin Desires,” written by
Pamela S. Wighting
and Ashley Brandt

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Here is a shout out to a fellow blogger
who had asked me to do a quote challenge.

This quote about books
is a wish for me to
ask anyone who
enjoys reading
or checking
out blogs
to look

My Happy New Year book quote:

“The new year stands before us like
a chapter in a book, waiting to be
written. We can help write that
story by setting goals.”
~ Melody Beattie

Attention authors:
Please add links to your blogs.
We all like to read books.

For the New Year, 2016,
Let’s all read books written by
authors we know!

Some have room for them in
their minds and hearts. (This
is me.) I fill out library forms,
which are considered for
library purchases.
Then, of course,
I am so happy
to read them.

     * 🙂 *

Others have room on their shelves,
hearts and minds. These are
interested in ordering your
fantastic, creative books.

A New Year of Books:
*☆ Happy 2016 ☆*

Provenance or “Proof”



I wish my father had not
hand written upon this.

Dad felt it would “mean
more” to me, saying
this was given from
the grand nephew,
(Robert Earl Oldrieve),
Alexander Calder
to Robin Oldrieve Crain.

This movie poster-
sized print was
placed in my
first home
in 1981.

Five years after
the artist and
family member
passed away.

Upon this yellowed paper
is the description:

“Here, Calder has created an original
lithograph true to his concept that
simple spheres and elementary
shapes express the universality
of form, using color,
shape and balance.”

~ “The Guild hereby certifies that
this is an original signed in the
stone by the artist.”

It was framed by
A.P.F., Inc.
601 W. 26th Street

Are there some special
family pieces you wish
to share in the comments?

Did your ancestors carry in
crates, trunks or boxes,
across distance and
through time?

Art of balloons filled with Joy



This is a print, it has its
proof of authenticity,
glued on the back,
yellowed paper.

My grandmother,
father’s mother,
Eveline Holden,
whose uncle was
artist, sculptor,
creator of balancing acts.

Stabiles = mobiles and sculptures

My friend, who appreciates art,
Encouraging me to share this
Numbered print from my
Great Grand Uncle,
Alexander Calder.

Please check out
Jenny’s posts
about so

I have the yellowed,
scribbled on paper,
to follow on same
day:  Proof or

~ * ~  ~ * ~  ~ * ~


Gingerbread House



Rainbow colored

Gum drops

Christmas lights.

Sugared windows of

Green and yellow.

The peak of the

Cozy Cottage

highlighted with lights

strung along rafters.

The tree branches

sway with the gentle

but chilly wind.

Whispering wishes

of awaited arrival

~ Santa Claus.

The image of blue glow:

Could it be a shadow of

the gingerbread boy?

“Run, run as fast as you can. . .
You can’t catch me,
I’m the Gingerbread Boy!”

My children’s favorite
version of this beloved
tale is illustrated and
written by Jan Brett.

Have you been
nibbling on a
wide variety
of treats?
○ • ° • ○

Christmas Lights



The angel in the decorations
arrangement has an upraised
trumpet, sounding exuberant,
celebrating a birth.

The lights are almost like day-glo,
causing my grandkids to
exclaim excitedly,
“Look, Nana!”

I pull over and we look and talk
about this house with its yard
full with rainbow colored lights.

When the girls place the
pretty baby Jesus in old
plaster of Paris
manger scene,
they use a hushed
tone in their voice,
whispering to each other~

“The Daddy (Joseph)
goes here on this side.”

“The Mommy (Mary)
kneels here so she can
watch her baby sleeping.”

“The three wise men come
from this direction.”

“The sheep herders come
from over here.”
(Older one says this,
age 7).

They then open the
white envelope,
sprinkle straw
on the floor
of the


Here is a wonderful
From a writer named
Marlo Schalesky.
She was setting up
her pale caucasian
Nativity scene and
she wrote:

“I set the (Precious Moments) Mary

there beside the sleeping Jesus,

knowing that we have it all wrong.

It isn’t in the sweet pastels of life

that we find Jesus, that we

encounter Him in a new way.

He isn’t born in our sterile

birthing rooms.

He isn’t wrapped in soft,

sweet-smelling fleece.

He isn’t in the carefully structured,

pleasantly perfect place we

like to create for Him.

Instead, we find Him in the stink,

in the noise, in the out-of-the-way,

hard, sticky, smelly places of life.

No, Jesus is not born in our palaces

or even in our guest rooms.

He’s born in our life-barns.

He’s born in the place where nothing

seems right, where nothing is as we

think it should be.

That’s the real Jesus.”

Merry Christmas to you
and your loved ones.

If you don’t celebrate,
please consider this a
beloved family story.