Our “main street” is called Sandusky Street



“Inspiration for post”

In response to my friend,
Derrick Knight, you are
getting a view of the
way our downtown
shops look in,
Delaware, Ohio.

His recent post informs us
places where necessities
are purchased, or wares
still present, in many
English towns, like
you may find here.

You will enjoy his “Twins” post,
Featuring Highcliffe Castle
and Derrick’s family,
including the dog.

As well as the streets
and shops found on
Brookley Road in


This photo shows part of three
buildings where our cement
sidewalks allow 3 people to
comfortably walk together.

The left store front is,
The Bare Bowl.
Almost any sort
of ceramic, form
Of dishware or
baked in a kiln,
may be painted
with special glazes,
to be “fired” later.
Customers are
given a return date,
to pick up to acquire.

Children enjoy making mugs
for parents, while one of
my favorite younger
Filipino coworkers
decorated a set
of small serving
plates with an
ivy winding
around its

~  β€’  ~  * ~ β€’ ~

Next door to the crockery shop
Is a beauty salon called the,
Green Door Salon.
The hair stylists went “rogue”
and left from employment at
a place across the street and
down half a block to become
My friend’s
gets hair
cut here.

The other shop is one my
friend gets her hair cut,
Dyed and shaded,
at Steve’s, owner
the Hair Studio.

Small town news,
some consider

#  $  #  $

The awning overhangs
a door leading to a
second floor bar,
whose ceilings
contain solar
panels and
thus, the
Solar Saloon

The corner shop
once called the
Mean Bean,
a coffee shop.

New owners have
Something Sweet.
Nicely decorated
interior with
Scandinavian furniture
and blue hanging lights.
Antique, original
glass-tiled end

Full glass window runs
entire length of long
narrow shop building,
with counter and
stools to perch
on. Looking out
at West William
Street, a busy

As you order
or Coffee of the Day,
cannot miss viewing
delectable choices
of baked goods on
counter and in case.

Two types of cookies,
Oatmeal raisin or
Chocolate chip.

My grandsons like what
they see on the counter
in huge glass jar container.

They call those huge
two types of cookies,
“As big as a head cookies.”

I “fall for” a slice of
Vanilla bean cheesecake
or chocolate fudge brownie.

I did not capture the corner
well while stuck at a light,
grabbing my cell phone.
I live on this main
street, so will
show more

Photo taken at
Intersection of
Sandusky Street
and William Street,
quickly while at red
traffic light shows
three shop fronts
in Delaware, Ohio.
Please stop by!

Robin O. Cochran


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  1. It reminds me of some Main Streets in Central and Northern New York, in the small towns I’ve lived in, visited or drive through. In places like Saratoga Springs, you can probably find similar businesses. In other small towns, organizations try to revitalize with greater or lesser success. I must get a proper camera so I can share pictures.

    • I have to admit, I have many more favorite shops, so will probably be adding them into the month and next. Thank you for sharing about the places you have been where specialty shops are “alive and well!” πŸ™‚ I am always sad when law offices and eye doctors take over bakeries and candy shops. We had a candy shop for over 50 years called Nectar Candy Shop. (Or store?) Anyway, my parents had their favorite boxes and flavors. I would go in and order several boxes a year for them and my aunt and uncle. Dark chocolate covered honey comb, dark chocolate raspberry jelly and dark covered orange peel. It is really hard to find both quality and variety like this in a Russell Stover or even Whitman’s. Hugs, Robin

      • Well, now I’m hungry for fancy candy. There is a fancy candy store in Ilion (the next village over) that I’ve been meaning to check out and write a blog post about. Oh wait, I’m trying to lose weight. Incidentally, in Potsdam, in Northern New York, where we used to live the “main street” is called Market Street. I don’t think there is a Main Street or even a “main street” in Rome, NY, where I grew up. It was more of a city.

    • Thanks for feeling like you need a piece of good chocolate, this made me smile! This reminded me of the power of how writing effects others. You know one piece or two plus a photograph for your blog may just be the right choice! πŸ˜‰
      Just FYI, I attached your blog to one which is scheduled on 1/22/16. It mentions your 20th century Saturday post. My post is speaking of a really cool shoe repair shop.

    • You make Ann Arbor sound like this or even better, Beth. I plan on featuring during winter months cemetery or small shop or restaurant photos! Since I am not so likely to go to parks. πŸ™‚

  2. The more I see of the place you live, and the nearby towns, the more I like it. All very quaint but kind of a hub at the same time. I love the idea of the one called the Bare Bowl. I didn’t know such places existed.

