Gingerbread House



Rainbow colored

Gum drops

Christmas lights.

Sugared windows of

Green and yellow.

The peak of the

Cozy Cottage

highlighted with lights

strung along rafters.

The tree branches

sway with the gentle

but chilly wind.

Whispering wishes

of awaited arrival

~ Santa Claus.

The image of blue glow:

Could it be a shadow of

the gingerbread boy?

“Run, run as fast as you can. . .
You can’t catch me,
I’m the Gingerbread Boy!”

My children’s favorite
version of this beloved
tale is illustrated and
written by Jan Brett.

Have you been
nibbling on a
wide variety
of treats?
○ • ° • ○


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  1. Can you believe Robin… my daughter actually made a gingerbread house at her school and brought it home. Well, of course she wanted to eat it so I served it to her and her brother a few days later. Well, it was actually made of graham crackers that had been glued, that’s right, glued together by some parents before it was given to the children to decorate and bring home.. And this was no edible glue. I’m talking like Elmers! Well the kids were able to peel it off to the point where I guess there were just traces left and of course they wanted to eat it so what could i do? Still think the teacher should have sent home a warning and this is not the first thing she’s done to get on my s*#* list!

    • I don’t blame you for being mad at the teacher! In preschool we always used the canned frosting to “glue” our gingerbread houses. The people who constructed the houses should have known better. The teacher could have sent home a note, “This gingerbread house is glued together with glue, only gum drops, candy and frosting are edible.”

      • Well, when I saw the thing, I thought it was the frosting holding it together. I had no idea. I mean, I guess the frosting wasn’t strong enough, but really, a note should have gone home. This same teacher was also asking the kids to make her hot coffee in the class room and also basically bribing them with no homework and extra credit in exchange for making donations for a food drive. I had to step in and tell the principal to stop her and thank goodness it worked. Can’t believe she’s been a teacher there for years!

      • Sometimes the older teachers are not the best ones. I found this out early with oldest daughter whose first grade teacher had 6 ditto every am and if you did not complete all of them, you had to stay in at recess. By November, poor Carrie had a three inch high stack of papers in a folder. God bless my ex who grabbed the folder and said we would reward Carrie with a sticker every day, a candy bar every week and a book every 2 weeks until all the papers were done and she would NOT keep our daughter on for any recesses again without calling us first! Yay! If I had done this, the older teacher would have given me a look like I was being rude but she looked respectful and slightly scared of him! 🙂

    • I had a lot of fun, Juan with Mom and my brother, watched two movies, ate a lot of different foods and sipping on a cup of coffee now. My grown children and grandchildren will be greeting me tomorrow (Sunday) at my son’s house. Thanks! 🙂

  2. The cottage in your photo looks cozy, and what more could anyone want on a crisp winter night. We are experienced a heat wave of sorts – over 70 degrees during the day here in Greenville. However, that hasn’t stopped us from nibbling on goodies.

    Santa stuffed our stockings with many of our favorites – caramel popcorn, shortbread cookies, gummy bears, chocolate, and naturally, a few candy canes. Like many others, I will be back in the gym in the months ahead. – Mike

    • Mike, thank you for sharing about yummy treats found from Santa and I enjoyed hearing about the variety given, too. I bet it feels good to have moderate temps with fine places to explore and hike around. I have never used a gym but feel they have a great opportunity to use equipment. I lifted weights and walked 15 minute miles, 3-5 miles every other day while trying to lose weight. Hope you don’t have too many hours of exercise to make up for eating. Have a happy new year, Mike and Florence! 🙂

    • Lana, are you having a great break from teaching? THANK YOU For Your Sweet comments! 🙂 As soon as I drove away from Mom’s, I felt sadness from missing her but also, a small sense of relief, because she had boxes of candies, “petit four’s” and ice cream. We literally nibbled from Christmas eve through 27th every 2 hours, while watching Hallmark movies non-stop! Lol My brother made us grilled steaks, “dirty” rice, sweet potatoes and peas for our big meal amongst sugary treats. Thank you for your wishes and hope you have a Happy New Year, too. ♡

      • Oh I am having a great break and just enjoying being around the house and catching up on things. Sounds like you are have a wonderful time with your family also. I know those moments with your mom are really precious. Christmas eve nibbles and movies sounds perfect 🙂 It is hard to beat grilled steaks any time of the year. I hope you have a Happy New Year also, I am so glad that we are connected here on WP…blessings Robin!

