Family Christmas Vacation



Is a family vacation
considered an

Is summer vacation
rarely relaxing for
2 working parents?

Is Disneyland
or Disney World
really the
“Best Vacation Ever?”

Here are left to right
my three children,
Carrie ~ Jamie ~ Felicia

Yes to first question
Yes to second one
Yes and no to

I have been only to
Disney World
(2 times)
(1 time)

Neither are our

(My ex took all 3
to the Bahamas)

Are you flying to Aspen
Mountain Resort
Going to Spain
Sanibel Island
or flying to

* * * * *


60 responses »

  1. No jet-setting for me. I prefer to spend the holidays at home. One year, we spent Christmas in Florida. Sitting in my aunt’s screened porch, opening our presents in shorts and a tee shirt, it just didn’t feel like Christmas. And I love the warm weather…go figure. Merry Christmas, Robin!

    • Jill, I think even if you flew in a jet, you are too nice and warm to be a “jet setter!” We went to Florida many years for Christmas when my grandparents moved to Clearwater. I didn’t seem to mind and we always went to church and drove home “the long way,” to see the Christmas lights displays. πŸ™‚ I think my body craves the heat but nothing could replace the grandies and their hugs. Merry Christmas, dear Jill, Derek and family!

  2. Family vacations are good if everyone enjoys them. My favorite memories are of vacations to visit family in Virginia. Those were one of the few times my father seemed to relax. Not a fan of Disney parks. These days, I enjoy time off to do things I enjoy and traveling with my daughter when she can. My wife is not a traveler, and that’s ok.

    • I bet it was nice to head to Virginia. It is a pretty state, Dan. You mentioned your father relaxing, which reminded me of the way my Dad seemed to unwind more each mile he drove on vacation. Thanks for sharing your family’s great memories and current preferences, too.

  3. Robin, many times I have driven home to Illinois to spend Xmas with my folks and revisit my hometown filled with friends and memories. After a decade of traveling on winter roads, I told my mom she’d have to wait and see me in May. I was done. Now I stay home and receive the next generation–kids and grands come to me! It’s awesome. For that convenience, I feed them well πŸ˜‰

    • Cindy, this sounds like a special period of time going back to a hometown where loved ones, friends and memories abound. I agree winter roads, with chances of ice or sleet coming are not happy thoughts. May it is for your Mom. πŸ™‚ I will go and usually it is a straight shot up on fairly nice I-71 to Cleveland. I then say it may be till February and skip January. We have celebrated my parents anniversary for 14 years. The fact my Dad died in 2001 just makes it our excuse to gather. I have a pretty sweet “deal” since I don’t have a home and I passed all baking pans on to my children, they are in charge of parties, holidays and celebrations. I started the whole thing at age 25, first Thanksgiving and Christmas with one baby and husband, two unmarried brothers, husband’s parents and mine. I was the eldest, my parents retired and “downsized” to a Lake Erie cottage and traveled when they were only 55! Lucky ducks!
      So, I went from 1980 until 2006 as the hostess with the “mostest” ha ha ha πŸ™‚ Merry, joyful gatherings wished for you and your family, Cindy. Thanks for sharing about your holidays and listening to mine!

    • “California, here I come; back where I belong.” This is your song! I have not been west of the Grand Canyon. We stood on the Eastern side and loved the scenery, Juan. Someday, may make it farther west. People cringe, but I think I may go the Tourist chartered bus route or the train. I want to see all the states in between. Thanks for saying which place you like better: Disneyland because of its smaller size. Interesting!

  4. I would love to take a vacation during the holiday season at least once in my lifetime. How do I know if I would like it or not unless I actually try it? I suspect that as long as my family is with me, I would have a blast πŸ™‚

    • Joanne, maybe an Easter trip since not so hard to take Easter baskets along? πŸ™‚ You have a blast any way you choose to since your family sounds happy to spend time together!
      I am sure my kids felt their one gift from Santa was “enough” as my parents and I took them to Disney World. Their memories are a bit faded, but what better time to see Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, Cinderella. . .? They were young and barely remember but their faces in photos captured their surprises and shock to meet these classic characters. My parents had a camper so we stayed on the property.

