Writing Library Purchase Requisition Forms: this works!



You will read a List on next post
which holds books by fellow
bloggers, following this.

This book was written by
Christopher Fischer.
Published 2015.

Finland,1918 ~
Civil War
follows 3
for 30

Won’t you want to read about
two men of differing
political views,
one female
who cares?

Christoph has also written,

~ “The Luck of the Weissensteiners”
Three Nations Trilogy: Book 1.
Misguided love and marriage
surviving the Holocaust’s
effects upon lives.
Wilhelm and Greta.

is the main character
in the second book of series,
Three Nations Trilogy: Book 2.

~ “The Black Eagle Inn,”
Three Nations Trilogy: Book 3.
Family restaurant story,

~ “Time to Let Go,”
Modern times,
British family saga.

~ “Conditions,”
Set in British
South coast,
Family dynamics,
Sibling rivalry,
after death of a mother.

~ “The Healer,”
Time is of the essence,
Erika has pancreatic cancer,
Seeking a healer whose touch
may change the course of both lives.

Please check out my next
post of fellow bloggers
who lead a dual life
as book authors.


Here is a book quote:
“Dreams are illustrations
from the book your
soul is writing
about you.”
~ Marsha Norman


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  1. I submitted purchase requisitions online at my local library in Bellingham, but they turned down each of my requests. I don’t know if it was a budget issue or if my requests were too esoteric. I don’t mind. I have downloaded so many free and low-cost eBooks via Bookbub that I may never read them all. – Mike

    • Mike, sorry your library doesn’t follow up by purchasing any of your choices. I am glad you fine other ways to purchase them to help “pay” the authors! πŸ™‚ I have made friends with these folks so am happy to focus on them.

    • Fantastic idea, Luanne! The Delaware District Library has a stack of filled requests from me which some may eventually be bought. I will go back and resubmit now that there are new committee members. πŸ™‚

      • Oh that’s a good idea, to resubmit with new people looking at them. I think I will wait until Mom comes to fill out a request for books so she can go with me. I’m looking around for places to take her and things to do with her.

    • Luanne, Judy from New England mentioned in her comments you may also go online to do this. I was happy to hear this! Most libraries have websites. She says she has figured out how to order books and her library usually goes along wuth her suggestions. Have a wonderful visit, long as it may be, with your mother, Luanne. β™‘β™‘

      • Robin, thanks for telling me what Judy said. I will check it out. I admit that would be much more convenient for me!!! Thank you re my mother’s visit. It’s getting close now!!!

    • Lana, thank YOU for writing a children’s book which sounds like one my grandson’s would like! πŸ™‚ Now, need yo resubmit in the new year for the new budget at library! πŸ™‚

    • You are so welcome, I posted 14 other authors I blog with but believe you may have others to connect. Hope they come to visit and leave their links on the next post.
      Happy New Year’s to you, Chris! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Christoph for this very nice mention on your post! I did not copy the requisition form to show since I did a big pile of them and was not sure which books they would choose.
      There are papers anyone may request from their library which has a purchasing staff or committee. Thank You for being as excited as I was!!
      Hope you have a fantastic new year and I will be requesting all of your books this year, since members and new budget starts again. Smiles, Robin

    • Judy, I am so happy you mentioned people may do this online, too. πŸ™‚ I put all 14 people on the next post with Luanne, Balroop, Anneli, Carrie Rubin, L.T. and others who have more than one book. Christoph has several and they only chose one of his. 😦 I will keep trying! β™‘ Thanks for your addition and help! Hugs, Robin

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