Gift from my Son and DIL ♡



This necklace was especially
ordered, children all excited
to see my reactions.

Son and daughter in law,
James and Trista had
searched for silver
necklace, certain
details desired ~
with 5 pretty
¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

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    • Holly, thank you for your enthusiastic enjoyment! I was very happy since just being together for a belated Christmas gathering with a meal is all I would wish for. Hugs, Robin xo

      • Its such a gorgeous piece Robin. Obviously. They feel you are a very special Mom and lady!

      • I do feel the hand made look almost like a shell cupping their birthstones makes me visualize a pearl in an oyster shell. . . Did you get something special, or have a special moment over the holidays, Holly? I hope so! 🙂

    • It is a pretty necklace but I will need to wear it with something other than the bulky sweater I had on. I have been bundling up more these past 4 days! It will look pretty on a silk blouse or a light weight sweater. I took the photo on a covered chair, Jill! 🙂

    • Thank you for mentioning how it will look beautiful on me and saying I am blessed, Jill. I don’t take those thoughts lightly. I appreciate how close you make me feel in distance with your friendly words. Hugs! ♡

    • Sarah, you are so kind. I will definitely treasure this! As we all really know time oils what we crave from families and lived ones. I was just happy to share a meal. I do think the kids were very excited which warmed my heart!♡
      Hoping you have also a wonderful new year and I have been wishing people I care about these gifts for 2016. Wishing you good health, happy moments and safe travels, Sarah!

    • Anneli, you are so right! I wore it proudly but over a big, bulky sweater. It deserves to be worn with a lighter weight sweater or blouse! 🙂 Your suggestion I know is true since they all seemed so excited to show me their birthstone.

  1. What a terrific gift! I have a ring with my birthstone (which also happens to be my husband’s) and my son’s and daughter’s. Before that had just one with our birthstone and one with my son’s. Had to update when my daughter was born! Looks like I’ll have to update again when the grans come. Luckily I have some time to think about that!

    • I don’t have Carrie’s children, Skyler and Micah on this one. Not sure they would all fit? The part I liked was their excitement and that was a priceless gift.
      Your ring sounds great and having your two children’s birthstones makes this ring extra special. ♡ I was wearing yesterday my Mom’s “mother ring” which has a topaz for me, an emerald for my brother Randy and a light pink/purple for Rich born in February. Is that an amethyst? It is a pretty and sturdy ring which goes on my middle finger. My Mom’s fingers are longer and a little thicker. We sold most of her jewelry to defray costs for her placement and she wears nice pins on jackets now and her wrist safe alarm bracelet. 🙂

      • Yes, I believe amethyst is for February. Love that stone. It seems like gem stones aren’t just materialistic. They have such meaning in our lives.

    • I agree the birthstones are more than material, they hold a symbol which represents the one whose birthday they are. This came out rather awkwardly, but I think you will “get” me. ♡

    • Oh, my! Natalie, tears welled up when I received this. My DIL is the one who made a pillow with pretty lettering on it and including “My greatest joys call me, Nana.” She is a thoughtful woman on a tight budget. My other daughters do things for me but I have a soft spot since both Trista’s mom and step mom are passed away. Thsnks for “loving it!”

    • I am blessed that she and Jamie have made their family life work out. Trista holds a daily “homework club” in the kitchen and even the little ones do crafts except 4 month old bsby. Thank you for your sweet comment about my filling in the gap and how she is lucky to have me. (Blushing)* Hugs, Robin ♡♡

    • Thank you so much for your compliments, Ellen. I rarely get jewelry since I am a single woman, even my grandies try to match make me. Anyway, I was tickled with this and happy you liked the post. I have some real thoughts and essays with tags to help if you should like to find a certain topic! Hugs, Robin

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