Magenta blooms celebrate 30!



Hard to believe,
tucked in safely
between large
decorative rocks,
bright magenta blooms.

Just in time to make
my “hot pink loving”
Mom smile this
past weekend.

Whose turning 30?
~ December 1, 2015 ~
My youngest
♡ ♡ ♡

Dear Girl,

You have~

True flair
for designs,
color and fashion.

We have hiked,
sharing love of
God + nature.

and healthy
eating + habits.

The final angel
x o(of three) x
who blessed
my days and
nights, from
1985 and on
into the future.

That’s you!
Have a
~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Photo taken in
Westlake, Ohio
by reocochran.


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  1. Happy Birthday Felicia! I would wish you all the love in the world but it seems you have already been blessed tremendously with such a wonderful and loving mom. Awesome tribute Robin💕💕💕💕💕hugs

    • Deanne, thank you for this lovely comment and compliment to me,too. ♡♡ I was at work yesterday and got so overwhelmed by everyone’s words and my emotions just could not justify a response. So, here is my simple response. Hugs, Robin

      • You’re very welcome Robin. I truly understand. I get overwhelm at times myself… And, need small breaks to gather myself from all the emotions coming at me. Thanks for the hug🤗 I appreciate your lovely reply. It was worth the wait. I hope you have a wonderful week.💕💕💕💕💕Hugs

    • Thank you, Karin. I rarely list any of the children and grandchildren’s birthdays. It would be quite like Facebook. But when my youngest reached 30, I just had to! 🙂

  2. Beautiful pink flowers bravely blooming despite the approaching winter – did your mom get to see them Robin? Happy Birthday to Felicia – just ten more years for life to truly begin 🙂 [Did you find that to be so Robin? It was for sure that way for me!]

    • Yes, she did get a chance to see them. Mom and I went on a walk behind the “B” building where she lives. There is a bench, flowers of all kinds. I took those brilliant orange ones earlier in November and these pink ones over Thanksgiving. A gardening resident says it has the two walls of apt building shielding the flowers and the “afternoon,” hot sun here in this garden. I have always felt my life was falling into place as it should be. Outsiders may see “afternoon hot mess,” but I really liked it as it played out, Pauline.

    • I read all of these comments yesterday. I was overwhelmed. I just read and absorbed the generous and caring spirit that radiated here, Dan. Your happy wish was passed on abd I appreciate your finding the post beautiful. 🙂

  3. 🙂 my youngest also turned 30 this year. Dang…how old does that make me??? Us???

    You can add some yellow forsythia too – as my bushes seem to bloom (not fully but they bloom) all year round. They are blooming now!

    Cheers and fantastic Birthday wishes!

    • Let’s just hope we keep on going past 30 more years, Jules. So we may be part of their lives and our “little ones,” too. (I call mine “grandies”)
      Time flies and happy 30th to your youngest, too.
      I like the idea of adding your yellow forsythia in a bouquet to balance out this hot pink. Hugs, Robin

    • Thanks for your birthday wish to my daughter! 🙂
      I am glad we spied the garden from the window. It is in an area sheltered from the weather, afternoon sun and “lake effect” keeps Cleveland temps higher in the Fall. I wish I had this garden everyday to tend and look at, Marissa. I will keep an eye out next year to add different flowers to posts.

    • Dear Amy Rose! I really like your cheery gravatar! Thank you for your hugs and wonderful wishes for my daughter. You are a blessing, my friend. I just continue to have busy, long days and miss people like you! ♡♡

      • Robin!!! So good to connect with you!!! Petals has gotten so busy, my Life has gotten so busy, and many people I were connecting with, I’m hit and miss now. 😦 I do my best in all I do, and that is all anyone, including me, can ask of me. It was my pleasure to be able to see this post to wish your daughter a happy birthday. Know how truly Blessed you are in having her in your Life, my friend.
        And in reading your words, your Life is busy as well. *sigh* (((HUGS))) Man do I know that in spades! That and now I am incorporating a big chunk of new in my Life by doing the walking I am, which is about 3-4 hours total time. Yep, busy!!! Sending Much Love your way, Amy ❤

      • Amy, I admire your stamina and choice to walk quite a lot! This is time-consuming. Yes, we are almost “too busy” to stay friends. Now I am pulling your leg! 🙂 We just need to make time.♡ ♡
        We just had my brother and sister in law join us in coming down from Cleveland. There were a few of Felicia’s friends who came for a party st a pretty new restaurant named Salt and Pine. Two sisters only 2 years apart, both pregnant.

    • Sylvia, those flowers were a real treat and surprise! They are in a secluded place, two wings of a building protecting them. A resident gardener told Mom snd me that this part of the building gets afternoon sunshine. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful poem, mama! Thank you so much. This is the true “icing” to my 30th birthday. I love you to the moon and back! Forever and always. Love, your daughter, Felicia 🙂

    • I found your response, Felicia. This is funny since I looked a couple times at my post wondering where your reply was. Turns out I had not been to the area called “Awaiting approval.” You were here even though I was on your blog liking your posts! Well, dear daughter see you soon or in my dreams! 🙂 ♡♡

    • Diahann, the flowers were such a delightful surprise. My Mom and I talked to a resident gardener who often weeds and waters the gardens. She explained how this is a garden protected by two walls and an afternoon sun. Thank you for admiring the flowers and enjoying the words for youngest daughter. To me, she will always be my “baby!”

  5. Felicia is clearly a source of pride, and your poem does her justice. My youngest daughter also turned 30 two months ago. (We have another thing in common.) 🙂 – Mike

    • Mike, your youngest and also, the poetess, Jules, whose baby turned 30 (who suggested including full moon’s those first few years of monthly calendars), all should gather the “great minds of 30 years on Earth.” Of course, if they have a “convention” we must come to observe and write our thoughts down. 🙂 ♡♡ Happy 30th year to your daughter!

    • You are so right about Spring but at least winter has been “mild” in these parts. The flowers were up at my Mom’s facility garden in a protected “V” where two wings shelter them. These were taken in November! 🙂

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