More Mars progress in 1999, NASA newsletter



The details are utilized
in the movie,
Mars polar lander
3 and 1/2 feet tall,
12 feet wide
Three legged,
Long robot arm,
6 and half feet.

Two probes were
released before landing,
slamming into planet
Mars at 500 mph.

The probes in 1999,
were gathered soil
samples, checked
for moisture.

Signs of ice particles
could have indicated
possibility of Life.

The “most appealing” aspect
of the Mars trip, as mentioned
in the article, was exploring part
of the planet “never before seen.”

Did you know that Matt Damon
portrays a Botanist?
His character is named
Mark Watley.

Did you know Mark (Matt Damon’s
character) got accidentally left
behind, thought deceased?

When Tom Hanks was on a desert
island, he was the whole focus of
the 2000 film, “Cast Away.”

Would you like to find out how
Matt Damon as Mark Watley,
manages to stay

The head of
planetary science
at NASA,
Jim Green, PhD.
was the
advisor for
“The Martian,”
during filming.
He worked closely
with renowned
Ridley Scott.

His quick opinions,
on the following
space movies:

1) “2001: A Space Odyssey”
made in 1968.
Grade by Jim Green,

2) “Close Encounters
of the Third Kind”
made in 1977.
Grade by Jim Green,

3) “E.T.” filmed in 1982,
received Grade of “C.”

4) “Gravity” filmed in 2013,
received Grade of “B.”

5) “Interstellar”
made in 2014.
Grade by Jim Green,

Jim Green,
NASA expert
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
“We’re on a path to have
humans on Mars by the
late 2030’s.”

The 2013 NASA team
had 50% women
in the astronauts

25% women were
chosen for the mission
of exploring Pluto
and its moons.
Their “New Horizons” team
will be an amazing group.

Please also check out the post called,
“7 Minutes of Terror”
at my friend’s blog:

Also, I think you will enjoy seeing the film, “The Martian.” Felicia, her boyfriend and I were loving it and gripped to our seats! My Dad would have been so proud of the scientific details.

What is your favorite Space movie?
“Star Trek”
“Star Wars?
Another choice?


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    • Maniparna, it was very entertaining! We have a movie rental “box” which is a machine called “redbox” where it only costs under $2 to rent. Hope you are well, as is your family. Blessings to you, dear. ♡

    • It is always more than one thing. I like to go from one subject and include others. There is a movie called, “The Martian.” Matt Damon was the main character. Jessica Chastain also featured. I also included a 1999 landing on Mars. Thank you for trying to understand and good to ask questions, James.

    • Jenny, thank you for saying you love the, “Apollo 13” movie and especially Tom Hanks. Space movies are very special due to being so far, high up in the sky, beyond our own sight range. Almost like showing us visions of heaven. I understand getting weepy. I recommend “The Martian” in the future. You will cry “happy tears.”
      Hope you will be happy over the holidays! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    • Definitely need to include “Major Tom to ground control.” Are there any other space songs you like? I used to like two shows before your time, I think: “My Favorite Martian” with Bill Bixby and Ray Walston” and “Lost in Space.” I liked the housekeeper robot in the Jetsons and dreamed of having one to clean up the piles of stuff and clothes in my bedroom. 🙂

      • Space Truckin’!! Rocket Ride!! I think there are a lot of rock stars who are fascinated by space as well as many TV shows and movies on the subject. I’m not much into sci fi so don’t watch many.

      • Oh, great additions dear “rock n roll mama!” Marissa, was Jethro Tull ever one who had space as a theme? Their music sure sounded “spacey.” 🙂

  1. I enjoy anything that makes me (and hopefully others) think about space and space exploration. I am in awe of the people who put us in orbit, on the moon and particularly the exploration of the other planets.

    • Dan, I think those of us who saw man walk on the moon for the first time could easily weep with joy for how much farther we have progressed. I once wrote about all the progress and inventions in the medical field were given from space and NASA research.
      Thanks for this lovely statement.