      • The real fun is revisiting those trips many years later when they are grown.
        My sons call it surfing the past when we share stories about the trips we’ve been on together. Those memories are priceless!!

    • Oh, Joanne! Your family’s β™‘ way of going back and remembering trips is wonderful and u will have to use this great phrase! “Surfing the past” is indeed a priceless way to stay connected. πŸ™‚

    • You make “staying home” a special event, AmyRose! πŸ™‚ Will the child who laid in the grass this summer and took a nap be there, perhaps? β™‘ Hugs back to you with lots of happy wishes sent your way for you, hubby, cats and family.β™‘

    • Thank you for sharing this lovely image of white, fluffy snow with a horse drawn sleigh. It sounds like a beautiful scene from Dr. Zhivago.
      Oh my goodness! So happy to see you, dear. Last time I remember “chatting” on blog with you was about your home and it’s renovations or completing being built. You may have been still living in boxes. . . Isn’t it funny how time just flies and how sometimes paths come back to merge?
      Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, plus happiness in 2016.β™‘

  5. We used to camp a lot when our kids were young. I have to say it was a lot of work but I did manage to have some fun. My favorite was listening to the kids make up stories while sitting around the campfire. I will never forget the time our youngest made up a story about broccoli. Broccoli had a super power and his name was Tree Head. It’s funny what sticks out in our memories. Honestly, I needed a vacation after we came back home.

    • April, this was a really nice memory of the way the kids could use their imagination to tell stories. You know, if you ever choose to write a book about Adventures with Broccoli and the Tree Man, let me know! I could draw your illustrations for your children’s book. πŸ™‚
      As far as needing a vacation to get over the vacation, this was what I was eluding to in my comment about “family vacations” may be an oxymoron, April. I don’t think I have fully recovered from vacations with children along but adult vacations are fun!
      My parents had a Transvan and they also belonged to Good Sam club. They had a “home base” in Indiana which had a lake, pool, putt putt and you could take canoe or rowboat out on the lake.I liked that we had a chance to visit other camps, too. We built fires and would occasionally cook S’mores or hot dogs but usually on weekends there were potlucks and we would make something covered dish to bring. Not exactly roughing it, but it required a lot of packing and unpacking!

      • When my kids were old enough, I gave them a list of the clothes they had to gather and put in the trailer. I also had to limit them to a small Rubbermaid shoebox for toys. The packing became a bit easier. Still, it felt like I was doing the same thing I always did except in a cramped space.

  6. We will spend Christmas Eve early evening at Disneyworld-(we are close by -1 hour 15 minutes and Florida resident annual passes speed up entrance and exits). The parade and Christmas Trees are magical and my family loves it. SO being in shorts, flip flops are the normal for us. Y’All can freeze and shovel snow if need be to make a path for Santa! LOL Merry Christmas Everyone. Hugs, Robin

    • I have spent Christmas in Florida, since my grandparents lived in Clearwater up until I was 13 years old, Cheryl. I liked the combination of a simple Christmas with one gift from Santa in my grandparents home and then, arriving home to Santa who had usually brought us clothes and one more toy. He was a pretty ingenious superman! πŸ˜‰ We won’t have any snow here in Ohio but I am happy to not drive in rain or sleet either.
      Enjoy the fantastic parade and trees, Cheryl. It was magical the one Christmas we took my little children. They loved Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Cinderella. Oh, Peter Pan and Captain Hook for my son!

    • Thsnk you, Lynn! I like your idea of Christmas celebrstion as a family.
      The photo, in winter frame, was on my Mom’s end table and I could not resist trying to take a photo of its rather faded image. I like being with my grown kids and grandchildren but the holidays are simple, spent with my Mom and my brother. Coming back to share toys on the 27th. I think, in the long run, Lynn, my family likes to have their own family celebrations so this works out. Once Mom is gone someday in the future, I will hopefully join them.