      • I am happy to hear about what’s going on in “your corner of the world.” Yes, 🙂 it is a blessing to meet such nice people who are creative and encouraging on our blogs.

    • Maniparna, thank you for saying you liked the gum drops and gingerbread house. I am so happy you are having a very nice celebration of the holidays. ♡ Hope your New Year will be wonderful. Yes, this seems to be the concensus: We must stop the madness of “sweets” eating! 🙂 Happy new year of 2016 to you, soon!

    • Thank you, such a simple house during the day but sweet and charming lit up as it was. I could not resist, Jay! 🙂 Hope you had wonderful holidays and soon to be Happy New Year, too. 🙂

    • Thank you, Mithai, for your lovely comments! ♡♡ Hope you, your friends and family all are enjoying your nibbling. 🙂 It really is hard to stop! Lol
      Have a special beginning of 2016 and may it lead to great moments and adventures.

  3. LOVE this house, Robin, and how you caught the lights!!! As for nibbling, I have gotten so healthy I am not even able to eat much of the nibbles stuff. Darn!! There is a price for health you know. Your body tends to go NUTSO when you go back to eating things your are not used to eating. Anyways, great post!!! Love, Amy ❤

    • Amy, dear! Your comments are always ones I cherish, since you have a lot of enthusiasm! I have been watching your hiking and your healthy ideas in your posts. I love your photos and how you capture beauty in unique places. ♡♡
      I was giggling on our friend, Marissa’s story about a big, fancy party and the bathroom door getting stuck. Your comments were so true about men and hiking versus women.:)
      Wishing you the very best times in 2016 and hope your cats stay healthy. It has been a tough year for you and the ♡ furry ones, too. Hugs, Robin

      • LOL Robin, you don’t know how I literally groan when my bladder begins to speak. OH COME ON! I dash off the trail looking for a place that would hide me ( good luck with all the vegetation down!) and trying to look out all around at the same time relieving that bladder. OH to be a man! Just to be able to whip it out and do the relieving! Between the long car ride and then hours being in the woods, every single time my bladder sings. And when I am wearing BRIGHT ORANGE try hiding to squat in areas where the bushes minus leaves and sometimes no bushes just trees, are. Ah, the plights of being a woman who has back issues and now age issues. *sigh* What I do for a photograph! Honestly!! Tee hee …. And yes I am honest enough to admit I must squat in the woods. LOL I’m glad you got a laugh on me, Robin. Heaven knows, we all need to laugh more!!! Love, Amy ❤

      • PS Yes it has been a very tough year for me, Robin, and in fact I was just crying earlier knowing how many tears have yet to be shed. I am so “afraid” of going near my grief for in doing so, I must a visit a place so dark and deep, I don’t know if I will be able to come back. Yet I must let go of this pain, Robin, in order to move forward. Bless you for caring!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    • Sorry, dear Amy. You poured your feelings here sbd there is a gap in my time. Not at all sure why I missed your other comments but I do really feel bad about so much going on in your life which has been overwhelming you, Amy. You have such a sensitive soul and it seems there is no fairness in the onslaught of attacks on sweet cats and your life.
      The best and smartest thing was yo go out into nature and find comfort and solace in the beauty and also, rawness of nature. You are doing amazing and unique things with your artistic enhancements and renderings of your photography! 🙂 ♡♡♡♡

    • This was very nice of uou, Jonathan. I set a few posts up to publish while at my Mom’s for people to enjoy and should have said, no need to comment! 🙂 I was pretty busy and relaxing, too.

