An Old Fashioned Holiday Wish



Butter yellow,

    ~ Sweet ~

glows bright,
golden hues,
inspiring list,

“Golds for the Season”

Live the

Golden pears on the tree,
“A Partridge in the Pear Tree.”

Shiny gold stars
with family
photos in
the center.

Five Gold Rings,
sung in the
old fashioned,
“Twelve Days of

Chains of glittery rings
interconnected and
winding around to
the very tip top.



Golden wrapped
Hershey’s kisses.

Glowing embers
in the fireplace.

Gold sequins,
golden trim,
thread of
gold~ name
on each stocking.

Inside stocking,
Five golden coins.

Thick fragrant
yellow peel
covers pink

gold sugar beads.

Tray with gold edge,
cookies and milk
ready for guest,
Santa Claus.

As he leaves
his presents
under tree,
gold bells


Photo taken by
Glowing wishes
sent your way
by Robin.

What do you think of
when you look at the
pretty golden home
decorated for holidays?


43 responses »

  1. I always had a hard time with Christmas because my family was not close, but having grandchildren revel in their gifts has made a difference for me. I do enjoy the spirit of the holiday more now than ever. – Mike

  2. I think using gold is very regal and warm. Seems more traditional to me as well. Your words here were like a little escape into your flowing thoughts of so many heartwarming things! You really have a talent for that! Happy Holidays, Robin! xo

    • Kelly, I am glad to pull you into my golden reverie. We can share this holiday glow. Thank you for saying it is a talent. (Wow!) 🙂
      I like your additions of “very regal” and “traditional,” as well as “warm.” Exactly why I thought this home needed to be on a post. Happy to share and thanks for expanding this with your thoughts. Happy Holidays to you and yours.♡♡

    • That is a great idea, Jill. I love buttercream frosting, especially on sugar cookies. I agree, yummy! 🙂
      So sorry there aren’t street lights near this house to brighten up the neighborhood. I wish the darkness weren’t giving you scary thoughts. Hugs, Robin

    • Beth, it does radiate warmth. The house seems well taken care of. Marissa was mentioning seeing it looking “summery.” It radiates sunshine which goes along with your sweet thoughts of “beautiful” and “inviting.” I don’t know the owners of this golden house but I will let you know if I ever see them outside. They live close to my friend, Sue. 🙂

    • Oh, yes! I drove past it twice, it is by my friend, Sue’s house. I really think it fits my idea of having a room for art, several places for guests. . . ♡ I will let you know if it ever goes on sale, Pauline! 🙂

    • I am happy you found many of my posts and appreciate this sweet comment, Diana. ♡ You mention lights, warmth, glow and welcoming home. I would like to stop by and get invited in. 🙂

  3. Gold and silver are the perfect companions to white and so I love them both! Gold feels warm and celebratory to me 🙂 This year, I said to The Mister, what the tree needs is some gilded pine cones 🙂
    I also live in a yellow house. Yellow is my favorite, but there’s not much of it indoors, as it’s very stimulating to me.

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