Thursday’s Doors ~ December 3, 2015 (view #2)



This brass placard informs
you about the door featured.
The Sturges Hall is a part of
nearby Ohio Wesleyan University.

It has an interesting set of doors,
which have long, thin lanterns
on both sides of the doors.

This brass placard was too
Pretty not to give it
a closer look.

This part of my
Sturges Hall door post
is thanks to the ongoing
efforts of fellow bloggers
who link to our genial host’s,
Norm Frampton’s Doors
weekly program found at:


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    • Dan, I am so glad you do this. I used to take photos of all the park and nature preserve entrance signs before I completed my shots for the day. I liked the names of different piers and docks in Florida which I fished off of, capturing the signs, fish, birds and scenery.

    • I appreciate your vote of confidence, Jay. πŸ™‚ This has been a busy week (work and 2 different holiday musical programs in the evenings.) I miss the time to read and enjoy posts!

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