Fraternity Circle, entry #2



This is the second of the fraternities

featured in my set of photos on the

Ohio Wesleyan University campus.

This photo has a balcony with

beautiful, white painted

metal lattice work.


This photo was taken of
Phi Kappa Psi house
by Robin O. Cochran.

Hope you enjoyed this

and may share a special

public location where you

like to see decorations,

seasonal lighting,

or special events.


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    • Oh, I can imagine sleeping out on it, Jill. Also watching stars. ☆☆ A big balcony sounds like a Fun place to be while in college. 🙂 I used to like the heat and dorm roof to lie out under the sun. Not recommended for children, of course.
      My parents lake house finally got a halfway decent bid. Would be nice to have extra money in Mom’s account to keep bills st bsy. Warm hugs and happy wishes sent your direction. ♡

    • I hope people find this a fun way to compete and still show lovely and warm decorations. Sharing the colored lights is nice of them. 🙂 Thanks, Maniparna. Hope you have a special weekend.

      • I corrected by responding I knew lovely and warm were meant without your need to worry dear heart.♡ I will change it now, ok? 🙂

    • They are being creative and I don’t remember fraternity circle (at BGSU) in the 70’s putting up many lights nor decorations, Natalie. I like these young people I live close to! 🙂

  1. I love these older style buildings. My son’s fraternity house was nothing like this. I think his house was built sometime in the 1950s with no renovation since.

    • I agree, my memories of fraternities are not like these pretty buildings. They had red brick, white window sills but not sure they even decorated for the holidays at BGSU. Maybe state colleges are not as open to celebrating since they clear out for winter break? Thanks for letting us know about your son’s fraternity building, April.

  2. Lovely. It brings back my sorority days. We had a beautiful colonial style house and I loved it. But, for the life of me, I cannot remember the outdoor light decorations. We always had a huge tree in the living room but that’s all I can remember, LOL!

    • Beth, I am seeing some missed comments from you, dear. I guess this is like those people who mail out late Christmas cards and instead say, “Happy New Year, Geoffrey and Beth! Hope you had lots of fun, found beauty and laughter to enjoy time with family. Hope this year brings special moments of warmth and Clarity.” Love you, Robin xo

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