Skyler lying on sofa




He likes to play artist,
cowboy, wrangler,

Using editing, tones
+ cartoon drawing,
he’s not scribbling
but utilizing color

Sky enjoys a good
game of cards.

Almost any kind
of game
“tickles his fancy.”

At 11, Skyler looks
forward to growing
a bushy mustache.

He lounges around,
sometimes glued to
the television.

We viewed a day’s worth
of “Back to the Future”
series of movies.

Now, Skyler truly appreciates
why sitting in a DeLorean
with his little brother on
October 21, 2015
means something
memorable for
2 lucky boys.


Original photo taken
by Skyler’s Nana, Robin.
Altered and enhanced by
Skyler, using Nana’s cell phone.


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  1. Very clever processing of this picture, Robin! You are a talented lady. Love the poem. Happy New Year — sorry for my absence the past two weeks. I will try to catch up. ❤

    • My oldest daughter went to (CCAD) Columbus College of Art and Design. Her major was photography. She kind of squelched Skyler’s creative art work. She likes “true” photography and no alterations or enhancements. She doesn’t like “photo shop” but my OSU graduate artist brother uses it once in awhile.
      Skyler did this on my cell phone. Thank you,Beth! 🙂

    • Thanks, Dan. My 11 year old grandson did this while we watched the “Back to the Future” Marathon one the days between Christmas and New Year’s. I liked the “before” photo of Sky best. 🙂

    • Thanks for smiling along with us, Marissa. He was giggling the whole entire time because I would stop him and say,”Hey! How did you do that?”
      I took the regular photo and Skyler altered it with the cell phone’s editing techniques of “effects.” 😀

  2. Your latter day cowboy, Skyler, proves the adage once again. When you want to know how to use the features of your electronic device, ask someone under the age of 12. 🙂 – Mike

    • Thank you, Mike for your ability to get my shorthand. 😀
      My 6 year old granddaughter goes through my cell phone “Gallery” snd asks if I am running out of “data!” Then she gets permission to prune my rather big collection of beautiful photos of the grandies. Do you think anyone would notice if she makes up comments and does blogging for me? 😉

    • Thsnk you for thinking Skyler sounds like a wonderful kid and also, talented.
      I wish you could share about your son, no pictures for safety reasons. ♡ My grandkids don’t have my last name nor live in my apt building. Son and wife have a home and my oldest daughter Skyler’s Mom has a 2 bedroom apt. on the other side of town.

  3. Welll howdy ma’am! This is so fun and what a creative kid! I loved the Back to the Future movies, especially the first one. Thanks for the fun tonight. You’ve brightened up my evening. 🙂 ❤

    • Howdy, pardner! We agree, Natalie. The first “Back to the Future” was awesome! Everything was planned so interstingly including the historic details. I liked that Michael J. Fox’s character was from the 80’s but had to go back to the 50’s or early 60’s (our era) to keep his parents together.
      It is always a pleasure to brighten your day, Natalie. Skyler plays football and baseball. He plays the bass while standing in middle school orchestra. 🙂

    • There is on London Road in our town, a big lot. It used to be a car rental or sale’s lot. There used to be a steady car washing business. They would have an advertising man with a sign to point into a plaza. 🙂 someone would ask people to pull over and get your car washed. There were a few cars who would pull in from time to time. 🙂 When my oldest daughter went past 3 DeLoreans in one lot she didn’t the the time to call me.
      My oldest daughter asked for permission to slow boys in pool.

    • It reminds me of Magnum P.I., Colleen! His father (Greg) has a thin beard, usually shaves 5 to 6 days a week. It will be interesting to see, hope I have this opportunity to do so. ♡

    • It was by pure happenstance and oh! I begged my oldest daughter to send me photos via picture messages, Judy! She said some things need to be just for their memory books. My son or youngest daughter would have understood blogs are also for posterity. They would have sent them to me! 🙂 Oh, maybe for showing off a little, too. 😉

    • Yes, he is a creative yet sensitive soul, Brenda. He’s the bass player who can thump a great blues beat.
      He still after seeing the movies all day, doesn’t grasp how rare it is to get to sit in a DeLorean! Lol 🙂

  4. I am glad to read your daughters thoughts on photoshop. I too prefer ‘pure – as it is’ photographs. It’s just as well, because I’d find it too complex! Having written that, your sons photo is fun!

    • Veronica, I am glad photography is considered part of art. I feel there can be so much beauty captured in photos, along with memories, too.
      I am often letting my grandies “play” with my cell phone so I felt it was like a coloring book and amusing to see. Skyler was thrilled he could be “published” and it saved the day for me. 🙂

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