Fraternity Circle, entry # 3



This is the third photo of a

fraternity house on our

local OWU campus.

Known affectionately

as “Frat Row,” or

“Fraternity Circle.”

There are many reasons

why I chose to show off

local decoration contest

between the young men’s

“brotherly” organizations.

Fraternal means brotherly.


This is Phi Delta Theta
fraternity which was
photographed by
Robin O. Cochran.


Hope you will mention
if there are any special
destinations you are
traveling to or visiting
during the next week.

Happy wishes
sent your way,
“may lights guide
you” homeward.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Thank you for your
daily visits and hope
you enjoyed subjects.
Coldplay sings a line
in their song,
“Lights will guide you home. . .”
(“Fix You.”)


22 responses »

    • Yes, to sharing holidays with as much family as one is able to do, Pam. I may have mentioned I am seeing my Mom from 24th, Christmas Eve, through 27th. My brother will join us and we watch movies and today, the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game. Randy grilled steak on the barbecue, “dirty” (spicy) rice and green peas with sweet potatoes. I was “big sister” and for 25 years, the one in charge of holiday gatherings. I am thankful to pass this on to brothers or my kids. Sunday, I will spend time with my grandies and grown children.
      I like the way you stretch your love around making sure all are blessed with time spent together.♡

    • The sororities are not in a circle, but spread into town neighborhoods, Mike. The ones I saw while out and about, I looked to see how they were decorated. White icicles and white lights prevailed. 🙂 Great question, Mike.

    • Charlotte will be a wonderful place to celebrate Christmas. I hope it has been memorable and magical.
      The turquoise door was really my favorite with the pretty light aqua lights. They didn’t show up as dramatically in the dusk light but there is a “glare” and reflection when I take night photos, Jill.

  1. Another great shot of this building! I know this sounds crazy Robin, but I’m working on planning a trip to NY in June! Already bought plane tickets and looking for a place to stay. I have an interest free credit card so thought I’d start paying off now before the interest free period is over!

    • I am excited for your trip to New York, Marissa. You will be more than one state away, though. . . I live in Delaware, Ohio. I sometimes add Ohio and other times not. I wish I could arrange sharing accommodations with you! 🙂
      I am planning a trip to Savanah, GA with my oldest daughter and two grandsons over Spring Break so my “bank may be broken” before June.

      • Oh yes, this will for sure break the bank for us. I’m putting it all on a no interest for 20 months credit card and plan to pay it off slowly…and that’s just air fare and lodging. The food and other expenses will be coming out of a hopefully generous tax return!

      • We shsll see, Marissa. If I can arrange this, I will work on trying to split costs on the room and may find a friend who lives that way to come, too.

      • We had a very relaxing day…well, I did spend the day in the kitchen with quite a few cooking fails, but all in all it was a great couple of days.

      • Oh, April, sorry about the kitchen fails but glad you found your time to be relaxing. You deserve having lovely times and fun. Does your husband “get” your wacky, sometimes dark, sense of humor? 🙂

    • Thank you, Dan. Glad you enjoyed seeing the three fraternities and their different decorations. The first had a tree shaped lights formation, the second had a more regular arrangement and this one had stylish flair in the way the porch lights were fanned out, wreath in middle of the balcony and the turquoise door. 🙂

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