    • I am happy you enjoyed this post, Marissa. We used to have ceramics available in our elementary schools but my grandies don’t. So I plan on taking one each week close to their birthday. This will be yhe year of ceramics!
      Working with clay is also available at our arts castle. I sm already getting excited about sharing those adventures. Hugs, Robin xo

      • I used to do ceramics when I was younger and sometimes go to ceramic themed parties. I loved it. I assumed the store was a step above that though…like people making ceramics professionally for housewares…is that so?

    • The ceramics are already made into dishes, cups, bowls but I was saying you may decorate them, enjoying your own creative touches, Marissa. You are making gifts or for your own use not to be sold.
      Children also may use creative thought decorating same dishes but also may mold something out of a lump of clay. The woman will fire all pieces you choose to glaze, design and specific charges are posted, no surprises at the end! πŸ™‚ I bet there are similar places in other areas.

      • Oh, that’s pretty cool. When I did it, it was just like these kind of, I don’t know, like mosaic pieces that had designs carved in to them that you could paint any way you chose. I’m sure the services you were talking about were offered too but I was too young to partake.

      • hmmm – interesting question. I guess there are any number of smaller communities within an hour’s drive I could go to … but then I could do that in the city too. I just probably wouldn’t πŸ™‚

  3. I like the way you described this Robin. Our town demolished Main St in the 60s when everyone thought we needed a new kind of Main St. They’ve been trying to revive it for over 50 years, without any success. They’re working on it again…we’ll see.

    • I am sorry to hear of your location demolishing the downtown, Dan. I sincerely hope they rebuild it. We have three blocks that have shops and restaurants with only two spaces available now. We have lost our Five and Dime, candy shop and little grocery. We have two microbreweries, Dan.
      They have rod iron moveable fences to allow seating on the sidewalk with tables and chairs. We have old bars on side streets, I like Roop’s. Old Bag of Nails and Bun’s (restaurants) have large outdoor patios.
      I have to walk farther to get to the natural foods community market. We upgraded the sidewalks to be cement down the area by the shops and laid brick along the curb. The grates around the trees have a nice black iron wagon wheel look.
      I cannot wait till you see the shoe repair shop, Dan. I am so excited!

      • Those are good businesses to see operating Robin. We have a new bakery and a sewing shop. These are the first signs of life in a long time. I stopped in to the bakery when we celebrated my wife’s birthday and got some cupcakes. We’ll try to support them as best as we can.

  4. The main street in our new hometown of Greenville is simply named Main Street. It also has some nice coffee shops, bistros, and boutiques – all very pedestrian friendly.

    I think Sandusky gives your main street an air of distinction, although I am left wondering who Sandusky was.

    • Nice you have a real Main Street and sounds very nice, Mike.
      I think Sandusky is a Native American tribe or name since we have a city on Lake Erie named Sandusky, a river named Sandusky and a smaller town BELOW Sandusky is named Upper Sandusky! All in Ohio. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Luanne. The Christmas lights on the trees took away some of the clarity. I hope you check out his lively post, if you haven’t already. I may need to say hi and get him to see this post. πŸ˜‰

  5. Indeed it looks like a charming little town my friend. And I love little towns like that. Thanks for taking us on a tour of your little town. There’s an old Simon and Garfunkel song about “our little town” that started running through my head as I read this. At least I think that’s who did a song like that. Anyway I enjoyed the post. Love and hugs, N πŸ™‚ ❀

    • Natalie, I am very happy you enjoyed this post. I knew the song very well! πŸ™‚ I have written about three or more of their songs but welcome this one to my blog! β™‘ I got to see them in concert once.
      I also wrote about the new Paul Simon section of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. One tidbit that they included was a primary school letter to Paul from Art, while one was away. I had not realized they knew each other as children.
      Last but not least, I have S & G in my original 45s that I listened to when in middle school, Natalie and a working RCA Victrola 45 record player. It was in my photo with the art print, under the clock. Maybe I will get the 45s out and take photos of them someday for a post. πŸ™‚ Hope you and yours will have something wonderful turn out, instead of sad move. Hugs, Robin xo

  6. Okay, it was going to drive me crazy if I didn’t check it out. And it was a song called, “My Little Town” by Simon and Garfunkel two my most favorite musical duos. Here’s the link to it. I hope you can open it. πŸ™‚

  7. What a lovely trip down Sandusky Street! Although I’m pretty sure Oatmeal Raisin does not count as a type of cookie- it’s more like a type of punishment.

    Mom: Look honey, I got you a cookie!
    Me: Yay!! Wait… what… WHAT IS THIS?!
    Mom: It’s an oatmeal raisin cookie!!
    Mom: hehehehehe

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