  4. MISS YOU! 😀 HOW WAS YOUR CHRISTMAS? MY DIANA HAD THE DINETTE TABLE LOOKING GORGEOUS, WITH AN ARTIFICIAL TREE HER MOM HAD, AND WELL-DECORATED, TOO! FOR ANOTHER YEAR, THE TRAIN UNDER THE TREE…didn’t happen…but there were some static models down underneath, masquerading as Christmas presents! (Sorry—too lazy to totally retype this. 😦

    • No problem, I often have my phone capitalize my words. It is a pain to re-type, I agree. Hope you have a lovely new years eve, Jonathan. Thank you for sharing your decorations with me. 🙂

  5. Plenty of sweets at our house. I had a stomach ached – just like a kid! Ha ha. The gingerbread cookies that my mom sent were crushed in the mail, so I couldn’t serve them. I had to eat them all myself. Poor me!

    • Diana, I am chuckling at you, silly woman! 🙂 😀 Just thinking about your belly ache. You can space out your cookies even if they are broken. Also, in future events, should you get this broken box or container of cookies, if they are still tasty, you can crush gingerbread cookies over lemon sorbet or even peppermint ice cream. I have had them in apple crisp on top instead of oats (mix with brown sugar and butter.) Hugs, Robin ♡

      • Space out cookies? Yes, adding ice cream will definitely help with the problem of too much sugar! Ha ha ha. Seriously, the idea of sprinkling them on oatmeal is a winner. I’ll try that the next time if they last that long 😀

      • Well, this is my parents fault, Diana. I am the oldest with two errant brothers, who I was always either taking the blame for their errors or broken “stuff” or I was wishing for a sister to boss around! 🙂

    • She is a wonderful correspondent. When I was taking a master’s course on creativity she was open to be interviewed for my power point presentation. She has plenty of alphabet choices which my teacher assistant and I colored two sets of animals plus she had Reading, Housekeeping and Building Center PDF’s we would print up and color, frame with construction paper and l laminated. Her books all mean a trip for her, a safari for her African book, a Scandinavian trip for her Gingerbread Baby book. I love her cultural awareness in her drawings of borders, Brenda. So happy you recognize Jan Brett! 🙂 She also sent me color posters for my classroom. We were close in 2007 in our letters and packages. I bought with school money a few of her books and left them for the next classes, of course. ♡

    • Jo, I would not think you would be Too naughty! My grandmother used to make kuchen and streusel, also pfefferneuse cookies. My Mom likes the anise but I may only eat one of these each year.
      Mom likes the sweet and fruity Sangria. Hey, I like Baileys! Too bad not enough for us both. Ha ha! 😉

  6. Charming! If I went inside this “Christmas House” and didn’t find a plate of cookies, I might well cry! lol
    We made chocolate gingerbread men with royal icing, and they were delicious. We made other cookies, tons of them, but the chocolate gingerbread men were the first to be consumed! Then the chocolate chip cookies, hmm? People do love their chocolate!

    • This was a sweet comment, in more than one way, Joey! 🙂 I like your idea that if you went inside you would expect treats or gingerbread cookies! I like the sound of your chocolate gingerbread cookies. Did you alter a regular gingerbread cookie recipe or are there recipes that combine both flavors? These do sound extraordinary! Your chocolate chip cookies are probably addictive, too 🙂 ♡♡

      • They’re actually just chocolate sugar cookies cut as gingerbread men 🙂
        I’ve used this recipe for years now, started in 2007 when I sent The Mister Valentine cookies overseas — I don’t use their recipe for royal icing, but the chocolate sugar cookie recipe is perfect
        When the dough gets too sparse for gingerbread men, I cut bite-size circles, so all the dough gets used 🙂

    • If I have extra Christmas cookie dough I take the dough and stretch it into a pencil shape, then I roll it in sprinkles. I then make rings like little wreaths. This is simple and creates easy rings for girls and boys fingers once out of yhe oven and cooked off. I love the sound of your gingerbread cookies, Joey!!

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