  2. I wonder if your expert Jim Green doesn’t like anything that plays with the spiritual aspects / abilities of humanity as I see he downgraded the very movies I liked because of those very aspects……. My favourite movie currently is definitely ‘Interstellar’ I believe its premise is absolutely viable. How lovely Robin that you have your dad’s framed certificate of his contribution to space exploration. Your pride shines through. xoxo

    • Pauline, this was not “my” space expert. I didn’t choose him, the film, “The Martian” did. I think you would like this film with so much positive energy and team work, along with family love being captured.
      My Dad was a spiritual man and asked all kinds of questions of faiths to see if they could include both science and beliefs. My uncle and he went round and round with my Dad feeling time was not one dimensional so he would have loved “Interstellar.”
      Thank you, Pauline, for including how you felt about all the space movies.
      I did not put any opinion but mine on the film I just saw, “The Martian.” 🙂

  3. The book “The Martian” is on demand at school and public libraries with long waiting lists to check it out. Like the movie I will eventually get around to checking it out, probably long after the craze dies down.

    Florence’s uncle just retired this year from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where the space probes are built. Anyone interested in space exploration would enjoy a talk with him. He was involved in every space program through the recent Mars Rovers since Voyagers I and 2.

    The interesting thing about the Voyager Program (the one with the recorded disc introducing us humans to any intelligent life out there) was that, in the 60’s, mission planners recognized an opportunity would present itself more than a decade later. In the late 1970s, the outer planets would line up such that a spacecraft might hop from one to the next, using the gravity of each one to help propel it, a phenomenon which occurs only once every 175 years. Not only did Voyager send back photos of the outer planets, but it keeps sending data back to Earth 38 years and 12 billion miles later. (I loved the Star Trek movie that featured Voyager – called V-ger in the movie because some of the paint had worn off.)

    I was fortunate to tour the JPL site a couple years ago. – Mike

    • Her uncle lived through a lot of projects!! My Dad left NASA after he had grandchildren, after only 30 years government work. I am so glad Florence’s uncle stayed to complete many more missions, Mike. My Dad had 14 years of happy retirement when he passed away at 69 years old. My children were happy to ride on floats, swim by his side, sing songs at a campfire, go out on a rowboat and look at the stars with their Grandpa O. My Dad literally worked from age 11 though, so he needed time to Play. 🙂

    • You may wait and get it at library or if you have redbox to rent for under $2. I hope you and James will enjoy it. There is humor and hope in this film. God made the heavens and the earth. I felt in awe of the scenes where space seems limitless, Natalie. xo ♡

  4. Star Wars for me, Robin. I was about to ask if you’d like to go into space yourself, but then I scrolled back to the previous post and the family history. It explains why you are so knowledgeable. Amazing times we live in! Have a wonderful Christmas 🙂

    • Oh, Jo~ happy to be part of the “space age.” I liked Star Trek before Star Wars. Hard to choose!
      Thank you for reading both posts! I am only “knowledgeable” about some books, literature and minor facts. I was a 6th grade language arts teacher and ended my career as a preschool special ed teacher for 9 years. ♡
      I am guilty of allowing my eyes to glaze over when my Dad got technical. 🙂
      Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas, Jo. ☆

  5. I haven’t seen “The Martian,” but after being on the library wait list for probably two months, the book is waiting for me to pick it up tomorrow. It’s funny what influences us, but a young checker at the grocery store convinced me to read the book before the movie. I guess I’ll find out what I think! I tend to like the “Close Encounters,” “E.T.” kind of space movies. I love to think about life on other planets, although I’m not much of a believer. My all time favorite, though, I think would be “2001 Space Odyssey.” At the time there’d been nothing like it, and I’ve held onto that enthusiasm. 🙂

    • I hold onto our childhood excitement of finding out space travel was possible and each new “step.” The quote often heard, “One small step. . . One big step for mankind.”
      Thinking beyond our present everyday world creates, at least for me, Hope, Creativity and Future Possibilities

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