Thursday’s Doors ~ December 3, 2015 (view #1)



The doors this week are majestic
university ones.

Sturges Hall is one of the main
buildings “on the square” at Ohio
Wesleyan University.

I had taken photos from a distance
and closer. I also had taken day and
night photographs. This one captures
the beauty best of the doors.

The style and period of Sturges Hall
is known as Greek Revival Architecture.

The two main doors match in white
glossy paint. There are long panels
and short ones in the doors.

I enjoy the arch above the doors.
Red glow is from walls and ceilings
within, radiating through this window.

Outside the doors there are two long
tubular-shaped glass “lanterns,”Β  on
each side of the double doors. The
lights look, during the day, rather plain.

The whole building is made of red brick,
with limestone edges and steps leading
up to the various doors. All four sides
have student entrances.Β  There are rod
iron fire escape staircases on two sides
of the building, to exit the other levels.

This building was
completed on
October 11, 1855.
* Sturges Library *
University library,
went through a few
after library moved.

Next housed Chemistry.
After Chemistry studies,
Became Home Economics.
After Home Ec. studies,
Last and most recently,
English and Humanities-

Sturges Library was
built to resemble the
original Elliot Hall.

Which had its famous
first use as resort
with sulphur springs
and natural setting as,
Mansion House Hotel.

It is pleasant to walk over
and see students scurrying
and rushing off to
evening courses.

This Thursday’s Doors post
is thanks to Norm Frampton,
whose blog features many
attractive doors with links
to fellow bloggers like myself:


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  1. I love the doors, and I think this was a good time to take the picture. There’s enough light outside to reflect nicely off that gloss paint, but the addition of the room lighting shining through the glass adds a wonderful element to the photo. Nice job Robin!

    • The new library is tall and holds art archives and memorabilia in one section. Being a “townie,” I may show my drivers license and go to any floor, study or use the computers. I have an Ohio inter-library multi-media card. I appreciate having it up in Cleveland when I visit to take out movies or Spanish books for Mom to peruse, Beth. πŸ™‚

  2. Very stately, very formal. I can definitely feel the magnanimous hand of learning in this one. I’m starting to get nervous just looking at them. Do you know that, to this day, I still have nightmares about missing my college classes?

    • Marissa, this is one of my own personal nughtmares, but usually occurred when there had been long hours of studying and worrying about missing alarm clock going off. Have you ever worked the noisy alarm into the nightmare? I end up in either a zoo or a shopping mall with intercom announcers. πŸ™‚

    • I am so glad you liked the inner lights and it was a cheerful sight when I examined these doors, Ian. Hope you are enjoying the weekend and Ana is feeling better and stronger. She crossed my mind today. Smiles, Robin

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