    • Diana, thanks for this cozy, homey Christmas you are painting in my mind.:) your baking cookies will set the atmosphere perfectly. I like that my oldest daughter likes to bake and my son likes to cook. When I come back from visiting Mom for 3 days, we will re-group at my son and DIL’s house with kids everywhere! πŸ™‚ I get Christmas picture texts from my kids so I don’t feel left out.

    • Thank you for liking my kids’ pucture. You are so right, Marissa! The Griswold’s really still crack me up. πŸ˜€ Their motto should have been: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!” Chevy Chase and, I think, Bonnie Bedelia were hilarious, even if predictable. Staying home is relaxing and sometimes meaningful in music, conversations or games playing.

  7. Only half our family has been to Disney and the Bahamas, so I dunno — nice enough, but hot, lol! At least Disney was only hot half the day last I went, whereas the Bahamas were blistering the whole time, despite the breeze. The Mister’s the only one who’s been to Spain. I’m the only one who’s been skiing out west. We have all been to Sanibel Island though. Since Sanibel is close to my parents, that’s a place we frequent on vacation. (And I hate it a smidge, because it’s hot! But I love it because we get couple time in a cottage by the sea!)
    This year was the first year we went to Florida and didn’t ditch the kids for a few days of vacation.
    We’re going to head to southern Indiana next week, see my husband’s grandparents, but there are no vacations scheduled at this time.

    • This was such a nice summary of your family vacations. I have been to Spain on Spring break in high school. Was the Mister’s trip a student Spanish club trip? We did fundraisers to earn $350 student rate including travel, plane and accommodations. I saved more so I could buy two Lladro figurines while we all packed jeans to sell to people who paid a lot for Levi’s.
      We stayed in university dorm rooms while students were on their own break. These kids had clean sheets neatly stacked on twin beds. We ate our breakfasts and lunches there in dorms. They put a bottle of wine on each cafeteria table for 4 people to share. We did stay in one nice hotel. It was exciting and fun. I would love to go almost anywhere in Europe to learn and see more of the culture.
      I loved my one and only vacation with my first ex-husband to Sanibel Island. You are so lucky, Joey. Have a marvelous family time. I liked your big stuffed Pooh bear story and how you took him to college! πŸ™‚

      • Funny, American students STILL sell Levi’s on trips abroad! πŸ™‚
        Your trip to Spain sounds memorable and pleasant.
        No, The Mister went to Spain as a Marine on shore-leave.

      • Oh, glad the Mister was part of the Marines and please thank him for me for his service.service β™‘ The Spanish teacher knew where we could go with our jeans so we really had his “insider” information. Interesting that I didn’t know if they still did this, Joey. Off to see the Chipmunks movie with 4 kids in tow. Hugs, Robin

  8. Lovely picture Robin. So priceless…nothing can be more precious than be with the family.
    Merry Christmas Robin…may your days be blessed with love of your children and grandchildren. πŸ™‚

    • I am happy you experience joy with family and hope you have an upcoming special time with your grandchildren, too. Four of them went with me to see The Road Chip. Chipmunks movie was very funny and cute. One happy, unexpected thing happenss, too. Hugs, Robin

    • Hi Benn, I am equally sorry that I don’t remember to look up good friends! Glad to see you here. I wish you a wonderful season and hope peace and good health for you, too, in the new year.

    • Oh, Elizabeth, this time of year is perfect to see new and old, familiar faces. Happy to have your visit and I wish I were more able to keep up with all but as you see, I have advanced to photos which our visual world appreciates my usually less than 500 word essays! It is much easier to write, too! πŸ™‚ Hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with good health, peace and joy. Hugs, Robin

    • Oh, I totally understand this point of view. I never plan to head to Disney World Again. But we found some great places to refresh snd unwind when we took Felicia and 2 friends. We met the Master Gardener and the horticulturalist, along with seeing musical shows. There are some amazing gardens at the big parks, Busch Gardens is lovely. Smiles, Robin

  9. A winter vacation for me would be several days at Whistler, BC, or some other ski resort. My wife would choose Hawaii, or now that we are living in The Land of Cotton, The Bahamas. I could go for that, too.

    Merry Christmas, Robin. – Mike

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