Thursday’s Doors ~ December 10, 2015 (full shot)



This is only part of a magnificent
building where I can cross any
of three bridges over a creek
to sit and read a book on
a limestone or rod iron
bench or meet an
interesting man
and naturalist.
One who keeps
track of “chimney
swifts,” birds
who stop at
Gray Chapel
to annually
sleep one

This post is part of
Thursday’s Doors,
please stop by
Norm Frampton’s
blog to find more.

This is my second
Gray Chapel
post, the
in details
on my first
Thursday’s Doors.


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  1. I love buildings like this. We have a seminary near us that looks like this (at least, this reminds me of that). I particularly like seeing these buildings at night. Great choice.

    • Oh, Dan a seminary may need a doors post some Thursday! Thanks for sharing and saying it was great. Do you know why blue limestone looks green in this? At the actual quarry the blue is grayish, like “cobalt” blue.

      • I might have to get over to the seminary at some point in the winter. I’m not sure how open they are to the idea of someone taking photographs.

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