Grave Glows



Crooked rows,
Sunset shows,
Orange glows.

Granite warranty,
Tour cemetery,
Observe boundary.

Be Brave,
Give Wave,
Visit Grave.

Flower basket,
Cheap casket,
Hard task.

photo by reocochran,
wordplay by robin.

+ = + = +

Bob Dylan ~

“The first thing you notice about
New Orleans are the burying grounds,
the cemeteries – – and they’re a cold
proposition, one of the best things
there are here.
Going by, you try to be as quiet as
possible, better to let them sleep.
Greek, Roman sepulchres, palatial
mausoleums made to order,
phantomesque, signs and
symbols of hidden decay-
ghosts of women and
men who have sinned
and died and are now
living in tombs.
The past doesn’t
pass away so
quickly here,
you could be
dead for a
long time.”


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    • I was blessed, you are so right, Eric. I was on my way to my Mom’s and pulled over to take the door post last Thursday. As I was leaving, these headstones were glowing orange. Thanks for the “amazing” comment.

  1. Wow, that’s quite a capture with that sunlight! Ah, Bob Dylan — now those were the days when some rock and pop music had lyrics with something deep and meaningful to say. Bob Dylan’s lyrics were pure poetry.

    • First, I have to agree about true songwriters who knew how to tell stories and grab the emotions and current times mixing up a great and memorable music journey. We were so lucky to be part of those times, Sarah.
      Thank you for your “wow!” πŸ™‚ Hugs, Robin

    • It was a strange thought to do poetic cemetery rides but I have several started. I keep tweaking them. (Now, Sylvia hope you know I don’t “twerk,” though! Lol πŸ™‚ )
      Thank you so much for liking this. Yes, Bob Dylan. Amen.

  2. I have a friend who absolutely loves photographing cemeteries. I kind of get a bit creeped out and always mindful of where I step. I agree with the others, you had some wonderful timing on this photo–beautiful

    • Oh, tell your friend she should blog. I think there is a place for almost any subject. I had a big blank in my mind for the direction I should head in January. I miss the holidays and colorful, fun decorations. Cemeteries and small town shops are going to pop up a few times. Glad you aren’t too creeped out and found the sunset to be beautiful. πŸ™‚

  3. It is interesting that you included a Bob Dylan quote about graves in New Orleans. Before Florence and I met, her cousin, Father Tony (the priest at Guadalupe Church in New Orleans’ 9th Ward) took her across the street to Cemetery #1. That is not only where Louis Armstrong is buried, but also Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen.

    Father Tony followed the old tradition of visiting her grave, clapping three times (apparently, to get Madame Laveau’s attention), then making a wish. He repeated three times, ‘Find Florence a husband. Find Florence a husband. Find Florence a husband.’ Three months later, Florence and I met, and we have been together ever since. – Mike

    PS – I did go back four years ago to offer my thanks to Marie Laveau, but that’s another story.

    • Oh, Mike. Go right over to your blog and write this one and the next story down. It would be fascinating to see whether this would work for me, or does it have to be an ordained priest who recites the words. The Voodoo Queen helped you two out! πŸ™‚

      • No, you don’t need a priest to make a wish for you. That was the funny part – that Father Tony would turn to the Voodoo Queen for an answer to his prayer – perhaps we should call it a wish. But he is just that kind of a priest, and this is typical of why everyone who knows him loves him so much.

        You are right. This would make a good blog story. πŸ™‚ – Mike

    • But Father Tony made the request of Voodoo Queen. I think the good father may have been respected. . . If an average person asked her, who knows what voodoo she may concoct, Mike!

    • Yes, I was lucky to stop to take the cabin which ended up a mausoleum. Got back in my car to go only a couple miles down the road to Mom’s and there was the bright shiny reflection on these gravestones. So glad they were amazing to you.

    • I respect how you went to see the grave of Daniel Boone, Jules. Sorry I didn’t see this comment sooner! I appreciate the link and also, your friendship which I know I take for granted. Smiles and hugs for the little prince and princess and YOU, my dear friend. Through thick and thin, you show up to brighten my day!

  4. Like Marissa, I too loved that last line ‘you could be dead a long time’.
    I rather like cemeteries. They are peaceful in a very gentle humbling kind of way. Great capture of the sunshine on the tomb!

  5. Love the shot and the lyricsβ€”I’d never heard them before. The “living in tombs” line reminds me of my favorite NOLA cemetery story where the mom of a friend of mine gave a “house warming” party for her mausoleum when she first purchased it. The funniest thing is I heard the story from him . . . and then from another friend who peered over his back fence and saw the party in process.

  6. Great capture, Robin. I love what you wrote about “cheap casket /hard task” — Gawd, that’s good. Great Dylan quote as well — never heard it, but it’s hauntingly beautiful.

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