Outside Worthington Inn front entrance, Thursday’s Doors # 2



Just another angle on

The Worthington Inn

which was a real “treat”

which felt I had stepped

back in time, to a much

more elegant period,

in a warmer “southern

charmed” way.

This green door is

the “front door,”

but a hand with

finger pointing

to the side door

leads us to not

pay much attention

to the once genteel

and welcoming porch.

As passers-by go on

their way to shops open,

Graeter’s ice cream shoppe

across the street,

Old Bag of Nails

and La Chantelagne

the French Restaurant,

plenty of choices for

delicious meals to eat

within or carry out.

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Thursday’s Doors posts,

a continuing series

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checking out

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    • I was mainly trying to say, the busy-ness of the holiday shoppers prevents many from slowing down to notice what they may take for granted. Living 1/2 hour away, I saw this place I have driven by with “fresh” eyes. I appreciate your perspective and do agree, Derrick.

    • Dan, you remembered one of my ramblings! Oh, oh. You may have gotten used to the way I sprinkle facts interspersed with my photos. Glad you felt like you were in New Orleans and not in Ohio. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I adore the way you celebrate goddesses with beauty, colorful presentations and floats for the Diwali, the festival of lights. I am honored to have had you feel there was a similarity of this Inn to your celebration. โ™ก

    • Yes, we may get some in the summer, Dairy Depot, Dairy Point (they have a Christmas roasted “nut house”, United Dairy Farmer’s, Ollie’s, then there are the “chains” Coldstone Creamery and Dairy Queen. We are a small town with plenty of ice cream choices.

      • Can’t complain about that! We have a Coldstone and a Dairy Queen too. Obviously, there are a lot of choices, places to eat and things to do in L.A. The problem is that everything is so spread out…drive here, drive there. Very different from NY, but you get used to it.

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